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Gov. McAuliffe vetoes immigration-related bill

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has vetoed legislation prohibiting the release of people from jail if federal immigration officials had requested they be detained.

The governor, a Democrat, said Friday the bill sent an anti-immigrant message and was unnecessary because the state's law enforcement authorities already work closely with federal immigration agencies.

McAuliffe successfully vetoed similar GOP-backed legislation last year. The governor, who has been an outspoken critic of Republican President Donald Trump's early moves on immigration, said Friday that his concerns about the bill have "only increased" since a year ago.

Lawmakers can try and undo the governor's vetoes next month, but Republicans have not been able to undo any of McAuliffe's vetoes so far.


If you are for the rule of Law, you are a racist according to theMovingFinger

You would think the General Assembly would grow a pair and over-ride vetoes by McAuliffe when it come to quality of life.

Really?  Just last month four illegals arrested for gang-related killing of Rivas.  I guess I am a xenophobe if I want to be safe in my own country.

Can any of our xenophobic commenters point to actual, factual incidents in Virginia that might back up their sense of alarm or is this just more flake-news blather from the alt-reich?

Here’s how this always works, A Criminal illegal Alien is held at the local level, then released and inevitably victimizes someone. Terry and his ilk are telling us clearly that the rights of the criminal alien are more important that the laws of this Country and the safety of its citizens. Thanks Terry.

I don’t get it.

So somebody commits a crime and gets put in county jail.  DHS says they’re wanted for another crime please detain them, and we’re flipping DHS the bird and releasing them anyway?

Why would we want to do that?

Wow!  If the Feds want somebody, Gov. Terry does not think we should hodl them for pick up?  Are we going to secceed again?

I hope LCSO has a solid policy to cooperate with all US law enforcement.

Sure, just let the criminals out because we don’t want to send an anti-immigrant message.  The blood is on Terry’s hands.

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