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Herring says new travel ban concedes flaws in original order

The Trump administration's revised travel ban is an "incredible concession" and a tacit admission that the original ban was constitutionally flawed, Virginia's attorney general said Monday.

President Donald Trump issued a new executive order Monday restricting travel from six majority-Muslim countries.

It significantly scales back an earlier order that prompted judicial intervention barring its implementation. In the new order, the list of affected nations no longer includes Iraq, and it no longer seeks to cancel tens of thousands of existing visas.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, is one of several attorneys general who sued to stop the ban. He said his office is reviewing its legal response in its lawsuit against the Trump administration in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.

He said that while the new order "appears to be significantly scaled back, it still sends a horrible message to the world."

In a court filing Monday in Alexandria, Justice Department lawyers argued that the new emergency order is narrowly tailored and no longer requires a judge to issue any kind of emergency rulings. U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema last month issued a preliminary injunction against the travel ban, ruling that there was significant evidence to suggest the ban was rooted in religious discrimination. Brinkema's ruling came after a federal appeals court blocked implementation of the travel ban on a national basis.

Hassan Ahmad, an immigration lawyer with the Dulles Justice Coalition, said the new executive order is "a different shade of lipstick on the same pig."

After the first travel ban was issued, the coalition formed as a way to try to provide legal support to travelers who might need it as they pass through customs at Dulles International Airport.

Ahmad said that while the new ban applies to fewer people, he noted that an accompanying memo from the White House to executive agencies calls for the Department of Homeland security and other agencies "to rigorously enforce all existing grounds of inadmissibility." As a result, he said, travelers may still need legal assistance, and the volunteer efforts at the airport will continue.


LoCo Wonders,
Who could ever vote for him? That is a question I have a hard time answering on a daily basis. But to answer you question, people like Woody Kaine, the Cal Berkely protestors, that women marching around in Vagina outfits, the people who burn limousines, people who disrespect law enforcement, anti military types and low information voters. That’s who votes for people like Herring. The biggest joke and anti rule of law AG this state has ever had.

Herrring is willing to stand up for and hold open the door for people from other countries with no functioning government who can’t be vetted. The leaders in some of these countries lead their people on “death to America” chants but we are supposed to invite them to come here unconditionally? Who would ever vote for this guy????

Arbie, The real topic is the publication of “POLITICAL RHETORIC” instead of political party operatives taking responsibility for REAL IMPORTANT STUFF “THEY or their party” did not do or did incorrectly. IMHO
Bob O__ Esq.

Courts are full of simpleton bureaucrats that believe they are more important than they are.  I have zero respect for the judicial system in America, it is corrupt and I stay far away from the seedy courthouse culture, unless for jury duty…

BobO, “was it a flaw” that you chose to comment on pretty much anything except the current topic? I would argue yes.

@Loudoun4Trump: I doubt you were disappointed when courts held up parts of Obama’s agenda during his presidency. Now the shoe is on the other foot, except Trump initially sought insufficient vetting of the Bannon-authored EOs.  When several different courts from various parts of the country reach the same conclusion about the original travel ban EO, it’s more difficult to claim a nationwide judicial conspiracy.

Nothing wrong with the EO’s….A lot wrong with the judicial system…

OK let’s focus on flaws but let’s try to deal with “IMPACTFUL” flaws that could seriously affect many people:
1 Reid and Obama shut down the only nuclear storage facility (Yucca Mountain) forcing ALL hazardous waste from Nuke Plants to now be stored on site including Indian Point just north of NYC.
2 Fukushima is flooding the Pacific Ocean all the way to Oregon with highly radioactive material which could change life on earth as e know it (oxygen) yet nothing had risen to stop this debacle while we built bridges in Afghanistan!
3 Was it a flaw to hack Germany leaders phone
4 Was it a flaw to give guns to drug dealers in Mexico?
5 Was it a flaw to let another 8 years go by without actually cleaning up superfund sites like Hanford?
6 Was it a flaw to let prisoners of war loose from Guantanamo who went right back to the war against Americans?
7 Was it a flaw to try to put American coal companies out of business while China builds a new one about every two weeks?
8 Was it a flaw to fail to enforce the buffer around the USA to prevent Japanese ships from harvesting almost every living thing out of the water?
9 Was hundred of millions going to Solyndra and USEC (both went bankrupt)
Now - locally the biggest flaws you have not fixed are the continued theft of northern Virginia sales tax dollars that should go to our education but is kept by southern Virginia counties, the abject failure to manage VDOT to even do the minimum provisioning of roads they are responsible for (route 15 north of Leesburg?) and MWAA gets to make extreme profits on land supporting metro parking without any responsibility to support Loudoun property tax. Let’s stop partisan specific messaging and get the real important stuff DONE! 
Bob O__ Esq.

Most of the remaining countries on the list deserve to be there—they are in fact barely functioning states and it is legitimate to note they are unlikely to be able to vet their own people with any competence.

Iran, however, is a fully functioning state which is in fact highly efficient compared to much of the rest of the world.  Iran is lumped in with the rest because we don’t like them, not because they can’t run their government.  If you want to start putting countries on the list because they consistently act contrary to the national interests of the USA, you’re going to have a few dozen names there…

Zero fan of Iran—zero fan of their government.  But, call it like it is—they’re on the list because we don’t like them, and using that as a guide, how about adding Venezuela, Ecuador, Russia, China, and a bunch of other countries?

I see that Herring isn’t doing anything about the new ban. He knows not to take a case he is bound to lose.

I don’t understand why they keep saying.. “ban on majority muslim countries….”  instead of a “Ban on countries with no true acting government and no real way to check passport applications…. and have muslims living there”


Agree with Mark Herring, who needs safety and security anyway? highly over ratted.

Hey Herring ... stop wasting Virginia tax dollars to represent the interests of foreigners over those of your own constituents!

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