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Frozen pig head found on car in Chantilly

A Loudoun County resident found a surprise as they were walking through their apartment complex last week: a frozen pig's head.

According to a Loudoun County Sheriff's Office crime report, the incident happened in 25000 block of Loganshire Terrace in Chantilly.

The pig's head was found on the hood of a car in the complex.

The owner of the car was located but was unsure why the pig's head was on their car, according to LCSO.

The sheriff's office said further investigation determined the head was processed by a butcher in Pennsylvania that sells product to various local businesses. Still, it was unclear why, how or when the head was accidentally left or placed on the vehicle.


Boy that was a big mistake on someone’s part.  Hog heads are delicious and not cheap.  Since it came from a butcher I’m sure it was meant for the table.  I doubt if anyone claims it.  Too many times in history the phrase “He lost his head” is a bad thing.  Who would want to admit to that?

As Loudoun grows, more weirdos move in. Don’t people have better things to do with their lives?

How can we spin this into some kind of hate crime to appease the offense culture crowd?

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