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Hillsboro Town Council asks for more time to develop charter school

Hillsboro Town Council on April 15 passed a resolution urging the Loudoun County School Board to vote to keep the town's historic elementary school open.

Mayor Roger L. Vance signed the resolution, saying that should the board vote to close Hillsboro Elementary School “that it refrain from doing so until it has considered and approved the charter school proposal now being prepared by Hillsboro Elementary School staff, parents and local residents.”

The Loudoun School Board could vote Tuesday to reconcil its $600.8 million budget. In doing so, the board must close a $38 million funding gap, which could include closing four western Loudoun elementary schools – Hillsboro, Aldie, Lincoln and Hamilton.

The School Board, however, has agreed to individually consider each school when deciding whether they should be closed.

A school has served Hillsboro for nearly 140 years; since 1874 in the Old Stone School and since 1966 in the current facility adjacent to the Old School.

The Hillsboro Town Council, in its resolution, said closing the school will have a detrimental effect on the education of its students and “eliminate a proven center of high-quality education and exceptional parental involvement in the school, and have a detrimental effect on the civic life of the residents of the Hillsboro area.”

Should the school close, students would be reassigned to Mountain View Elementary, six miles away in Purcellville.


Charter schools are loved by conservatives because they basically become publicly funded christian values schools. Truth is they do not educate as well as public schools, the only charters that do better than the surrounding schools are those in urban areas that take in all the smart students from the schools with high crime and poverty issues.

I applaud the school board’s consideration of each individual school’s case. Here’s hoping it approves the Hillsboro E.S. charter school endeavor. If that doesn’t show commitment, support and belief in the school and it’s impact on the community—and positive effect for our children and their families—nothing does. Bless us all.

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