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Former Sen. John Warner endorses Comstock, will headline fundraiser

Former 30-year U.S. Sen. John Warner (R) will endorse state Del. Barbara Comstock (R) in this year’s 10th Congressional District race. Courtesy Photo
Former U.S. Sen. John Warner is endorsing state Del. Barbara Comstock in this year's 10th Congressional District race, according to an email from the Comstock campaign.

Though both Warner and Comstock are Republicans, Warner, who in 2009 retired after 30 years in the Senate, has been no surefire supporter of Virginia GOP candidates in recent years. Warner endorsed incumbent Democrat Mark Warner (no relation) in Virginia's only 2014 statewide race – a Senate contest between the Democratic Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie – and John Warner largely stayed out of last year's gubernatorial race.

Comstock is being challenged by Democrat John Foust, a Fairfax County supervisor, in the high-money, closely-watched contest.

John Warner will appear and voice his support for Comstock at a September fundraiser alongside the man Comstock hopes to replace, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, who is retiring after more than 30 years holding the 10th District seat.

In a joint letter about the event, John Warner and Wolf say Comstock has been “a great partner with us in working on issues important to the 10th District.”

“We have no doubt that she is the strongest, most qualified candidate by far and deserves our support,” Warner and Wolf note. “She will continue in the Warner/Wolf tradition of fighting for the people of this culturally rich and diverse district.”

The Sept. 10 fundraiser is being hosted at the home of Kristi and Vito Germinario in Middeburg. Host tickets are tabbed at $2,600, while individual entry costs $150.

Virginia's sprawling 10th Congressional District, which spans from portions of Fairfax County through Loudoun County, Manassas, Manassas Park and out past Winchester, is ranked “leans Republican” by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call analysis.

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oranges869 loves talking about the one poll that shows Warner only up by 7% while another has him up 21% and when they are all averages its 16%.

Trouble finding Women 4 Babs?

Strange, I always thought John Warner was a fairly moderate guy with common sense.  Maybe he is losing it in old age.  John Warner or Frank Wolf wouldn’t dare be associated with an extremist like Penny Nance.

As much a “FredSanford” keeps telling himself otherwise, the population centers of the 10th district have gone for Obama, Kaine, and McAuliffe in the last major elections.  This is no GOP “stronghold”.  Maybe the 5 people who live out in the western portion are.

As usual of late, the VA GOP will cross their fingers and hope that turnout is lower than 35% so they have a chance.  It is the only way they have won anything in Northern VA in the last 5 years. 

Latest poll has Mark Warner up by only 7%!

Delgaudio win!

Had Marshall won I bet the 10th would fall to a democrat, clearly primary voters knew this and that is why it is Comstock.

You left wing radicals need to find something else to do. The 10th has been Gerrymandered to be a Republican stronghold. Unless Comstock says something stupid like “Macaca”, she will be our new Congresswoman.

Sorry liberals, the 10th is off limits to your Anti-American nonsense.

John Warner and Frank Wolf say Del. Comstock has been “a great partner with us in working on issues important to the 10th District.” Since Del. Comstock opposed Medicaid expansion, then I guess John Warner and Frank Wolf must think Medicaid expansion is not important. The Virginia Catholic Conference is on record favoring Medicaid expansion; they see this as a moral issue; it appears that Warner, Wolf and Comstock do not. In Del. Comstock’s district alone, between 15 to 54 persons will die each year because uninsured Virginians will have less access to health care, less routine care and less treatment of chronic conditions before visiting an emergency room. How is this not an important issue for the larger 10th District? Why are Warner, Wolf and Comstock on the wrong side of this moral issue?

oranges869 - The ultrasound bill is why so many republicans lost seats in the last 6 years in VA especially up north.

However the gerrymandered district is mostly likely to work in Comstock’s favor and she was the least crazy of the GOP candidates in the primary.

Dang it,  sounds like RP is trying to elect Barbara listing her votes like that. They all look good to me and when next you see her it’s congresswoman Comstock to you!

Could it be that we would be better off without so many Congressmen/women. In this day and age of the internet can’t a elected official take care of a larger population? So lets cut government waste by reducing the number of senators and members of the house? Pay the senate for each day in session not a salary? Leave this seat vacant and in reality we’ll be better off?

Del. Comstock voted against the transportation improvement bill, voted for transvaginal ultrasound, voted for personhood at conception, voted to repeal one-per-month handgun purchases, opposed medicaid expansion, etc. And I thought former Sen. John Warner was more of a moderate; perhaps he is not paying attention.

Comstock has this election in the bag. The 10th is 60% Republican and there is little chance that some leftist radical is going to win this congressional seat.

better 2 vote 4 limbaugh sycophant?  Operation Chaos LOL

Let us never forget:

Barbara Comstock represents thousands of commuters in a traffic-clogged district badly in need of road improvements; nonetheless, last year she voted against the first bill in more than a quarter century to provide fresh money for the state’s crumbling highways.

She also voted in favor of mandatory ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion

She voted to repeal a law limiting handgun purchases to one per month.

We need more of this in Washington?  C’mon John Warner…what were you thinking?

vote Barbara, we do not need any more Obama surrogates in office

Same tired talking points by both candidates. Maybe if you tell me you would introduce a bill where congress was paid per day instead of a salary as a cost cutting measure then I could see a glimmer of hope. How about a clicker on a site that tells us how many bills were defeated along strictly partisan votes? How about putting a end to the party conventions and the taxpayer funding for said conventions. Put a limit on campaign spending that will show us what good money managers the candidates are? I know, I know Barbara is for jobs and John is for welfare, yikes!

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