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Gillespie says conservatives must reject ‘evil’ hate groups

A Republican candidate for governor in Virginia is telling conservative activists they need to stand up against the "twisted mindset" of the hate groups that were part of a deadly rally a week ago in Charlottesville.

Ed Gillespie made the remarks Saturday in Richmond. It was his first major speech since last week's violence. The Republican nominee for governor has taken fire from Democrats for not specifically condemning racially fraught comments made by President Donald Trump following the Charlottesville rally over a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Gillespie did not mention Trump by name during his speech Saturday, but said it was important for conservatives to reject the "evil" that the hate groups represent.

"Theirs is a twisted mindset rooted in hating and oppressing certain of us," Gillespie said. "My conservatism is based on the knowledge that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, that we are all God's children and that we are all created equal."

The violence in Charlottesville and a larger debate over Confederate monuments have the potential to reshape this year's race for governor, one of only two in the country. Gillespie has said he's in favor of keeping Confederate statues in place while his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, has said they should be moved to museums.

The contest in swing state Virginia is getting close attention as a possible early referendum on the president and many moderate Republicans up for election in 2018 are looking to see how the Gillespie campaign navigates the Trump era. Gillespie, a former lobbyist and advisor to top Republicans like former President George W. Bush and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has largely tried to avoid talking about the president and focus on economic issues.

Gillespie's speech came during a summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group backed by industrialist billionaires Charles and David Koch, and much of his comments echoed his standard stump speech about the need to cut taxes and trim regulations.

Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity's president, said the group plans to spend "significant" resources to defeat Northam in the general election, but declined to give a specific amount. The group has already reported spending nearly $300,000 so far on anti-Northam efforts.

"It's an important state for us. We think we can get it done this year or we wouldn't be involved," Phillips said.


EVIL, I rebuke thee!  There, all better now.

Silly posturing here as well as flame throwing (“there is not an angrier, hate-filled, spittle spewing gang than the far left”)

The fact is, whether conservative or liberal, each and every instance of hate needs to be denounced by all sides. There isn’t a “once declared, once done” solution.

What nonsense!

Without hate and division, you can’t have conservatism.

a progressive radio station in dc robbed of 10s of 1000s of dollars worth of equipment & even front door - someone’s obviously afraid of real news

retweeting debunked fake news - white nationalists’ fake social media campaign to smear anti-fascist group as promoting the targeting of white women for violence - wrong again

MeetJohnDoe, I agree, butI think it’s more like this:
Conservatives = Constitutionalists
Nazis = Social Democrats
Antifa = Anarchists
BLM = Hate Group

silly pandering, 99% of conservatives reject hate groups. However, there is not an angrier, hate-filled, spittle spewing gang than the far left, as we’ve seen quite vividly since the election. When will they reject all the special interest hate groups in their midst?

kudos to Gillespie. Long as he is not just SAYING it to win votes. Live it. If he stands up to Trump he may just have my vote.

I am deeply offended that Gillespie took a week to denounce hate groups like the KKK. 

Without proclaiming you’re against this washed up collection of the dregs of society (or dregs from another state) – the media has the moral high ground (and solemn duty as the 4th pillar of our grand democracy) to brand you a bigot!  Off with your political head!

Not sure why my earlier comment wasn’t posted, but Conservatives already reject hate groups.

I’ve rejected the Democratic Party for years.

Agree with Gillespie, we must reject Antifa and BLM who are both hate groups who preach hatred of people who oppose their views and resort to violence as we see time and time again on the news.

I believe they’ve already rejected all hate groups, including ISIS, Nazi, White Supremacists, Antifa, BLM & extreme Alt-Left & Alt-Right.  What more do you want?  The only thing they are guilt of is not pandering to the whiny extreme sensitive offended namby-pambys.

Gillespie, just to clarify…
Conservatives = Constitutionalists
Nazis = Socialist Democrats
Communists = Antifa
Don’t add to the Left’s rhetoric that paints Conservatives with the European alt-Right.

I truly hope that this doesn’t become a one issue election.  Virginia has more problems than statutes.

We also must reject DC lobbyists running for public office.

Sorry he knows that it’s necessary but I appreciate Gillespie’s remarks.  So much better than our sorry excuse for a national leader who winks and tries to have it both ways as he seeks to divide America at every turn.

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