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Eye on your tax dollars: Loudoun County’s top public salaries

The top 10 highest-paid Loudoun County government and public schools positions earn an average salary about 40 percent higher than the county’s household median income of $123,453.

As of 2016, Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams held the highest taxpayer-funded position, earning $253,000.

The average LCPS teacher salary is roughly $59,108, according to estimates from TeacherSalaryInfo.com.

LCPS’ Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Cynthia Ambrose and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Talent Development Kimberly Hough round out the top three highest-paid school system positions. In 2016, Ambrose earned $180,665 and Hough $176,903 -- a more than 9 percent increase in her salary from the previous year.

This year the highest paid position on the county side is County Administrator Tim Hemstreet, who earns $243,646. Hemstreet came to Loudoun in 2009 from management posts in Miami Beach, Florida, and had a starting salary of $207,000.

In 2015, the previous Board of Supervisors awarded Hemstreet two raises in less than a year. Since last year, the county administrator’s pay has remained unchanged.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors held two rounds of closed session meetings to discuss Hemstreet and County Attorney Leo Rogers’ annual performance reviews. Following the discussions, no salary action was taken.

Rogers is the second highest-paid county position with a salary of $220,000.

According to county spokesperson Glen Barbour, in order for Rogers or Hemstreet to receive a raise -- both considered employees of the Board of Supervisors -- the board must vote in open session to determine if a raise is warranted

After Rogers, county psychiatrist Dr. Muhammad Quidwai from the Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services has the highest-paid county position, earning $190,957.

The top-earning constitutional officers in 2017 are Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) earning $185,351 and Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens (R) earning $171,542.

The county spokesperson said salaries of constitutional officers is “largely determined” by the Commonwealth of Virginia and supplemented locally based on “various criteria.” Barbour explained that if the commonwealth offers salary increases, then constitutional officers may receive increases as well.

Barbour said that eligibility for county employee pay raises depends on when funding is available and is determined by their annual evaluations conducted by their supervisors.

Last year county employees received a 2.5 percent pay bump.

Here's a list of the top publicly funded salaries in Loudoun County:


County Administrator Tim Hemstreet: $243,646
County Attorney Leo Rogers: $220,000
Psychiatrist Muhammad Quidwai: $190,957
Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman: $185,351
Loudoun County Fire and Rescue System Wide Chief William Keith Brower: $183,716
Deputy County Administrator Charles Yudd: $178,604
Department of Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer: $174,249
Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens: $171,875
Commonwealth Attorney James Plowman: $171,542
Asst. County Administrator John Sandy: $166,487

Loudoun County Public Schools

Superintendent Eric Williams: $253,000
Asst. Supt., Instruction Cynthia Ambrose: $180,665
Asst. Supt., Human Resources Kimberly Hough: $176,903
Asst. Supt., Pupil Services Mary Kealy: $176,898
Division Counsel Stephen DeVita: $176,769
Asst. Supt. , Business & Financial Services Edwina Burden: $176,769
Asst. Supt. , Support Services Kevin Lewis: $174,182
Executive Director, Planning Services Sam Adamo: $171,084
Asst. Supt. for Technology Services Richard Contartesi: $171,075
Director of Special Education Services Suzanne Jimenez: $160,937


WOW…. We can certainly see where the waste is in this county. Why do these highest paid people get the largest percentage of an increase and the “lowly teachers” who are on the front lines teaching our kids get a lousy 2.5%? That’s just WRONG. And why does the county need a Psychiatrist to the tune of $190k/yr??? YOU GUYS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.

Virginia SGP raises many very interesting points.  I’d appreciate hearing more details on several, but particularly: “CA Plowman violated the First Amendment rights of his constituents and refused to prosecute multiple criminal violations (perjury, conflict of interest disclosures) by LCPS officials.”

David - yes it is real money.  But, it comes to $25 a week according to your numbers - not a huge windfall and not an inappropriate expectation for someone working so hard for the public good.  Given that there are roughly 170,000 households in Loudoun, the raise comes to $1.75 a week per household.  Let’s keep these numbers in perspective

LCPS claims 10,000 “faculty.”  If the average salary is $60k and you give everyone a 2% raise, that increases the budget by $12M.  That’s real money.

The attrition rate at LCPS is low, which indicates that their compensation is sufficient.

Nobody is bashing teachers, Callme, certainly not the good ones.  The salaries of 10-20 people are insignificant in a $1B budget ($2B for county).  Cutting a few top-level salaries won’t lower the real estate tax rate.  Not giving 5%+ raises to teachers who start at $65K/yr and earn up to $130K+/yr will lower the county tax rate by 1-2 cents.

