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Facebook hiring a construction manager for Ashburn project

It appears Facebook's presence in Loudoun County is set to grow.

Analysts covering the data center industry have indicated that Facebook plans to build a data center in Loudoun County's Data Center Alley as part of the company's current push to expand its infrastructure.

Facebook officials said it was not the company's policy to disclose plans prior to announcements, but the company's careers page shows it is looking to recruit an “experienced construction project manager to join their data center engineering and construction team” in Ashburn.

The social media giant currently leases nearly 45,000 square feet and 7.5 megawatts of critical load in Dupont Fabros' Ashburn campus.

Facebook requires massive storage infrastructure to house its enormous stockpile of photos, which grows steadily as users add hundreds of millions of new photos every day, and as it expands its platform capabilities to support video and, more recently, 360-degree video. 

In addition, the company’s infrastructure must support platform services for more than one million websites and hundreds of thousands of applications using the Facebook Connect platform.

To support that huge activity, Facebook has built four huge data centers with two more sites under construction as of September 2016, and leases additional server space from data center providers in Loudoun County as well as sites in the US. and Sweden.

Buddy Rizer, executive director for economic development in Loudoun County, would neither confirm nor deny whether Facebook is expanding locally.

A screenshot of the job posting for a construction manager position in Ashburn.


No, didn’t say anything about townhouses, I said the opposite.  We are a bedroom county.  We use our real estate for housing and data centers, and services related to the overcrowding of our houseing.  We need less of that and more mixed use office development along the already developed toll road, metro, and warehouse lines to attract companies and hence jobs right here in Loudoun county.  How are the data centers the best thing to happen to this county?  We need more middle income jobs in the county so the majority of households do not have to leave the county every morning to work.

Data centers bring jobs that pay enough to actually live in the county.  They also pay more in taxes then just about any business in the county.  Your right they operate with a very small staffing.  So they bring little to no traffic.  So what would you rather have.  More warehouse office parks, town houses, and more kids to school.  The data centers are the best thing to happen to this county.  Otherwise we would have low wage strip malls or residential in its place.

Is Buddy Rizer doing anything to bring jobs into Loudoun County?  A data center requires only a couple dozen people to operate.  And during construction, all I see is WV, Pa, Md, and Tx license plates pulling out of the job sites at quitting time, so they are not even creating local jobs during the brief construction period.  BUT, I’m sure Dominion Power and Loudoun Water are ecstatic.  With an economic plan like this, Loudoun will continue to be an insignificant drive thru, bedroom county as commuters from Pa, Md, and WV drive through our clogged communities to get to their jobs in Ffx county, while we foot the bill for that traffic.  But hey, we can wave to our Facebook pictures while we sit for hours in our congested Loudoun roads.  70% of internet traffic?  Facebook, Google, Amazon?  Big stinking woo, Buddy Rizer.

The Chinese or Russian will skip bombing D.C. and head for all the data centers in Ashburn.

I’m surprised that Facebook doesn’t see the economic benefit of leasing space from Dupont Fabros vs. running their own data center.

I’m sure that in a few years, Facebook will spin off its data center operations into its own entity.

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