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Fraser to seek re-election in Purcellville

Mayor Kwasi Fraser
Purcellville Mayor Kwasi Fraser has announced he will run for a third term as Mayor in the town's elections May 1.

In a prepared statement, Fraser said he is “humbled by the outpouring of support I have received during my two terms as mayor. I am committed to working with the council majority to fulfill the vision for our town and acting on the desires of our citizens.”

Fraser listed his accomplishments including reducing debt, eliminating double-digit water and sewer rate increases, creating additional non-tax revenue and a savings of over a million dollars in yearly debt payment while retaining the town's “stellar credit rating.”

“I am committed to advancing our planned operational audit of current systems and processes to improve efficiencies,” Fraser added.

On the issue of growth and annexations, Fraser said there is “enormous pressure” to grow the town by hundreds of acres via annexations.

“My vision is to listen to our citizens and not transform Purcellville into anywhere USA,” Fraser said.

Fraser will be opposed by Chris Thompson, a longtime Purcellville resident. In addition to mayor, Purcellville will be voting to fill three town council seats.

“We still have much to accomplish, and we have momentum on our side, and, with continued citizen engagement and support, committees of volunteers, and the strength of our local businesses, Purcellville will continue to be successful and attain greater heights,” Fraser said.


“We lost a police chief.
“We lost another police chief.”
“We lost a town manager.”
“We lost another town manager.”
“We hired a convicted felon to conduct an investigation.”
“We’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating all this.”

“Re-elect me.”

Glad he’s running so Purcellville residents will come out in droves to throw him out and any other knucklehead on the council that created this mess.

If Purcellville re-elects this bumbling, stumbling fool, it will remind me of Marion Barry getting re-elected (in a landslide) in DC after he was caught smoking crack.

Fraser promises that during his next term he’ll less inept.

“...not transform Purcellville into anywhere USA” That’s a good one. Because that is exactly what it looks like it is becoming.

“we have momentum on our side” - That’s a hilarious quote.

Please don’t run…....stop the madness

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