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Following uproar, Loudoun library board appointee resigns

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors on Sunday accepted the resignation of a controversial appointee to the county's Library Board of Trustees.

Andrew R. Beacham, who once tore up pages of the Koran in front of the White House, was unanimously confirmed to the library board by the Board of Supervisors Jan. 2. But uproar ensued last week when the Washington Post highlighted Mr. Beacham's past political activity, which includes a congressional run in Kentucky and fervent "Christian and patriot" advocacy, including disparaging comments against homosexuals, progressives and President Barack Obama.

On Sunday, Mr. Beacham wrote to board members, “Thank you for considering me for a position on the Library Board. Due the circumstances, I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately from the Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees.”

Mr. Beacham was nominated by his local supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), himself known for extreme political showmanship as president of Public Advocate of the United States, a conservative advocacy group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group.

Despite pictures showing Mr. Beacham at a Public Advocate protest in 2009, Mr. Delgaudio maintained Monday he met Mr. Beacham in fall 2013.

Mr. Delgaudio told the Times-Mirror he found Mr. Beacham to be calm and level-headed upon the two men's initial meeting, and that was something the Sterling supervisor believed would serve well the local library board.

A couple of Mr. Beacham's inflammatory remarks on Twitter include "... that is why I say scalp early, scalp often. The only good progressive is a dead progressive, neo-Marxist-Nazi POS ... " and " ... Lake Michigan is steaming 'cause that is where Obama's hot gay lovers are buried ..."

The Board of Supervisors routinely approves community board and commission nominees put forward by the respective district's supervisor.

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How are you going to get Degaudio off the board?
He surely does not belong there.

This is the same clown who ran for Congress last time around from Kentucky.


The fact that Eugene Delgaudio appointed him to the board says it all.  The fact that 8 other supers went along with it shows that they don’t do due diligence as a rule.

Shame on these goofs and let’s hope our fine libraries don’t suffer any more insults from this crowd of know nothings.

Add the claim that “he met Mr. Beacham in fall 2013” to a very long list of preposterous Delgaudio falsehoods.

The “Public Advocate protest” in question was actually just a staged media event. A few hand picked activists led by Delgaudio illegally posted some signs on school property; after they refused to remove them and law enforcement was called, they held a press conference Beacham was one of these approximately eight activists.

See http://www.loudounprogress.org/2014/01/10/photos-from-2009-public-advocate-stunt-show-delgaudio-working-with-his-new-extremist-library-board-appointee/

The real question is what power does Delgaudio hold over his fellow board members that they would allow him to make such fools of them? It seems that they can’t be trusted to even follow their own policies regarding appointees - they are required to furnish a resume, which Beacham/Delgaudio did not do.

The real tragedy is that Delgaudio has absolutely no interest in promoting libraries.  12 years and all he’s done is try to reduce budgets or curtail services.  12 years and Sterling is still suffering with an embarrassing 1970 era library, too small and too inefficient for the Sterling community.

This crazy appointment just continues a trend.  Sterling deserves better.

What a hoot.  A 9-0 republican board of supervisors does it again.  Appointing someone with a background that would embarrass us all, all because eight of the nine do not want to make Supervisor Degaudio mad at them.  Great.  Soooooo, here’s to the eight republican board of supervisors, for doing all they can do to ensure that we all keep a close watch on everything they do, because they truly cannot be trusted.

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