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Founder of local Indivisible chapter to challenge Minchew in 10th District

Wendy Gooditis, a Democrat, will challenge incumbent Del. Randy Minchew (R-Leesburg) in the House of Delegates 10th District. Facebook/Wendy Gooditis for Delegate
A Clarke County Democrat will challenge incumbent Del. Randy Minchew (R-Leesburg) in the House of Delegates 10th District.

Wendy Gooditis, a Realtor and longtime educator, is running on a message of a hard work ethic pays and that “the government should provide all Virginians with the basics, job opportunities, safe roads, clean air and equal opportunity.”

Originally from New Jersey, Gooditis has lived in the 10th District for two decades. She worked as a team leader in technology for Bell laboratories before turning her attention to education in the 1990's. Gooditis holds a masters in education and taught in the Clarke County public school system, at a private school and partially home-schooled her own children.

According to her campaign website, Gooditis felt moved to action after last year's presidential election. She co-founded the anti-Donald Trump Indivisible chapter in the predominantly red Clark County and helped grow the organization to over 300 members.

Minchew, an attorney, has held the House of Delegates 10th District seat since 2011. Immediately before, he served as an adviser and counselor to former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Minchew was re-elected in 2013 and in 2015, when he took 62 percent of the vote. His challenger in 2015, Democrat Peter Rush, claimed 38 percent.

Democrats hope Hillary Clinton's defeat of Trump in the 10th House District is a sign Gooditis can edge out Minchew this November, when all House of Delegates seats are up for election.


peaceful day in 50 states & 32 countries, no matter what deniers say - “A theme of the Women’s March was the importance of inclusion and intersectionality, and being accountable to and responsible for one another… That’s sisterhood. It’s a relationship built on respect and trust… In stark contrast to the Inauguration Day protests that resulted in damaged property and over 200 arrests, the Women’s March was a shining beacon of the “right” way to voice dissent. (zblay)

“Once it happens in a generation that a spirit of resistance is awakened,” said Rabbi Sharon Brous. “This is one of those moments. Our children will one day ask us ‘where were you when our country was thrust into a lion’s den of demagoguery and division.’”

“According to a sister march webpage, an estimated 2.6 million people took part in 673 marches in all 50 states and 32 countries, from Belarus to New Zealand — with the largest taking place in Washington.” (hprzybyla & fschouten)

good for gooditis & other women stepping up to plate

Wendy Gooditis was proud to endorse the unhinged statements made by the speakers at the “Women’s March on Washington” and the conduct of her Indivisible followers.

Indivisible is a radical group right out of 1960’s that uses Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as its playbook and prefers protests, loud screaming, derogatory comments, and unproductive behavior to push its agenda.

The kind of radical leftism put forth by Wendy Gooditis is the anthesis of Loudoun values.

Who runs on a platform of “government should provide all Virginians” anything? That’s a nanny state. That’s not a free Virginia. We need less government in our lives, folks. Not more.

Wendy has my vote. She is new to politics, but has a big interest in what is good for the public. We need fresh blood in the government and not career politicians. As a Loudoun County teacher, I support her views on education. She believes in working on the healthcare for all individuals. Cutting Medicaid and Medicare is not on her agenda. She is highly educated, has been involved in the community, and knows what we as citizens would like to been done in Richmond.  She will listen to you!!

Wendy Gooditis won’t win because she has a shortage of Democrats that live in her district.

Agree 100% @Jacksdad.  Unless Ms. Gooditis can demonstrate that she understands, respects, and will uphold Virginia’s culture and history, I will stick with native-Virginian, Randy Minchew. Native Virginians need to wake up and vote against MORE development for MORE government workers, creating MORE housing, MORE roads and MORE gridlock…I don’t think a Real Estate agent is the right person for the job.  We also need to keep our monuments and memorials and not be bullied into the sanctimonious moral relativism that northern liberals possess.

I feel lucky to have such a qualified and committed candidate running in the 10th district. Wendy and her husband have lived in the district for over 2 decades, and raised their children in this area, so she understands the area’s unique challenges. Her breadth of professional experience will help her bring a fresh perspective to the state house. We have more attorneys than we need there already. She’s well-informed on the issues, and understands how critical local representation is in our daily lives. She’s hard-working and compassionate, a combination we need more of in our politicians.

I voted for Minchew in the last election but the current administration’s move toward gutting public education has me deeply concerned. I’m a former public school teacher who has watched how budget cuts impact the kids and families in this county who need support the most. I like that Gooditis was a public school teacher whose children were publicly and privately taught as well as taught at home. I believe this unique set of experiences will allow Gooditis to be responsive to the needs of families who home school, exercise school choice, or participate in the public school system. Since this position is not all about education,  I also like that she has a business background and that she’s lived in the district for 2 decades. Lastly, I admire her initiative and ethic of hard work and personal responsibility. Minchew has held this seat for 6 years…time for him to move on. I’m tired of career politicians and empty promises. Gooditis has my vote this November.

Good for you Wendy!! A brave, intelligent, strong woman to better represent this district ! Equality!!! Fully funded public schools !!! Clean air!! Run Wendy Run!

Wendy will expand access to health insurance and mental health services.  This issue is deeply personal for her as it is for me.  She has my support!

Good for you ! A strong, brave, intelligent woman standing up for equality and fully funding our public schools ! Run Wendy Run!  Maybe we can end this gerrymandering !

I am all for draining the swamp and I have my concerns regarding the coziness of the relationships the delegate/land use attorney has with the BOS.

Great! Just what we need is another carpetbagger who comes in from a failed state, tells us she can fix the schools when she home schooled her own and as a realtor she benefits from bringing in more and more from democrat hell holes who can vote for her and transform Virginia into another New Jersey.
No thanks Wendi, I’ll stick with Randy Minchew

Running on a message of “hard work ethic pays” and “government should provide all Virginians with the basics..” is contradictory. Since she is going with the Democrat Party, I’m going guess she’s for Government “cradle to grave” welfare. That philosophy is counter to the work ethic and undermines self-accountability and determination.

Being a Indivisible leader is not really a qualification I find necessary in a candidate. In fact these people have killed the town hall, made it a crap shoot when you attend political events basically they bring out the worst in people for political gain I will stick with Minchew.

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