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Former Democratic chairman leaves Loudoun committee following Miller nomination

Former chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee Mike Turner has left the committee following the local Democrats' nomination of Elizabeth Miller for the House of Delegates 32nd District race, Turner said Monday.

Additionally, at least four high-level local Democrats have resigned their leadership positions within the Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) in the four days since Miller's endorsement, according to current LCDC Chairman Evan Macbeth.

LCDC members who have vacated chairmanship roles include Ellen Heald as membership chair, Denise Pierce as the Algonkian district chair, Robert Pierce as chair of the issues committee and Bob Moses as the Broad Run district chair.

On June 6 the LCDC narrowly nominated Miller to challenge incumbent Republican Del. Tag Greason in November's election. Many Loudoun Democrats viewed the endorsement with skepticism because of Miller and her husband Stevens' history with the LCDC.

Stevens Miller, who was elected in 2007 to represent the Dulles District on the Board of Supervisors as a Democrat, endorsed Republican Ken Reid over Democrat Kelly Burk for the Leesburg district seat in the 2011 supervisors' election. That same year both Millers supported independent candidate Cliff Keirce in the supervisors race over incumbent Democrat Andrea McGimsey.

LCDC bylaws prevent members from endorsing candidates outside the party, according to Stevens Miller, which is why he and his wife resigned from the party committee in 2011.

Macbeth on Monday said the LCDC members who resigned their chairmanships had varying reasons for doing so. He said he “isn't going to pretend” the Miller endorsement isn't a factor in some or all of the party members' decisions.

Macbeth said those party members who stepped down, Turner included, contributed immensely to ensuring President Barack Obama twice won the Loudoun County vote and assisted with candidate recruitment and other party requirements.

Turner, who chaired the LCDC in 2010 and 2011, said his decision to leave the committee wasn't an easy one. He said he still holds Democratic values – “public service, integrity, real problem solving, honesty” – in high regard.

But the local party, Turner said, is only as good as the people it elects to leadership positions. As soon as LCDC members voted 32-30 to select Miller as its nominee, Turner knew he would withdraw from the LCDC, he said.

“At that moment, the LCDC fell way, way below my personal standards of integrity,” Turner said.

Turner named 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chairman Charlie Jackson as someone whose leadership he questioned. The 10th Congressional District committee isn't “particularly relevant,” Turner said, pointing to the fact a Democrat hasn't been elected to that congressional seat for the past 30 years.

Jackson was unanimously re-elected to chair the 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee earlier this year.

Turner made it clear he wasn't leveling attacks at current LCDC Chairman Evan Macbeth.

Macbeth is “fair and honest and altruistic” and has “done wonders for the Loudoun County Democratic Committee,” Turner said.

Commenting on the situation, 10th District chair Jackson said: "In any group, and especially political groups, disagreements happen. The challenge is working through disagreements to focus on the big picture and I'm confident every Loudoun Democrat will stand together in the months ahead to elect Terry McAuliffe governor … "

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Entertainment is where you find it. I personally grabbed some popcorn and will sit this out watching TAG wipe the floor with this one.

You pick your battles, people.

My, are we having fun now?  Looks like a few people don’t like the Millers, and their “stunts” of arrogance and self-proclaimed greatness.  I think there will not be much help given to Liz Miller in her pursuant of greatness, and maybe, just maybe, after this election cycle, we will see a whole lot less of the Millers.  Or maybe not.  Depends on whether we all like the fun they produce for us.

Are the local democrats part of the Obama for America re-election campaign/success?
I have tried on many issues to find common ground of agreement between Denise Pierce and myself. Never have I found it but today is a new day, hallelujah!
Some things can’t be recycled and still meet high standards or democrat standards. That being said if Miller were to wise up and quit at least the coffers would not be drained for her exercise in futility. 

Reread the article - vote was reported as “LCDC members voted 32-30 to select Miller.”

If 4 of these people resigned, that’s half the LCDC isn’t it?

If we’re going to talk about standards, what is it that we’re measuring? Why did the article mention the 2012 Presidential election? Obama For America won that election. The local Democrats are responsible for county-level elections, aren’t they?

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