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FBI takes over Loudoun deputy embezzlement case

The embezzlement case against a Loudoun County Sheriff's deputy has been turned over to the FBI, a Virginia State Police spokesperson said June 6.

Still little is known about the investigation that began in October, but was made public in mid-November.

Eight months after the investigation began, it's not known how much money was embezzled or which department within the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is missing money.

At the time the investigation was made public, Sheriff Mike Chapman told the Times-Mirror the funds in question was a “significant amount.”

It's not known if the deputy, whose name is not being released by the Times-Mirror because he has not been charged, is still on paid administration leave.

A spokesperson with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office referred questions about the deputy to Virginia State Police. State police, in turn, referred additional questions to the FBI. Calls to the FBI were not returned.

The investigation, which began at the behest of Chapman, came after restructuring within the criminal investigations and patrol divisions.

“When that occurred and people had to move and they were in a process of handing over their responsibilities, this issue surfaced,” Chapman said.

By Oct. 15, Chapman said it was clear “something unusual of criminal nature” had occurred. He then contacted the Virginia State Police to conduct an investigation.

Chapman confirmed in November that a search warrant had been executed in the case. However, a week after the investigation was made public that warrant was sealed.

In addition to the state police's criminal investigation, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is conducting an internal investigation to see whether any administrative or general orders were violated.

– Staff Writer Alanna Dvorak contributed to this report.


In The Know - Thank you for such an eloquent and accurate dissertation concerning just a few of the failures of the current Sheriff.  Let me summarize by saying that Chapman is doing what all Feds in trouble do, they hunker down and wait for things to blow over then they come out of their hole and move on with even more arrogance and conceit than before.  Chapman’s “scandal a month” record is making his administration top heavy and it may topple well before someone has to beat him in an election.  This Federal experiment in Loudoun County law enforcement has been an unmitigated and damaging disaster.  Most Feds think they are the “end all” when it comes to ALL law enforcement knowledge.  I haven’t met one yet that knows anything useful when it comes to local law enforcement. Chapman and his federal “Hang Ons” are certainly no exception.

Can anybody say COVER UP?? 

1)  The FBI has been investing Chapman and this case for some time now, as has been the pattern in the past Chapman only releases limited (and spinned) information when the press starts digging.  Falsehood by Chapman - the investigation did not begin after the “re-structuring”; it was the missing money that resulted in the knee-jerk re-structuring. 

2)  Last October, when confronted about the huge amount (100K or more) of missing money Chapman said as soon as he found out about it he made the information public.  This is NOT the case; the Commonwealth Attorneys office was well aware of this the prior summer.  This case was already well under investigation.  Chapman was doing all that he could to avoid this getting out.

If readers take a close look at every “press release” that Chapman does they will see a consistent pattern of him trying to sugarcoat what in reality are major issues.  It is not wonder that the morale in the agency is at a miserably low level and senior officers are doing everything they can to find other employment.

Next June or so at the Republican primary as a result of this controversial sheriff I believe that the a qualified, honorable, and honest candidate will arrive and an intelligent electorate will select this person to resurrect the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office from its current state of doom, gloom, misery, and constant scandal (recall the 2013 budget scandal - millions of dollars of taxpayers money abused by Chapman.  Oh yes, and then there was the Costco killing of the older woman where the Taser allegedly didn’t work because the batteries weren’t charged. 

One final question for Chapman - why not just say how much money you have missing?  This is taxpayer money and we have a right to know.  I understand it is at least $100,000 and possibly a lot more.  Money is money, why try to cover up the amount?

Just makes one wonder what is next under this Sheriff.

Let the recently posted numbers speak show you the light. Crime is Down.  Translation:  Good Job Sheriff. Keep up the good work and ignore these crazy liberals looking to install a new Sheriff that will stop enforcing drug laws so they can smoke weed and eat brownies.

Hahahaha, what a zoo!  Chapman’s “restructuring” included the elimination of the Narcotics Unit even as the County sees a record number of fatal drug overdoses.  Leadership, accountability, basic financial responsibility….how about a lack of basic competency?

FredSanford - Stop selling junk like your namesake.  This happened because of gross mismanagement and a failure to perform basic managerial duties as a chief executive.  This kind of breakdown is systematic throughout the LCSO.  If you believe otherwise your head is in the sand or your a chapman mouthpiece.  Audits were not done of accounts with huge sums of money on the balance sheet.  A bad apple saw an opening because of Chapman’s lack of experience and basic office management protocols.

Yosemitesam —That is such a stretch. The actions of (1) does not represent the operation of LCSO.

Even after installing a retired Federal Officer who at one point was #3 in the DEA, as head of the Criminal Investigation Division when Chapman took office, certain financial accounts were not audited in the Criminal Investigation Division.  this lack of leadership, accountability and basic financial responsibility once again has the FBI snooping around in the Sheriff’s Office.  Bring back any memories?  Thanks Chapman.

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