I’m not saying that the highest ranking officials shouldn’t be scrutinized.  But just like our judges should get paid more (so we don’t end up with Judge Irby’s on the bench), the folks in charge of budgeting/finances or legal issues must be paid sufficiently to recruit and retain competent employees.  Right now, many of these positions are well-paid but simply have holdover, incompetent officials in place.

1. Asst Supt Hough allowed LCPS to defraud the US DoE on the NCLB waviers.  Her evaluation system says 99.5%+ of our teachers are effective (wth!)

2. LCPS attorney DeVita allowed PIO Wayde Byard to commit perjury on a court witness stand

3. Asst Supt Burden knowingly inflates the LCPS budget so that we’ve had $14M/$24M/$34M in unspent funds at the end of the FY14-FY16 school years.  LCPS then uses that to buy goodies.

4. CA Plowman violated the First Amendment rights of his constituents and refused to prosecute multiple criminal violations (perjury, conflict of interest disclosures) by LCPS officials

Regardless of what these officials are paid, they should be replaced by someone who will adhere to the law and honest accounting.

Not hard to belive that SGP and David are once again bashing teacher pay.  What is amazing is that this article shows who is making some considerable buck here in the county, but those two would have you believe that teachers making $60k and less are the real problem.

You get what you pay for….

@Evil Homer.  Just looking at this string, I see that Virginia SGP has contributed much to the conversation and that you have contributed nothing other than a few ad hominen attacks.  You should read your own posts and apply them to yourself.

These salaries don’t seem way out of whack to me, as far as senior executives go. The one exception is Muhammad Quidwai. Never heard of him. Why do have a county psychiatrist anyway? $190,957 plus a presumably generous benefits package would cover an awful lot of visits to a private practice. And he makes more than the sheriff, fire chief and commonwealth attorney?

SGP - why don’t YOU run for School Board?  While I’m sure you have some canned response (or more likely a non-response, like how you never address why you don’t get a job teaching even though you claim to know so much about it LOL), I think it would be instructive for you to see how little support you have.  Your opponent would win in a landslide.

You are the living embodiment of Teddy Roosevelt’s example of the critic who refuses to enter the arena.

Fact is, you are terrified of being constructive.  All you know how to do is condemn and disparage.

Oh, and when you went to take “gifts” (probably subpoenas for another nuisance lawsuit) to your kids’ teachers, they hadn’t left for the summer.  They were hiding so they wouldn’t have to deal with you again. 

And in your last post you used “I” four times.

Hey Lawman, are you ever going to file that civil rights case you’ve been promising for years?  If you need help filling out the federal court paperwork, I can give you a hand…

Evil, the dark side of the force is very seductive for you. But seriously, why all the hate? Are you upset, just like Hornberger, that I exposed the real compensation of LCPS teachers? That I exposed that no teachers were objectively evaluated? That I exposed LCPS students were more likely than others to feel teachers didn’t care about their well-being? (See PISA results)

Let’s recap what I propose, none of which were original ideas by me:

1. Publicize true compensation of LCPS teachers so that they feel more appreciated and we can attract more and better teaching candidates.

2. Objectively evaluate teachers using the results of the MET study: value-added data, observations and student surveys.

3. Promote based on effectiveness, not on time served. In this way, a 9-yr veteran like TOY John Tuck can reach top of pay scale through great performance rather than having to switch to asst. principal.

4. Let math trained/enthused teachers teach math in elementary and let humanities teachers teach ELA in elementary. That is how Tuck and Rolling Ridge got such high math scores.

5. Use Common Core textbooks (digital or paper) rather than having teachers use worksheets because some school board members are ideologically opposed to CC. That is happening now BTW because they have a competent instructional leader.

6. Hire a competent and honest financial dept head who won’t maintain a $30M slush fund with the taxpayer’s money to buy end of year goodies.

7. Provide real student growth data to parents so they can better help their child learn AND evaluate their school/principal/teacher.

That’s not so hard. Might require voting out most of the school board though.

@Evil Homer, I love it but you wasting time on SGP, this is his only forum for talking.  I think Monty Python had a skit on him years ago, The Village I—-t.  Can’t spell it out don’t want to get “censored.”

thevirgman, it’s good to get your perspective but I think you are off on the facts.

