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How not to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Leesburg man charged with fourth DUI in a decade

Ervin Bland Jr.
A Leesburg man was arrested and charged with his fourth DUI in 10 years after a pursuit through Leesburg around 3 a.m. Saturday, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Ervin Bland Jr., 37, of Leesburg, was pulled over after failing to move over for an emergency vehicle Saturday. Bland initially stopped, then he sped off. The pursuit ended near the intersection of Marshall and Ariel drives, NE, with Bland trying to escape on foot from his moving vehicle.

Bland was charged with his fourth DUI in 10 years and eluding police – both of which are felonies – driving on a revoked driver's license and failing to move over.

He is currently being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.


Who is the judge that set him loose after the 3rd drunk driving. Maybe the judge should share a cell with this criminal.

There is no answer.  People with this kind of addiction and decision making will find a way to get drunk and end up driving a car one way or another.  If he’s not interested in helping himself, then nobody will be getting through to him.  Hopefully he is locked up long enough to gain some clarity and realize that his next drunken ride might end up murdering somebody.  Doubt it though.

You mean like this one, for first-time DUI offenders?  Which took effect in 2012?

How about a bill that would require multiple DUI offenders to obtain breathalyzer ignition interlocks, like several other states now have? Drivers must blow into the devices and if they have been drinking alcohol, their car won’t start. States that already use the device report a 25 percent drop in alcohol-related driving deaths and a 60 percent decrease in repeat drunk driving offenses.

Well Yankindc what kind of help have you provided with this goons first three offences that he has now been picked up for a fourth time? The best help that can be provided for him is a minimum of five years in and five years probation once he out along with a permanently revoked license and a life sentence if he’s ever found behind the wheel again.

This guy obviously doesn’t care.  He doesn’t take his treatment and many “2nd chances” seriously.  He’s a danger to others and will end up killing someone.  If he’s a citizen, jail him for a long time.  If he’s not, deport him.

Golden: These offenders are given treatment both while in jail and when released to the community.  It is mandatory in DUI and drug cases.  No amount of treatment works if the offender is not committed to it.  The system also gives these offenders more chances than I think they should as a way to keep these guys out of the jails and prisons.  This guy has obviously had too many chances and at this point, needs to be locked up for a long time.  We’re just lucky he hasn’t hurt someone by now.

We help people like Bland, even when they’re at Loudoun ADC.Next time we see him in there, we’ll talk to him.

The only way to stop individuals like this is jail.  He will find a way to get into a car and drive while drunk again otherwise.  Doesn’t matter if his license is suspended/taken away.  Scary.

why isn’t he in jail getting treatment?  He obviously is a danger to the community…

I bet he will be out soon enough and he will end up killing someone. Only then we will be outraged by his behavior and wonder why our laws do not do enough to protect us from people like him.

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