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Gov. McAuliffe: Trump’s comments are ‘sad’ and ‘hateful’

Gov. Terry McAuliffe today called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's most recent controversial comments about Muslims “sad, hateful speech.”

In an interview with the Times-Mirror, McAuliffe (D) said he was shocked by Trump's remarks Monday in which the real estate mogul called for barring all Muslims from entering the U.S.

"We are a nation of immigrants," said McAuliffe, who went on to counter Trump by saying "there are a billion Muslims today who would like to destroy ISIS."

The Virginia governor recently returned from an economic development trip in the Middle East, a junket that included stops in India, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai and other Middle Eastern nations.

“They don't understand what's happening in this country … this hateful speech that's coming out of this great country,” McAuliffe said. “Of course we want to keep our community safe. That is my number one job as governor, and we do a very good job at it.”

“But you do not close your borders to any class of citizens,” McAuliffe said.

Democrats universally condemned Trump's proposal to ban Muslim immigrants "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on," as did most Republicans, including other presidential candidates and new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“This is not conservatism. What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for,” Ryan said at a press conference this morning. “And, more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. Not only are there many Muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country, there are Muslims serving right here in the House working every day to uphold and to defend the Constitution."

Trump remains atop the polls in the Republican presidential primary. The latest Real Clear Politics average of national polls shows Trump holds a 15 percentage point advantage over the next three contenders – Ben Carson and Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

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Equity, I agree, by electing Benghazi and Russian Reset Hillary!! America would be embarrassed again!!

make america embarrassed again

ideological dishonesty = Obama

Michael, it’s already too late for Equity and their ilk. If the Chinese Military was marching down the main street of Leesburg they would be the 1st to greet them with open arms and waving the Sickle and Hammer flag.

You left out another word: PATRIOT. Do you really think that Obama wants to protect you? He is simply the “Divider in Chief” and he wants to take guns from Americans. Open your eyes before it’s too late…

mussolini, franco, salazar, peron, pinochet, le pen, tRump

fascism = tyranny, nationalism, totalitarianism, political violence, opportunism, ideological dishonesty, human rights violations, religious persecution


and it’s not saying much about this country when you elect a person like Obama not once but twice. The guy is a much of a Constitutional scholar as Courage the Cowardly Dog. Col Ralph Peters was right!!

Race baiting!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and Obama. They are the kings of race baiting. You fell into that one. You might want to check your shoes. You just stepped in it.

“...he’s just saying what many are thinking.”  Really?  That’s not saying much for this country.

Does it surprise anyone that there is a very strong correlation between lack of education and enthusiasm for Trump. 

We have been down this sorry race-baiting/us vs. them road so many times.  George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Father Coughlin, now Trump.

Right Honorable, you obviously must be locked onto MSNBC. Pretty much every other republican candidate has come out and condemned the remarks. You know, the next attack conducted by a “legal” immigrant who is Muslim (which will probably happen) more and more people are going to be saying the same thing as Trump. He is just saying what many are feeling. I’d like to know what you would do? If you have nothing to offer then be quiet. Now go praise your eternal one, Obama.

Sorry state of affairs when it takes someone from the other major party to call out the hate speech of one of the 16 or so hoping to be the GOP candidate.  You’d hope there’d be one profile in courage amongst those 15 but we haven’t seen it yet.  Probably won’t until Trump’s many excesses finally catch up to him…then when it’s politically safe, they’ll start piling on.

McAuliffe isn’t much of a man nor a governor. Stand up to the bad guys is good policy don’t complain about how the policy was stated. Current policy does not protect us any longer so yeah it’s time for new action, I repeat action, McAuliffe!

LTM will be working overtime to censor posts on this story…  The majority of U.S. is fearful of radical Islam.  The leading Democratic candidate can’t even say radical Islam.  You can’t defeat what you can’t identify, hence organizations like CAIR and ADAMS work at great lengths to water down the language.

Trump’s comments may be sad, and some could call them hateful, but we missed the part where they are reality, and something needs to be done quickly.

What else would you expect to him to say? His a top Lieutenant in the Hillary Rodam campaign. all he is doing is politicing for Hillary. I’m sure he wouldn’t be saying it though if one of his close family members was a victim in the San Bernadino terrorist attack. Remember, he is a democrat. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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