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Fire in Sterling displaces 17, causes $714K in damages

At 6:20 p.m. Dec. 10, fire and rescue units responded to a house fire in the 22000 block of Oakgrove Road in Sterling, according to a Loudoun County Fire and Rescue spokeswoman.Courtesy Photo/Collin Gould, Sterling Volunteer Fire Company
An accidental fire in Sterling Sunday night displaced 17 residents and caused an estimated $714,000 in damage, according to county officials.

At 6:20 p.m., fire and rescue units responded to a house fire in the 22000 block of Oakgrove Road in Sterling, according to a Loudoun County Fire and Rescue spokeswoman. Due to the advanced state of the fire, units made a defensive attack from the exterior of the home to knock down the bulk of the fire. Multiple hose lines were deployed around the residence and a master stream from a ladder truck was utilized to extinguish the fire.

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal's Office determined the fire was caused by a heat lamp placed too close to combustible materials.

No responders were injured battling the blaze.

The home's 17 occupants – 10 adults and seven children – were not home at the time of the fire. They have received assistance from The Red Cross.

Loudoun County saw at least three severe fires over the weekend, including a Lovettsville blaze that killed one person and an Ashburn fire that displaced a family of five.


Meetjohndoe…... It is my business when I pay HUGE taxes in this county.  It might all be one big happy family but just because you own a home, what you do in it is not your business if it’s illegal or not to code. I also don’t approve of children sharing bedrooms with adults. 

Relationships of Occupants:
The Revised 1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance permits a single-family dwelling to be occupied by a family as defined below:
Family: A group of people living together consisting of:
a) One or more persons related* by blood or marriage together with any number of natural, foster, step or adopted children, domestic servants, nurses and therapists and no more than two roomers or boarders; or
b) No more than 4 unrelated persons; or
c) Assisted living facilities and group homes of eight or fewer as defined in Section 15.2-2291 of the Code of Virginia. 

17 people is a lot, but hey, it’s their home. What they do in their home is their business, not ours.

This many occupants is a coming occurrence in Loudoun and complaints get side tracked.  It is the demographics of our area due to all the illegals!  Look around Sterling area and pay attention to how many cars are at a 3 bedroom house.  I dont think Loudoun has a law about how many occupants but I would think CPS has something about how many BR to how many children and if the male/female have to have their own room.  I am sorry for the loss to the family truly I am but Loudoun do something about the housing

RE:17. This is more normal than what we would like to think. Still sad.

Perhaps the family living there had out of town guests who were planning to stay to or through Christmas?

17 People in one house? 10 adults?  Seven Children?  Does not look to be more than a 5 bedroom house?  Hmmmmm, I think an explanation is in order.  That is really strange, even for this tree hugging liberal.

17 people were living in this house????? Are we back to the days of turning a bling eye to over crowding in Loudoun? I’d like to know if the County was aware of this because I’m 100% sure the neighbors reported the overcrowding prior to this incident. How many cars do they have parked in front of this place on a daily basis?

How are 17 occupants allowed to live in 1 home?

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