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How new emissions reduction plan affects Virginia

A look at how Virginia is affected by the new carbon dioxide emissions reduction plan announced by President Barack Obama to combat global warming:

-Virginia's 2012 emission rate: 1,297 pounds per megawatt hour.

-Target: 810 pounds per megawatt hour by 2030, a 37.56 percent reduction.

-Virginia's reduction target is the 18th largest among all states.

-Current sources of Virginia electric power: nuclear, 40 percent; natural gas, 35 percent; coal, 20 percent; biomass, hydro, petroleum and "other," all 3.3 percent or less.

-Virginia response: Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, said his administration is examining what changes, if any, to make to ensure that the rules have the intended effect "without unduly burdening Virginia's families or our Commonwealth's economy." Democratic U.S. Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner say they are pleased a public comment period was doubled to 120 days. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor denounced the plan as an "assault on hard working middle class families," saying it would drive up electricity costs and cut coal industry jobs.


Just because we cannot control China and India does not mean we should do nothing.

frank papcin

A different issue that also needs addressing. While we are at it we should address processed food etc. However none of that means this is not heading in the right direction.

the other question that should be asked is
is this about public health or financial gain by some very rich political donors to OBAMA constant fundraising campaigns?

you don’t hear very much about the pollutants going into the water we drink from chemical companies, even though they cause mutations in the fish that we eat from those waters?
isn’t that part of the EPA’S responsibility?
or just not important to OBAMA’S agenda
has the EPA become just another democratic tool to control everything in our lives
I thought they worked for the people, not only the rich?

How does the EPA regulate China? India? Australia? and all the other countries burning Coal?

FedUp: Maybe you can explain to all the left wing radicals that Nuclear is GREEN CLEAN ENERGY. If we are forced to give up coal, lets start approving Gen3/Gen4 nuclear power plants.

How dare the EPA deal with nasty pollution as the supreme court said they should! How dare they side with scientist who warn we should start reducing our own pollution! I mean come on who wants clear air and water at the cost of a penny per megawatt hour? Just because coal contributes the most greenhouse gasses and adds mercury into the air and water does not mean I want my bills going up a few bucks a month to fix it!

The EPA is out of control!

Its all the old out of date coal mines in southern VA, time to clean them up or replace them. I support more nuclear power

Virginia Families are going to suffer from layoffs and plant closings to appease the left wing radicals. McAuliffe, Warner, and every last Democrat will be responsible for the suffering they are imposing on hard working families. Also the massive increase to electricity bills that every Virginian will feel on those hot summer days the A/C has to run 24/7. Expect those bills to double as the cost to produce electricity rises.

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