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Hazardous materials left at North Ashburn Park and Ride lot: ‘We’re at Day 5’

A commuter submitted this Thursday morning photo of items apparently left at the Ashburn North Park and Ride lot following a hazardous materials event scheduled for May 6. Courtesy Photo/Basil White
Update, 4:30 p.m.

The hazardous waste containers have been picked up from the park and ride lot, according to county spokesman Glen Barbour.

Barbour issued a statement to the Times-Mirror Thursday afternoon.

“As you know, there was a waste collection event at the Ashburn site on Saturday, May 6. We can only assume that someone dropped off the cans after the event ended. Because this site is not routinely used for waste collection, whoever left the materials should not have left them there but instead disposed of them properly. Another variable is that while the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure’s contracted bus drivers visit park and ride lots, Department of General Services staff, who administer the hazardous waste collection events, do not routinely visit the lots. If the cans were, in fact, left there since Saturday, which I do not know, then I believe it was due to a delay in notification to the appropriate staff. The lot is not a permanent waste drop off point; it was used only on May 6 for the collection event.”

“As a result of this incident, our staff in both departments have been made aware of these circumstances and will take steps to ensure something like this does not happen again. We certainly welcome help for members of the public in this effort by always disposing of waste properly; people can learn how to do so by visiting our website, www.loudoun.gov/hhw.”

Original story, 10:04 a.m.:

Gasoline jugs and mineral spirits have been sitting at the North Ashburn Park and Ride lot since a hazardous waste collection event last Saturday, according to a frequent user of the lot.

“Apparently someone missed the event and left gas cans and mineral spirits at the bus stop about 20 yards from where riders queue for the bus,” said the local resident, Basil White. “I called the county bus dispatcher May 10 and he said they'd take care of it. We're at day 5.”

County spokesman Glen Barbour said he was looking into the matter Thursday morning. He could not immediately say whether the May 6 collection event happened.


We live in Sterling and have no problem with trash. When it’s left on VDOT property they are quick to remove debris.

Come to Sterling, we have crap like this laying everywhere. Just last week people left a mattress on our corner 4 days prior to trash day but it’s not Ashburn so no one cares. We also have Christmas lights that stay up for years at a time. Bienvenido a Sterling

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