1. There are 260 weekdays in the year (52 * 5).  After taking away 10 federal holidays and 15 vacation days, that results in a 235 day workyear (1880 hrs).  In fact, most federal contracts list 1920 hours as a stand full-time equivalent, but 1880 or 235 days is more typical.

2. Teachers do not work more than 1-2 days after the end of the student year.  I know because I took my kids to give teachers presents on the 2nd or 3rd day and they were all gone.  There are about 10 days before the year starts but all in all, teachers work ~194 days/year.

3. The country contributes 18% of a teacher’s salary to their pension.  This is whey teachers can retire at the ripe ol’ age of 52 with a $50K/yr pension for life.  Add in ~$23K/yr of SS benefits once they hit retirement age and a teacher receives $70K+/yr to live on at retirement age.  Most private employers contribute 3% to a 401k, not 18% and some contribute nothing.

4. The Loudoun median household income for a female/male/household is ~$68K/$89K/$122K per year.  Note that is median.  One wouldn’t expect a 25-yr-old to earn the median.  Maybe once they are in the middle years of employment (say 45 or Step 22 on the teacher scale), comparisons to the median are appropriate.  By that time, including the 18% pension contribution, teachers are earning $85K+ per year.

5. Not all teachers have masters degree.  In Fairfax, the top salary for a teacher with a bachelors is $87K/yr while LCPS tops out at $94K.  Thus, an LCPS teacher with a bachelors working till SS retirement age (67) earns $8K+ more than a similar Fairfax teacher during their teaching careers.  Add in the higher retirement pensions, and an LCPS teacher earns $60K more over her lifetime despite the lower cost of living.

6. It is not reasonable to expect a young teacher to be able to support a non-working spouse and 2 kids on just her/his salary.  Same goes for young military members.  As teachers progress up to the top ranks and earn $125K/yr at age 50 ($102K in salary + 18%+ pension contribution), they certainly can support a family.  I use the $125K/yr number because teachers don’t have to save a penny from their paychecks for retirement.  Private sector workers must save because they have no pension.

I believe teacher pay was frozen for one year, but at most it was 2 years.  Since the 2008 recession, that is not uncommon in the private sector too.  Bottom line is that teachers earn more than the average in Loudoun.  Everyone would like to earn more.  But virtually no other profession has a virtual guarantee they will not be laid off and less than a 0.5% chance they will receive an unsatisfactory job evaluation.  I wish we evaluated teachers objectively and paid the more effective ones accordingly.  Until folks demand as much from the school board, we never will.

SGP…so, you admit you couldn’t cut it as an actual teacher. Got it.  It’s no surprise.  Consultants don’t actually “do” anything. 

And please do not delude yourself into thinking that you are being instructional with your personal vendettas and taxpayer dollar-wasting nuisance lawsuits. You are in this only to sate your thin-skinned desperate need for attention (just like your new president!) and to bring crooked smiles to the toothless grins of your small circle of 27 Twitter followers. 

Time and again you are proven wrong in both the court of public opinion and courts of law.  Get outside your bubble and you will realize the truth: we’re all tired of you.

Your posts are all “I-I-I” and “Me-Me-Me”.  You criticize and complain (teachers are bad!  teachers make too much money!  teachers aren’t properly evaluated!) while offering zero realistic solutions.

You want to talk about yapping?  Take a good long look in the mirror and see if you are capable of offering something other than regurgitating the same tired debunked demagoguery.  Until then…bye.

I wouldn’t say most people are complaining about teachers’ salaries.  I’d say most people are complaining that teachers are complaining about teachers salaries.  Teachers have an average salary for full time worked but have exceptional amounts of time off and, in the eyes of most, have a pretty good gig going.

To all of you who assume every teacher has a masters degree, think again.  My wife is a teacher in LCPS, does not have a masters degree, has been teaching for over 10 years and makes less then $60K/year.  Luckily we are a two income household and can afford to live where she works.  Many cannot. 

It is funny to see everyone try to extrapolate all the teacher salaries over 12 months for what they deem is only 9 months of work.  Let’s look at some facts:
The school year is 180 days, most people work 5 day work weeks for 48-50 weeks depending on how much vaca time they have. That is equal to 240-250 working days per year. Subtract from that many holidays and you end up with about 230 working days per year.

  Teachers have 10-15 days of work before school starts and 4-5 days once school is out.  They have the same holidays as most, Christmas, Thanksgiving, the big Monday holidays, etc.  When it comes down to it, teachers put in close to 200 days per year, pretty close.

Yes they do get pensions, but they also contribute to them as well as the county, much like 401K that other employers do with matching funds.

