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Ashburn terrorist sentenced to 23 years in prison

Farooque Ahmed of Ashburn was sentenced to 23 years in prison and 50 years of probation today after he pleaded guilty to plotting to bomb several Metro stations in October.

Ahmed strode into the Alexandria federal courtroom in a green jumpsuit, and was immediately embraced by his lawyers — perhaps the last comfort Ahmed would receive before hearing his verdict.

Ahmed pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, collecting information to assist in planning a terrorist attack on a transit facility and attempting to provide material support in multiple bombings to cause mass casualties at four Metro stations in late October.

The plot was discovered after a seven-month FBI sting operation. Agents arrested Ahmed at his home in Ashburn Oct. 27.


“I’m not able to put it into words,” Ahmed said. “I’m sorry, it was the wrong action.”

Federal Judge Gerald Bruce handed down the sentence.

“[After prison] I want to know where you are at every moment,” Bruce told him. “I want to know what you’re doing, who you’re with and where you live.”

“Today, we must remember that Ahmed broke the law,” said Brenda Hicks, a special agent with the FBI’s Washington field office. “Now, he must face the consequences.”

Ahmed, who was 34 years old at the time of his arrest, was trying to help people he believed to be al-Qaeda members plan multiple bombings at the Metro stations. However, these contacts turned out to be U.S. federal officials.

Ahmed is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Pakistan. According to his October indictment, Ahmed was accused of spending time from April through Oct. 25 helping people he believed to be al-Qaeda members plan the bombings in order to kill and hurt many people. Ahmed is accused of driving to a hotel in Dulles on April 18, 2010, and meeting with a courier he believed to be affiliated with a terrorist organization. The courier allegedly provided Ahmed with a document that provided potential locations where future meetings could be held.

On or about May 15, 2010, at a hotel in Herndon, Ahmed allegedly agreed to watch and photograph another hotel in Washington, D.C., as well as the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station to get information about their security and busiest periods.

The indictment also stated that Ahmed allegedly participated in surveillance and recorded video images of Metro stations in Arlington on four occasions. On or about July 19, in a hotel room in Sterling,  Ahmed was accused of handing a memory stick containing video of the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station to a person he believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda. On that same day, Ahmed allegedly agreed to assess the security of two other Metro stations in Arlington – the Courthouse and Pentagon City stations – as locations of terrorist attacks, Carr said.

Also on July 19, 2010, Ahmed is said to have told someone he believed affiliated with al-Qaeda that he wanted to donate $10,000 “to support their brothers overseas, and that he would collect donations from people even if he had to do it in the name of another cause…”

He added that he would send the donation in $1,000 increments “in order to not raise any red flags,” the indictment read.

The October indictment further alleged that, on or about Sept. 28, in a hotel room in Herndon, Ahmed gave a USB drive containing images of two Metro stations in Arlington to a person he believed to be an al-Qaeda member.

According to the indictment, on or about Sept. 28, 2010, Ahmed provided to a person he believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda diagrams that Ahmed drew of the three Metro stations in Arlington and provided suggestions as to where explosives should be placed on trains in Metro stations in Arlington to kill the most people in simultaneous attacks planned for 2011, Carr said.

Also on Sept. 28, Ahmed allegedly suggested the Crystal City Metro station in Arlington as a good place to carry out an attack. He was accused of conducting surveillance there that he was scheduled to hand over to a courier between Oct. 27 and Oct. 29.

In announcing Ahmed’s arrest, officials said the public was never in danger during the investigation and that the FBI was aware of his activities from before the alleged attempt began.

Times-Mirror Staff Writer Jana Wagoner contributed to this report.
This is a developing story.


He was baited, supported and tricked by the FBI - are you people insane?  This person may not have acted this way if he wasn’t ever approached by a supposed member of a terrorist gang.  Told that his ideas were wonderful and to take it further another step. 

ugh sheeple!

This comment section is like a garden of ignorance: keep piling on the manure and watch how it grows!

OH I agree with you Smith, why do many of them want to come here, and change who we are to their liking???? We as Americans have established our own traditions, like being proud of our English language, I don’t care to learn a second laguage, to communicate with others, it’s others who chose to come here that should learn English. Why do these people choose to come live here, and the whole time, they hate us for our customs, Christianity, and being the only true world super power.

