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Email from Chairman York shows political relationship with Loudoun land use attorney

Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York is seeking a fifth term as chair. Times-Mirror File Photo
An email peppered with exclamation marks and a smiley face from Loudoun County Chairman Scott York (R) to a top land use attorney reveals a comfortable relationship between the two and a politically-acute mindset from York three months after announcing his retirement.

In the April 6 email obtained by the Times-Mirror, York provided Colleen Gillis, a partner with Cooley LLP's real estate group, directions on the petition process for York to appear on the November ballot as an independent.

York on Tuesday told the Times-Mirror that Gillis, a frequent presenter at Loudoun Board of Supervisor meetings, was one of many people to encourage his independent candidacy.

Gillis has secured favorable outcomes for some of the largest real estate developers in Loudoun. She has worked on behalf of the One Loudoun development, Dulles World Center, Brambleton and Willowsford.

York's unedited email (with the exception of his cellphone number being removed) reads:
“Hello Colleen,

See attached petition form and instructions. The form is a two page form and needs to be printed on one sheet of 8.5” x 14” paper.

Good news, I only need 125 “Loudoun Registered Voters” to qualify. 200 less than I thought!! However, should I pull the trigger, It would be nice to dump a boat load into the electoral board. Would show strong momentum! We want to at least collect 200 + incase we end up with some bad sigs. (perhaps I should send someone to the LCRC convention to collect sigs! : ))

Candidate filing deadline is June 9, 2015

It will be interesting to see what the other two candidates file on the 15th.

It would be good if we can begin to get the sigs taken care of along with all the paperwork so if a certain thing that needs to happen happens, the paper work is all done and we will not need to scramble.

Have you heard if anyone out there is donating to the King camp?


Gillis, a Loudoun Chamber of Commerce board member, did not return a phone call seeking comment July 28.

One month after the email was sent, York told Loudoun Chamber CEO Tony Howard and Virginia News Group publisher Peter Arundel he would not seek re-election.

The next month York filed the necessary paperwork to run as an independent.

In late May, York was given the Loudoun Times-Mirror's Citizen of the Year award, a gala for which the Chamber of Commerce hosted. Howard and Arundel agreed they would not grant the honor to a politician seeking re-election. York then told both men he was not waging a campaign.

“I just heard from Scott York and he states that he is NOT running for office,” Howard wrote in an email to Arundel. “I say we stick with the original plan.”

York told the Times-Mirror he reconsidered retirement following the Loudoun County Republican Committee's convention in May through which Leesburg attorney Charlie King became the GOP candidate.

Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run), York's hand-picked successor, withdrew from the chairman's race in February after details surfaced about previous arrests for drunken driving and domestic assault. York and other Loudoun political operatives claim King forced Williams' hand through threats.

York said the “appalling” attacks against Williams are part of the reason he changed his mind, even though the GOP flare-up came more than two months before York told Howard he was not running.

Republicans on Monday zeroed in on the York-Williams connection, blasting the independent York for tapping Williams to be his campaign treasurer.

“The enlisting of Shawn Williams and the dismissive comments by Mr. York are the latest in a pattern of poor judgment by my opponent,” King said in a joint statement with Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman (R).

“Drunk driving and domestic violence ruin innocent people's lives and it is shocking Scott York would allow a man with such a troubling record to be featured in his campaign,” Plowman said. “This is not a case of Mr. Williams making a single mistake.”

York responded by saying Williams is simply a volunteer with his campaign, even though, according to operatives, a campaign treasurer holds significant financial and economic reporting responsibilities.

In a prepared statement, the chairman praised Williams' work as a one-term supervisor and called on King and Plowman to apologize for their “cowardly” attacks.

“The conduct of King and Plowman is shameful to say the least,” York said. “Enough is enough! It is time for King to stop these reprehensible attacks on Mr. Williams and ultimately, stop standing in continual judgment to further an underlying agenda.”

In addition to York and King, Democrat Phyllis Randall and independent Tom Bellanca are seeking the chairman's post.

Randall, who last week called for the next Board of Supervisors to agree to an ethics pledge, said Loudoun's residents "don't deserve to be lied to." She said York has repeatedly exhibited "poor judgment."

