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UPDATE: Geese crossing Route 7, cows in Leesburg neighborhood: A strange day in LoCo

After a mostly gray and drizzly weekend, some local animals decided to step out and stroll through the sunshine Monday -- much to the surprise of local observers.

First, two geese were seen holding up traffic on the always-busy Route 7 Monday morning.

Courtesy Photo/Fred and Diane Peratt

Then, around 2 p.m., a Leesburg resident on Bradfield Drive looked out of the window to see two cows trotting through the neighborhood.

Courtesy Photo/Nancy Williams

Courtesy Photo/Nancy Williams

Courtesy Photo/Nancy Williams

Leesburg Police Department officers were working to corral the cows, of which there were at least three loose, according to the department.

At least one of the cows was still roaming the area as of 10:41 p.m.

"Drivers use caution in south west section of Leesburg. Large black steer loose and may be in roadway at times. Do not approach animal, call 911," a Loudoun County alert noted late Monday.

The cows are believed to have escaped from a farm near Loudoun County High School.

The wildlife reports followed word from the Sheriff's Office that a man tried to bite a deputy Saturday and another man was found naked in Ashburn Sunday night.

They don't call Loudoun County "LoCo" for nothing.


I guess all four cases were wildlife!

The animals know of the coming earthquake.  Prepare accordingly!

This is the best thing about today. Let’s embrace this.

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