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Grab a brew and learn something new at Old Ox Brewery

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Loudoun County Public Library has launched a new educational series with Old Ox Brewery called Science on Tap. The series invites those 21 and over to have a beer and meet and talk with various experts on a wide range of scientific topics.

“We’ve been getting a big response to this program,” Peter O’Brien, division manager of communications for Loudoun County Public Library, told the Times-Mirror.

The Science on Tap series launched last November at Old Ox with a discussion on cybersecurity led by Dr. Scott J. White, criminologist and director of the cybersecurity program at George Washington University’s College of Professional Studies.

The first Science on Tap discussion for the new year is Tuesday’s “What if Einstein Was Wrong” discussion with Dr. Robert Ehrlich, former chair of the Physics Department at George Mason University. The talk will explore Einstein’s theory of relativity, which claims that faster-than-light speeds are impossible.

“Some physicists are no longer sure about that notion,” says the talk’s summary. “[Ehrlich’s] discussion will take a look at what faster-than-light speeds imply, and the evidence as to whether faster-than-light particles might actually exist.”

The next talk, “Revolutionizing Medicine with Bioprinting,” will be held Feb. 6. Led by Brad Ringeisen, deputy director of the Biological Technologies Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the former head of the Bioenergy and Biofabricaton Section at the U.S. Naval Research Lab, the talk will explore tissue and organ development.

“We've spent billions of dollars to accelerate tissue and organ development. So what is the current state of manufacturing human organs?” asks the talk’s summary. “Dr. Brad Ringeisen will discuss separating the hype from the reality in new bioprinting technologies and how they could revolutionize medicine.”

Beginning in March, the Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn will provide the speakers for Science on Tap. The March 13 discussion will be led by Karel Svoboda, group leader at Janelia Research Campus, on “how the economy benefits from the most far-out, science-fiction type physics and biology.”

The sessions will still be held at Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn.

“We'd like Science on Tap to focus on fundamental science, i.e. basic research. Basic research is one of the most challenging topics to get across to a popular audience, yet this is where the cutting-edge stuff is happening that will change the course of the world,” Svoboda said in a statement. “If we can start a dialogue with the local community on what is happening in fundamental science then we'll have done an important thing.”

“What if Einstein Was Wrong” with Science on Tap begins at 6:30 p.m. on Jan 9 at Old Ox Brewery, located at 44652 Guilford Dr, Unit 114, Ashburn. The SunDay Chicken food truck will be on site.

To keep up with future Science on Tap talks, and other Loudoun County Public Library programs, visit http://loudouncountypubliclibrary.evanced.info/signup/Calendar?startDate=2018/02/01.

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