The teacher day is 6 hours, but they are required to be there for closer to 8, my wife is required to be in her classroom from 7:30-4:00 with only 1/2 hour for lunch.  And she still has to bring much work home, such as papers to grade, etc. 

Teachers get no bonuses, and have to deal with parents who get upset if their precious kid isn’t getting straight A’s, isn’t in the highest math class, whatever. 

So, my point is, know all the facts before berating teachers pay, my wife puts in many more hours than are required by LCPS for no extra money.  And all teachers had a 2 year freeze on salaries a few years ago, that is money that can never be made up.

Mike chapman gets paid what??? That’s about 185k more then he’s worth.  Let’s get a entire list of sheriffs office salaries. Let’s cut the waisted spending

Do any of the positions also have bonuses and if so, were those included in the figure? I would think that the Superintendent or Sheriff should have some kind of bonus plan based on testing or crime statistics.

I disagree with the notion that our teachers are overpaid- living in Loudoun County on a salary of $60k would be very tough if you did not have a two salary income in your house. I do agree that we need better teachers, there are some teachers in our schools that absolutely need to go and find new careers because teaching is not for them. I’ll follow that up by saying there are some wonderful teachers in the system as well.

I work Law enforcement for the county.
I would like to get my family off food stamps.

Loudoun’s median HOUSEHOLD income of $123k is high because we have a high rate of dual-income households (66% I believe).  This distorts what people perceive is an average salary.

In context, the $60k a teacher makes is 100% average.  But once you consider their additional 18% annual pension contribution, low contribution rate to health insurance premiums, and the 9-month work schedule, they actually have a pretty good deal going.  They aren’t millionaires, but they are doing better than the average Loudoun citizen.

Loudoun is not quite as bad as Fairfax County, but there are still WAY too many cushy “admin” jobs.

I’d love to see a list of duties for the Assistant Superintendent positions.

Along with an explanation as to why those duties are worth $180K/year to the taxpayers.

Is there concern that our second highest paid public servant was mixed up with some sort of domestic abuse matter or allegations that many on this BOS seemed to ignore?

Folks, let’s remember how all this started.

In Jan 2015, I asked Chairman Eric Hornberger that if we are trying to promote financial literacy in the schools, why don’t we tell teachers what they actually make in an equivalent comparison with private sector wages.  I asked him to publish what I called a “private sector equivalent wage” that included the 18% pension contribution teachers received.  For that, Hornberger deleted my comment, went silent for two weeks when I called him out, and would ban me from ever commenting (criticizing) him on his Facebook page used to answer the public’s questions.

My purpose was to spread information on what teachers really got paid.  Mission accomplished.  Everyone now knows that teachers can retire at the ripe ol’ age of 52 with a $50K/yr pension.  They know that these pensions have real value as LCPS must contribute every year to them (our unfunded liability currently stands at over $800M!!!).  They know that Step 1 masters teachers get paid $65K/yr for working 190 days.  They know that Step 30 masters teachers get paid $125K/yr or more than the (2-person) household median in Loudoun.

And yet we have the teachers’ unions on here crying those are not “living wages”!!

My other goal was to attract better teachers.  If you tell teachers they get paid less than they really do, fewer quality applicants will apply.  I wanted to use the SGP data to identify the best (and often young teachers like TOY John Tuck who deserved more) from other Virginia counties and recruit them to LCPS.

But Hornberger was concerned about his teacher/spouse’s pay.  If you all knew what teachers were really paid, it would be much harder to cry that these teachers “aren’t paid a living wage”.  4 out of 9 LCSB members violated the conflict of interest law in Virginia so folks wouldn’t realize they were voting their households a raise during every LCPS budget cycle.

Callme, it’s very simple.  Median household income is based on “households” which typically have 2-earners in Loudoun.  Teachers compare their salary against the “household” income so we should compare it against a 2-teacher household.

Homer, I am teaching this year in a way.  I just don’t go yapping about everything on this board.  It’s about policy not individuals.  And as will be shown at my federal trial, the district has moved nearly entirely in the my direction over the course of the last 2 years.

SGP - as an expert on quality teaching, I encourage you to expand your “consulting” business and show all the teachers how it should be done!  You clearly have a lot of experience in the field.

Or maybe…and this is just a thought…you admit you know NOTHING about the challenges of education and find something productive to do with your time. You are clearly out of your league.

