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Former Wall Street Exec. Mavis Taintor gives her campaign $110K

In just two months since announcing her intent to challenge incumbent state Del. Dave LaRock (R) in the House of Delegates 33rd District, Waterford resident and long-time investment banker, Democrat Mavis Taintor, has raised roughly four times more in campaign cash than the other candidates.

Most of that money, however, came out of her own pocket.

With $175,210 in her coffers, Taintor has personally contributed $110,000 to her own campaign. She has also received hefty donations of $40,000 from George Washington University political science and international affairs professor Cynthia McClintock and $25,000 from Martinus H. Nickerson.

According to the latest figures from the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), as of March 31, only four of Taintor’s donations were cash contributions of $100. Those contributions totaled $210.

Taintor’s campaign manager, William McGee, said the the large self-contribution would be critical in running a successful campaign to defeat LaRock.

“We need a candidate that can bridge the gap and find the common ground in the middle and actually be able to convince voters here with her message that she’s the one that can beat LaRock,” McGee said. “And a robust field program, good communications and a pretty robust fundraising program is essential to that.”

Taintor spent 35 years in investment banking and worked for major companies, including Citibank, Salomon Smith Barney and JP Morgan. She was also the co-founder of a $4 billion asset management firm, Callidus Capital Management.

But for the past decade, her family has owned and operated Bel Mont Farm, a horse farm in Waterford.

McGee described large donations from the other two donors as “old Democratic friends” of Taintor who “really want to see Virginia to turn blue.”

Since April 1, McGee said, Taintor’s campaign has received more than 35 contributions less than $500. Those contributions aren't posted yet in quarterly filings.

To date, VPAP figures show LaRock raised $28,855 as of March 31. LaRock was unable to fund-raise during the General Assembly session. Seventy-six of those donations have been cash contributions of more than $100 with the highest contribution of $1,200 from Virginia Auto Dealers Association. The incumbent has also received 90 cash contributions of $100 or less.

Meanwhile, a second Democratic candidate, Tia Walbridge of Round Hill, has raised just $14,995.

Twenty-four of those donations were cash contributions of more than $100 with the highest contribution being $1,000 from Leesburg resident Fred Schaufeld. Walbridge has also received 157 in cash contributions of $100 or less.

In Virginia, there are no limits on campaign contributions, according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

The Department of Elections states that "a committee can accept contributions from any individual, corporation, union, association or partnership.” It is only required that all contributions received by the committee and all required information identifying the contributor be reported on the committee’s campaign finance reports.

The Republican-leaning 33rd District covers western Loudoun County and portions of Frederick and Clarke counties. LaRock won his 2015 contest by 23 percent of the vote.

All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for grabs this November. The primary elections will take place on June 13 and the general election on Nov. 7.


Rude Loudoun.  You can’t try to inject facts into these discussions.  This is where cranky white folks come to vent…we don’t need no facts.

Writing yourself a 110k check is hardly “raising campaign funds” so the notion she “raised” more than 4 times her opponent is not accurate at all…who knew GW paid their professors so well they can throw around 40k like a drop in the bucket…no wonder why the school costs 60k plus a year to attend (what a waste!)...

Yes please Mister LaRock. Introduce a bill in the Virginia Legislature to tax campaign contributions. Invite you most loyal supporters to the kickoff to push this legislation and put out a few mailers.

LaRock/Erickson 2018- It’s time for a tax on all campaign contributions We’re low information activists catering to low information voters by specializing in suggestions the nation was already doing

Tax campaign contributions when they are spent by the candidate. Does anyone think of politicians as charities? Same % tax on politicians as the alcohol tax seems reasonable to me. Come on LaRock introduce a bill to tax politicians, why do they get a free pass?

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