"As chair, I will pass ethics legislation to guide our Board of Supervisors that ensures the voters of Loudoun can trust their elected officials," Randall said via email.

Contact the writer at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on Twitter at @TrevorBaratko.


Has Edleman Field been turned into residential yet…I don’t care if I ever get back

Maybe York could make more money in the private sector but he weilds more power as Chairman. I think he likes that.

York is his own smear campaign.  No assistance needed.

Eugene the puppet master of LCRC?  It’s a wonder we can even get our rowdy bunch to agree to meet once a month.  Somebody controls it?  Only in your delusional dreams.

Route7roar perhaps you missed the point of the article. York didn’t just decide to run after the other candidaes filed BUT you do bring up a good point. York could make more money in the private sector if he was able to find a job.  We all know he tried but it’s difficult in today’s market without a degree. But developer money is still probably better than private sector money not to mention the tax payer paid vacations to boot.

Yeah, who are these insiders? Methinks you better check under your bed for monsters and in your cupboards for the armies. Whisper campaign with no substance equals no facts or proof on your part, Satchmo. Go watch another Oliver Stone movie for goodness sake.

It is obvious orange.  You must not be paying attention.  Delgaudio is at least smart enough to know he would get trounced in a county wide election so he moves to a surrogate, close friend and confident, Charlie King.  Add to that Delgaudio’s control the LCRC and you get the scenario that is currently playing out.  As much as King wants to play smug (see overt smear campaign on Williams and now York) everything he does has the trappings of a Delgaudio lead campaign.

Ask around.  It’s a known insider fact.

Do you have any proof of a King/Delgaudio relationship outside of client/lawyer or is it your usual hyperbole? We do have proof of a York/ Williams relationship. Williams was York’s hand picked puppet for chair. Is there anyone besides York and the immediate family that thinks Williams would be a better chair then Charlie King. Time for a change, enough York is enough, move from Lord York to King Charlie.

Something is telling me this email was somehow subversively released by the slimy King/Delgaudio campaign.

Does anyone remember the holier than thou Shawn Williams talking excrement about Delgaudio at the time? Look what come home to roost, give that man a handi-wipe. York using Williams show his Gruber side saying the public is not bright enough to see he surrounds himself with men of soiled character. Bad boy Williams and bad boy York, woof!

This email exchange is barely newsworthy.The fact is when York declared he was not going to seek re-election the candidates who emerged to replace him (except Williams) were vastly unqualified.  As a member of the business community (Chamber board), Ms. Cooley was one of MANY who saw that leaving the Board in the hands of either King, Randall, or Bellanca was irresponsible.

York keeping the door open shows he is concerned about the county.  Why else would he jump back in? He could make way more money in the private sector.

Glen the reason a pledge is baloney is because there is no enforcement of any sort, not worth the paper they are printed on. If a pledge is the best Randall can come up with in the idea category then she is burnt toast come election time. King is the one who should run the show. After all the noise and recalls he looked at the law and told Flannery, Miller, York, Alverez, Barney, Weintraubs and the law center it was all hyperbole. Did York buy into it as a way to punish Eugene, yes talk about petty!

And yet Ms. Randall, candidate for Chair of BOS gets slammed by republicans for proposing an ethics pledge

Looking at Cooley’s websites, it seems the major development accomplishments in Loudoun are largely related to Ms. Cooley.  I hope the LTM digs in deeper on this seemingly cozy relationship and the obvious conflicts of interest.  No wonder York avoids ethics pledges like the plague.

Scott York is a snake and this e-mail is just one proof point.  He is the classic slimy politician.  He manipulates the process, lies to peoples faces, and is ethically-challenged.  On top of that, he has overseen over $1B in ballooning County debt.  Voters need to show him the door (actually, slam it shut) in November.

They did not wait until Labor Day before the games have begun.  Time to move on from the York-Plowman agenda.  These people believe they own Loudoun County politics.  We need people who instead of taking the developer’s money, can bring some common sense strategies for maintaining growth and help Loudoun small businesses instead of being lap dogs to the developers.

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