Why in GOD’s name do these people want to live in the U.S., enjoy our freedom’s & liberties, then destroy it.  You NEVER hear of people dying to “GET OUT” of the U.S. only to get in.  Fry him!  We need to start getting tough on these idiots!  Go to another country, we don’t want you or your kind here!

@Juan Capone

1.5 billion followers of Islam Juan, amazing that with-in the 1.5 billion followers there are but a scant few that speak out against the religion itself.  Tell you what Juan, When you get 1 billion Muslims speaking out against the other .5 billion then perhaps your statement is valid.

On the ”  We have congressmen, business leaders and other notable people in this country and around the world who are Muslim” Lets look at Rep. Keith Ellison, MN:Ellison attends meetings held by Islamic groups that advocate for Islamic Sharia Law here in America. But I’d wager you cannot see the conflict of interest in that, now could you Juan?

Not sure what to think but if you want to harm us as Americans than we will throw you in a deep hole!!!!!

I wonder what State Senate Candidate David Ramadan thinks about this.

@An American Citizen

Islam is the second largest religion in the world with 1.5 billion followers.  The vast majority are peaceful and don


Name ONE country that can co-exist with Islam as a whole? While your thinking add this to your thoughts: as for “lumping all Muslims as terrorist”, where are all the non-terrorist Muslims? Do you see groups of Muslims voicing their disapproval of this man actions and others like him?

Put you “open-minded” thoughts about Islam on the shelf and start defending the nation in which you live. As a reminder to each and every one of you and for those that have not read this: remember this always:

It was the leader and founder of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) Omar M. Ahmad who said:

Hey Founder, tell that to the people who have lost loved ones, because of these idiots, he says he’s sorry, ?????????? hang him slowly, don’t drop him, let him dangle, and strangle. I can’t for the life of me, understand how someone could even think about doing this, and then say he’s sorry, yeah he’s sorry he got caught, that’s about it.

Excuse me Mr. Founder, but yes most people are different than him, fortunatley, MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT OUT HERE TRYING TO PLOT TO KILL HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, INCLUDING CHILDREN. Yes we are much different, our views are different, but we don’t choose killing as a way of dealing with it.


Well said and Bravo!  Yours and the first two comments were the only ones worth reading.

All the others need to look in the mirror because your hatred is no different from Ahmed and people like him.  How sad!

The 23 year prison term and 50 year parole if a just sentence for his crime.

He was a threat, he broke the law and is now going to jail for a long time. Good. Our justice system works. Hate is hate and quickly leads to intolerance, bigotry and ultimately violence, no matter one’s race, religion or country of origin. So to those who lump all Muslims into one big terrorist group, take a look in the mirror. You’re no different from this man.

the truth on islam - www.thereligionofpeace.com - the violence, plotting, and lunacy…

Celebrate Diversity with a Pork BBQ sandwich

I kissed him and he tasted like roasted goat burger.


So Ali, what legal system do you support if the American legal system is so flawed? Please inform us what you think is a more perfect legal system. Back it up with research material.

How much of this sentence will he actually serve? How many people in prison will he try to influence? He will have over a million minutes to read books, search the internet and come up with another plan while serving the 23 years.  Why did he not get the chair? What a joke! The judge really scared him when he said he wants to know where he is every moment….really? Exactly who is going to follow this guy around? WHATEVER…... Big mistake, should have fried him!

Back in the day this guy would have been convicted of TREASON and then hung, shot, etc.
Wake up people.

This seems to be a typical FBI entrapment case,the day FBI started this “sting” operation on this guy,he was a convicted fellow in advance!! who is next on your menu??? people around the world have lost faith in America and their judicial system! and by looking up at the comments.. America is no more what it stood for!!

Why waste taxpayer money on this scumbag? We outta take him out n public, n smoke him.

I vote we send him home strapped to a missile now.  Why wait and pay for his food, health, room and board for the next 20 years?

The religion of Peace strikes again.

And yet our illustrious leader refuses to mention islamic terrorist.

All the while DHS basically lumped people who are either pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government and RETURNING MILITARY VETERANS as possible threats.


Once he gets out of jail I say we deport him back to Pakistan strapped to the back of a cruise missile.

One out of many was caught, don’t get to comfortable people.  These single acts are simply training efforts for later, you know: see what happens and correct for future attacks.

Time to wake up people and face Islam/Sharia growth in America.

Yep…this is good news.


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