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Fairfax police save life of Ashburn woman

photoTimes-Mirror Courtesy Photo/ Fairfax County Police Department

Three quick-thinking Fairfax County officers saved the life of a 23-year-old Ashburn woman who crashed her Mustang into a bulldozer in a construction area along Route 50 near Waples Mill Rd.

The crash occurred 2:15 a.m. Friday, April 15.

Fairfax County officers bashed in the car’s window, pulled the woman out and dragged her to safety just seconds before the vehicle exploded and burst into flames.

Lieutenant Kevin Barrington first arrived on the scene, closely followed by Officers Jessica Kane and Nate Sloan. All together, the trio dragged the woman to safety, tried to douse the flames after the explosion and kept other motorists at bay.

The driver, who was not identified by police, was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Police said she suffered minor, non life-threatening injuries. Officers later charged her with driving under the influence of alcohol.


bahahaha speedway 7!!! I love it, your absolutely right! I live off Rt 7 and I try to always drive according to law but by god I don’t dare pull out onto rt 7 from my driveway without worrying about being smashed, or turning into my driveway is always a terror, always wondering which day I’ll be rear ended.

I just love hos some of these posters decide that it is “open season” on Mustang drivers. Um, the car didn’t get into an accident, but the DRUNKEN driver DRIVING the car did. Unfortunately, this is typical in NoVA where people don’t take responsibility for their actions, but blame others, or in this case, the car. I guess a pre-requisite of living in LC (or NoVA, for that matter) is to be rude and “bash” other people. Thankfully, there are exceptions.

I am sure a majority of you travel on “Speedway 7.” If you do, you can easily see that there are speed demons driving other types of cars, and let’s not forget about those few “crotch rocket” bikers who zip in and out of lanes and fly. Guess somehow, the Mustang drivers will get the blame.

Sorry mustang drivers. You’re right. BMW drivers are actually worse. You idiots are close second. FYI, the speed limit is not “the car 8 inches in front of me.”

No one’s impressed with your poor-man’s corvette.

those cops should of left her there. there should be 0 tolerance for that stupid sh**.  She could of killed someone.

Another moron who thinks they’re above the law.

People continue to drink and drive because theres no incentive NOT to.  They know that they will only get a slap on the wrist for at least three offenses.  The lawmakers need to start hitting them BIG in the pocket!  $2000.00 fine and mandatory 60 days in jail, and impound or sell their car at auction for FIRST offense.  Yeah, that would tend to get MY attention.

WOW, that looks scary. She needs to have pictures of this hanging in her room, office and the next car she may drive as a reminder. I can’t believe she lived. Glad no one got hurt.

Stupid Fu**. Had the cops known she was under the influence, they shoulf have let her die in the ball of flames. No doubt, she will drink and drive again!

I wonder if the car is totalled?  They could cut what’s left to the rear and make a smart car out of it. At least the rear license plate holder can be sold on Ebay, maybe even the trunk locking mechanism. If she would have had a passenger, this would have been homicide. What a careless individual.

What???? Cars blow up in real life? I thought that only happened in the movies.

Pete, what an ignorant comment. Im glad she didn’t hurt anyone else. Hope she takes this lesson and second chance at life to heart.

@Pete…not all of those who own Mustangs drivers are a**holes. You must mean the majority of commuters and LC residents! Thanks to the Fairfax police…no wonder why LC emulates your county!

Mustang drivers are a-holes anyway. This just illustrates the point.

yes hope springs eternal….maybe she needed a swift slap to the head to knock some sense into her or in this case a bulldozer to the side of her head.  Extremely happy she didn’t kill or hurt anyone else (including the officers who risked their wellbeing to rescue her).  Will she learn?? had to know…...all of the rest of us on the road sure hope so.

Thank God this woman did not hit and take the life of another.  When will people understand, drinking is no better than drugs.  Both cause a lifetime of misery.

I have seen sooooo many of these get plead down to reckless driving. Only to drink and drive again.

I’ll bet that Bulldozer didn’t move one inch or even have a scratch! Another crash test dummy!

I am glad to see that you live in Ashburn. When one of your neighbors drink a few at the pub and run into your family, call it a mistake.  You are obviously an idiot as well. Your Liberal ideas and “poor” decisions lead society in the wrong direction.

I agree Dare to not Drink, when will people ever learn?????????????? We preach this all over the place, and people still do it, they should be jailed for 1 year, that’s my opinion.

sorry poor not pore.  My bad. lol

@DARE to not Drink, DUI is in fact a mistake.  The definition of the word is “An action or judgment that is misguided or wrong

DUI is not a mistake, it is a choice.  She chose to drink and drive.  If she would have killed someone, would her survival have been luck?  Of course, she will get a suspended license, a year of probation and pay fines.  Lesson learned? Nope. I have no toleration for idiots who drink and put others lives in danger. You want forgiveness?  Don’t touch another drop of alcohol for the next 50 years.

Bulldozer 1, Mustang 0

She’s lucky to have survived so well.

Amazing that she survivied that!  Great work indeed by the officers.

one lucky lady….hopefully she learned her lesson..kudos to the police officers…

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