SGP.  Why stop with two teachers living together why not suggest that 10 new teachers room together?  Maybe even in someone’s basement?  That way they make $600 k?  Your disdain for teachers is out of control

I would like to see the performance review of the County Attorney.  The Supreme Court’s ruling in the recent toll road case notes, “Because of the Board’s untimely request to participate in the case, the hearing examiner, in granting its motion, limited the Board’s participation…”  In the real world, lawyers get fired for something like this.

Ok, take $65k/yr divided by 1,500 hrs/yr = $43/hr
Take $43 x 2080 (avg. non-teacher hours+= $90k/yr NOT including benefits. 
Yes, they may work extra hours, but so to people in the commercial sector. 
I’m grateful for my children’s teachers, but like any bell curve there are good ones and bad ones.
The job pays what it pays what it pays (above median income for US), don’t like it, do something different.

SGP - do not start with the alternative facts about teacher salary.  Especially when you are being paid via federal tax dollars at your consulting company that does not actually produce anything other that paperwork.  You take from us all in your middleman role while complaining that teacher should not be paid a living wage - this is the same story you have been trying to peddle for years.  You are wrong.

The ratio of the pay of top Loudoun County employees to the median pay of their employees apparently is less than 5 to 1.  Compare that to thousands or at least several hundred to 1 in US private businesses.  Some European companies we compete with, who have strong unions, have limitations on how high that multiple can be.

$59,108 is for 9 months of work.  The county median income cited in the article is generally 2 income for 12 months of work.  It is not an apples to apples comparison.  To make an apples to apples comparison, you need to prorate the $59,108 salary to 12 months and multiply it by 2.  There is much clamoring on this board (and in LTM artilces) for across the board teacher raises every year.  When comparing apples to apples, they seem to be pretty well off.  Fact is, time off = compensation.  Taxpayer funded pension = compensation.  Insurance benefits = compensation.  Every worker, when starting out in Loudoun County finds a roommate, does not live in a single family home, and does not have 2 SUV’s in the driveway.  They start out at the bottom rung and work their way up.

Folks, this article is about our high-priced “talent”.  I have no problem with the pay if it’s talent.  If the admins can’t project a budget to within $40M/year, they need to be let go not have their salary reduced.  That is what is currently happening.

As to the facts on teachers’ salaries:

1. Median salary for a female in Loudoun is ~$68K/yr; men is $89K/yr; for a household ~$122K/yr.

2. For a teacher with a masters degree (and including 18% pension contribution), they earn $65K/yr their first year (Step 1)

3. A teacher with a masters at Step 30 earns about $125K/yr (that’s more than the household median which is typically 2 earners)

4. Two, married (or roommates) teachers in their first year with a masters earn $130K/yr including pension contribution -> more than the median household income in Loudoun

5. Two, married (or roommate) teachers on Step 30 earn $250K/yr+ or more than twice as much as Loudoun household median

6. If you extrapolate teachers working 235 days/year as is typical instead of the 190 days they work, their equivalent pay is: (i) $78K/yr for Step 1 with masters; (ii) $151/yr for Step 30 with masters; (iii) 156K/yr for teacher couple on Step 1 with masters and (iv) $300K+/yr for teacher couple on step 30

Wow.  I’m not saying teacher pay should be cut.  However, teacher performance needs to be evaluated objectively and accurately.  This would eliminate the need for much of the unnecessary paperwork (“evidence” of student work).  And teachers should get step increases + nominal COLA.  Not 5%+ pay raises because a school board member wants to pay his spouse $$$$.

CaseyJean, can you contact me with more information on this issue.  I have been known to enforce requests for public records/FOIA requests.  Sounds like the same might be needed here.  You can find me using the “Virginia SGP” handle on Facebook.  Thanks.

1) The constitutional officers are listed in the article.

2) The median income is not $123,000.  The median household income is $123,000.  There is a difference.

3) Two teachers making the average salary living together are at the median household income.

4) The superintendent was a teacher also.  He rose through the ranks to become superintendent of one of the 50 largest school systems in America.  He’s not working for $59,000 a year.

5) Why are so many people so jealous of someone who earns more than them?  If you want to make more money, go make more money.  Quit complaining about your lot in life and go make a change.

I would love to know what happened to all the bitter teacher-haters to get them so triggered.

Is it because you failed so many classes in middle school?  It is because you hate the idea of education in general?  Did a teacher once tell you that opinions are not the same thing as facts?

I hope you find your safe space soon. 

Here’s an idea - since teaching is so easy and well-paid, go do it!  I am sure all the other educators would appreciate being shown how an expert works.

