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House passes Comstock’s resolution combating sexual harassment

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed Congresswoman Barbara Comstock's (R-Va.-10th) bipartisan resolution for all members and staff to complete mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training.

The resolution was passed by voice vote.

In a prepared statement, Comstock said there was no room for sexual harassment in the workplace, and there should be zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, especially in Congress.

"This legislation we passed here today is a strong first step in fundamentally reforming how we address the insidious problem of sexual harassment in the workplace and committing to a healthy, safe working environment free from sexual harassment," she said. “As a mom, former intern, former Congressional staffer and counsel and Justice Department employee, and now a member of Congress on the committee that will reform this process, this is truly a watershed moment for those who serve in this body."

Comstock said the legislation was a first step and she would work to reform the reporting process for victims and provide them with an advocate such as a victim's counsel or ombudsmen. Additionally, Comstock called for no taxpayer-funded settlements for accused members of Congress and the need for "transparency and accountability in the process both going forward and in disclosing past settlements."

"I support allowing victims who did make settlements with the opportunity to come forward without fear of consequences from non-disclosure agreements," she said.

The resolution was also sponsored by Representative Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), House Administration Chairman Gregg Harper (R-Miss.), and Ranking Member Robert Brady (D-Penn.).

The mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training will be repeated every session of Congress.


Requiring training is a watershed moment? I wonder if the 20 sexual assault victims of our current President (and Ms Comstock’s boss) think this is a watershed moment. Or if they’d rather she actually stand up for them.

This is the solution Comstock comes up with instead of leaking names, yikes!

agree.most companies have harassment and diversity training and yet our govt taxpaid officials have not.Definitely time for the education!

Wow. Had to pass a resolution to make this happen? I distinctly remember during my time in the military and every job I have held since there was mandatory sexual harassment training.
How about we get the offending members of the House to repay the over $17 million paid out to the victims for hush money. $17 million of our tax dollars. Why should we the taxpayers pay for their indiscretions. Whether they are guilty or not of the alleged harassment, if the money was paid out on their behalf, they owe it back to the U.S. Taxpayer. Then they can all be prosecuted for misappropriation of government money.
Line ‘em up!

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