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Gloucester Parkway extension to open Aug. 4

In less than a week, the Gloucester Parkway extension will open on Aug. 4 to provide a much needed connection from Loudoun County Parkway to Pacific Boulevard and beyond, one of the partnering builders of the extension, Kincora, said in a statement.

The new extension coupled with the opening of Pacific Boulevard connection to Russell Branch Parkway later this year, will also mark the completion of the Gloucester/Pacific Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

Together, the road improvements are expected to allow some 70 percent of the county’s population to get to and through the massive 424-acre mixed-use Kincora development, without having to use Route 7 or Route 28.

“This is a great example of how public-private partnerships can work to bring needed improvements to the community,” Michael Scott, co-developer of Kincora, said in a statement. “Kincora is thrilled to be a part of a solution that will provide a significant transportation improvement to county residents and reduce public safety response times.”

The Gloucester Parkway extension project was a result of a public-private partnership between the county, Kincora and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The partnership monetized on Kincora’s future development rights to put together a $76 million financing plan to build the Gloucester Parkway extension and the Pacific Boulevard crossing of the Broad Run in just three years--ahead of schedule.

Kincora said the development had already repaid more than $8 million to the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank for the project, which helped make room for more funding for other “critical projects” in the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Kincora also said that with the completion of the Gloucester Parkway extension followed by the Pacific Boulevard connection to Russell Branch Parkway, all of the development’s main infrastructure will have been constructed before it begins construction of any of its vertical development.

“The real winner [of the parkway extension] will be Loudoun commuters and emergency response teams who now have a new east-west option and will soon have another transportation option when the second crossing of the Broad Run is completed with Pacific Boulevard later this year,” Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At-Large), said in a statement.


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