LOL just kidding.  You couldn’t hack one day in a classroom.  You folks love to say that those who can’t do, teach.  Well, those who can’t teach spend their days and nights yelling at clouds.

^^^ LCPS teacher salaries are NOT prorated.  Teachers earn their salaries over a twelve-month period.  They also spend countless hours outside of the school day/academic year on planning, grading, professional development, etc..

I get the sense that some on this board feel teachers are overpaid. We want the moon, yet we’re not willing to pay for it.

God forbid county employees get a pension - sounds like sour grapes to me.

Should teachers be making under the median income for the county - would that satisfy some on this thread? It’s a bargain right now fro taxpayers - if teachers were hourly employees, they’d bankrupt the system, and the same voices would something else to complain about. We should feel proud that LCPS can pay a living wage to it’t teachers, a wage high enough that some can actually live in the same county they work in - unlike some in the police and fire departments.

What a travesty that a LCPS official who admitted to spending over $2M of Loudoun taxpayer funds with “nothing to show for it” can pull down $171,084 per year.  He directed expensive improvements be made to a water well on a developer’s property that was not under contract, he withheld from the School Board an offer from a willing seller, he dispatches his henchmen to intimidate landowners offering to sell so his favorite developer can get a sweet deal, he directs his staff to communicate with their contractors via phone “do not use email” to avoid FOIA. These are all FACTS supported by the public record.

You pay high salaries in order to get talented people.  Does anyone think we are getting the talent for the money we spend?

Here are a couple of nuggets to consider when looking at a reward system which for many is unrelated to their responsibilities and performance risks:
Dr. Adamo has maybe a handful of direct reports and only makes about $3k less than his boss who has well over a thousand employees he is responsible for, all facilities in LCPS and a multi hundred million budget - this doesn’t meet the red face test IMHO
What is wrong with comparing salaries for people who must report 365 days per year to folks who literally only work 180 days minus 10 day vacation, 5 or so sick days etc. How does this look per hour when the contact time is around 6 hours per day. Why use the average? Why not show what a department head can earn with less contact hours than teachers and can leave the building at will and include pension payments and the value in a heavily discounted medical plan?
What is the real risk to the head of business development for getting about $3500/week of value? Was there a drop in pay when the Redskins who we bragged about contributing to Loudoun when we paid Mr. Snyder $100,000’s and then they just up and moved practice to Richmond? These jobs (other than lawyers and medical doctors) are out of orbit when considering what it would take for them to lose the job but hey - just pay those property taxes and hope route 7 doesn’t become like route 5 or route 405 in L.A.

And I’m sorry but those salaries are absolutely ridiculous.  They’re making 40% above Loudoun’s median income and a teacher who’s single and unmarried without a spouse’s income to help compensate has to get a roommate or commute for an hour to live somewhere affordable.

@tobaum ... no ... the teachers work 9 (or 10) months but their annual salary (of $59,108) gets spread out via direct deposit over a 12-month period.  You don’t add in extra money for the months they’re home.

Why can’t we also get the salaries of the constitutional officers?  Is that some kind of county secret?

Are you deliberately trying to inflate the teacher salaries?  Teachers are paid and average of $59108 a year.  Payments for that salary are across a year.  They are not paid across 9 months and then receive continuing payments above that amount for 3 more months.  And BTW teachers, who work well beyond it, have more than ten months of work days in their contracts.

An important oversight is that these folks get an 18%!!! contribution to their state pension every year, which is well above the private sector.

You have to look at the total cost for public sector employees.  What they need to include is the total cost for employees for Loudoun.  That is, if they make $100,000/year, the County probably pays $160,000 once you include benefits.  That is a much more accurate picture because the public sector is famous for hiding their true cost with lower salaries and rich benefits (like an 18% annual pension contribution).

“The top 10 highest-paid Loudoun County government and public schools positions earn an average salary about 40 percent higher than the county’s household median income of $123,453.


The average LCPS teacher salary is roughly $59,108, according to estimates from TeacherSalaryInfo.com.”

Interesting to note that $59,108 is for 9 months.  Prorated to a 12 month yearly salary is $78,810.  Also interesting to note the household median income of $123,453 has a large number of 2 income households included in the numbers.  A 2 teacher household therefore would have, on average for 12 months, an income of $157,621, which is 27.7% higher than the median family income. ($118,216 for 9 months).

We pay $171K plus pension benefits to Commonwealth’s Attorney Plowman to lie to us and violate civil rights?!  Are you kidding me…

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