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Guns sales in Virginia dip during Trump’s first year

Gun dealers in Virginia say firearms sales have fallen during President Donald Trump's first year in office.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Friday that fewer people are afraid the Republican administration will restrict gun sales.

Firearms purchases dropped 3.5 percent last year, falling below the record half-million mark set in 2016. Gun shops described the decline as a "hangover" following the panicked buying during the Democratic Obama administration.

The state also failed to see spikes in gun sales following last year's mass shootings. In years past, Virginia firearms sales increased after such shootings because of the political demands for more gun control as well as public safety concerns.

In 2017, gun sales totaled 487,846. In 2016, that number was 505,722.


If guns made us safer we’d be the safest country on Earth and yet 90-something people are shot every day - and not all by drug dealers and terrorists. Children are shooting other children and themselves because “responsible” gun owners don’t secure their guns.

Gun sales hit record highs for consecutive years under Obama, so Virginians are already very well armed. No need to keep panic buying under Trump.

I don’t feel “safer.”

Guns are needed MORE now.  New wealthy-focused policies by this Administration means wealth flowing upward will increase chances the poor will be poorer and resort to more theft and robbery.

But the dips keep buying them…

I’m not so sure a typo counts as a Freudian slip, but while “safer” may be true, the fact of the matter is people who actually understand the Constitution felt their rights were threatened for the eight years leading up to the current President/Congress/Senate, and now that gun owners have a sense of security in that respect, less people are buying multiple firearms.  The stats are misleading in that it’s not a calculation of single persons purchasing single guns, but those people who tend to buy guns are not buying several over the course of a given time period, which in this case is a calendar year.

Firearm sales remain relatively steady, and those who look at this as a hopeful sign that vendors might be suffering will be sadly disappointed.

“It feels good to have a strong and competent leaderp running the country now…”

Freud strikes again….

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EXACTLY…. b/c there is no fear of the government taking away our rights to own/buy guns and so no real rush to buy them…. as was the case when the fear of CLINTON winning which lead to RECORD NUMBERS OF SALES….. :)

should read, ” fewer people are afraid the Republican administration will ‘take away their 2nd Amendment rights which were under constant assault for the last 8 years’ “

people feel a lot safer with this President….the last Prez handed out guns to mexican drug cartels with no way to track them….It feels good to have a strong and competent leaderp running the country now…

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