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FLOW brings blow-dry experience to One Loudoun

From left to right: Kiara Garland (stylist), Tricia Ambrose of South Riding, Becca Sien (stylist), Jen Paskey of Ashburn, Dana Larkin (stylist) and Deedee Daube of North Carolina. Times-Mirror/Karen Graham
As a former fashion designer in New York, Samira Atash has learned a few beauty secrets. One of them was finding a good blow-dry bar, a concept which has popped up everywhere in New York City over the past few years.

When her family moved to Loudoun County, she began investigating where to go for a similar experience and found Northern Virginia women had to go into D.C. for a blow-dry and style.

Atash came up with a business plan and created FLOW blow-dry and Beauty Bar in Reston, which opened in January 2013.

As the first blow-dry bar and one-stop beauty shop in Northern Virginia, FLOW has received many business awards and a great deal of praise in a short time.

With her success in Reston, Atash decided to expand and launch another FLOW closer to her home, in One Loudoun. FLOW opened June 11.

“I know a good blow out when I see one and Loudoun County women are very stylish, but may not want to drive to D.C. or Reston, so I thought Loudoun would be a great place to open our second location,” Atash said.

Atash, who has a daughter and is expecting twin boys in a few weeks, said her husband has been supportive with her business projects.She said the One Loudoun FLOW will offer more services than in her Reston shop.

“We have been very busy so far. One of the client favorites so far is the star treatment, which is a blow out while getting a manicure at the same time,” Atash said.

FLOW’s services include more than just a blow-dry. It offers hair styling, make up and lashes, waxing and threading, manicures and pedicures and express facials.

Looking ahead, Atash is planning to open a third FLOW location in Chantilly later this year.

“It is very exciting to see the response and see it in motion. It is a wonderful feeling to help make women look and feel good,” Atash said.

FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar at One Loudoun is at 44719 Brimfield Drive, Ashburn. 703-858-2900.


We are at 1.15 which is half to a third what Maryland pays and Fairfax is .05 of a penny lower; get over it. Fairfax pays out the nose for water, that is why all the data centers build here.

Your math on housing is fuzzy and facts are wrong.

First housing is booming in Loudoun; homes ranging from 500K to over a million dollars cannot stay on the market. I have had several $650k homes turn over in my neighborhood in recent weeks; the owners are using their equity and good credit to move up into even bigger homes.

Second banks lend 3-4 times your household income; anyone making $125K (the median salary meaning the middle average) can easily get a 30 year fixed for under without penalty for $419K; add back 20% you now have $503K you can get a 3000sqft home in most of the regional for that and most people can get an even bigger loan for a 30 year fixed because region costs allow up to $770K loans without penalty. Add to that money they made on condos etc.

But guess what its not cheaper to live in Fairfax or Arlington, or Alexandria which is why people are moving to Loudoun, we are still the fastest growing suburb because if people are going to pay $500-600k for a house they would rather have a new large home than an old home any day.

We pay the most real estate taxes, but also wages do not keep up with housing costs in Northern VA.

If husband and wife are making combined $125,000 (roughly the median income) then they would only qualify for about a $300,000 loan for a house assuming 20% down.  Most banks only lend about 2.5 times your salary. $300,000 won’t buy a SFH in Loudoun and if one exists it will be a fixer upper. It could buy a condo or a small townhouse, but that doesn’t fit the needs of most families.

In contrast my friend move to North Carolina. His wife and him make $135,000 combined, and they purchased a brand new construction Single family home (4,500 sq feet and 1/3 acre) in 2009 for $277,000. They both used to live here and only took a 5% pay-cut.

In this example it is shown that wages here are not keeping up with housing costs.

more cowbell - What taxes are you talking about? This state is a low tax state and our tax rates are not higher than Fairfax Co.

Shops open and close everywhere, however many stay open especially high quality places because people here are willing to layout a few extra dollars for the good stuff. Fords Fishshack is not cheap and it has done well were 3 other places failed before it.

@fedupdude, and we pay the most in taxes too. A lot of shops open and close frequently througout Ashburn/Loudoun.

more cowbell - You are conflating savings with income, Loudoun has the highest paid middle income level in the USA. People spend like crazy around there. Luxury is all over the place, look at the high end sports car dealers, the size of homes, the businesses in the mall, look at what’s coming: a high end driving range, a number of top end chefs are opening restaurants, movie theaters are sprouting like weeds, we have a bunch of golf courses, martial arts schools everywhere, horse racing, horse riding lessons, high end tutors, decoration studios, high end furniture stores; Loudoun has money and clearly spends some of it.

@fedupdude, the reason we have money(top 1%) is because we save and don’t spend on things we can do for ourselves. With a wife and two college age daughters, who love to get their hair nails done(about once every other month or special occasions), have no desire to pay someone to just dry their hair. Of course they have no problem buying 20 pairs of shoes and not sharing evey though they wear the same size.
This is similar to paying someone to wash your car or doing it yourself.

Man you guys are negative and clearly clueless about the people in Eastern Loudoun and the money they have and they spend.

Cowbell- looks like they offer more than just a blow dry.

...“FLOW’s services include more than just a blow-dry. It offers hair styling, make up and lashes, waxing and threading, manicures and pedicures and express facials. “

Unsure how many women drive around with wet hair to seek out a blow dry???? Can’t you just go to a women’s salon to get the same services????

I would be surprised if this place lasted 18 months. This isn’t Hollywood.

Glad to see this type of salon at the One Loudoun Town Center.  Looking forward to getting the ‘Star Treatment’ option for my daughter birthday.

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