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Ignorant hillbillies? Loudoun County officials respond

Screenshot/Fox and Friends
Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) appeared on the Fox News program “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning to respond to a text message sent by FBI agent Peter Strzok to his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page, that called "Loudon (sic)" residents “ignorant hillbillys (sic).”

Aside from Strzok misspelling hillbillies and Loudoun, many have questioned the accuracy of Strzok's characterization, given the various accolades and distinctions the wealthy, affluent Loudoun County has achieved.

The recently disclosed text messages refer to Virginians who voted against then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's wife, Jill, who ran for a state Senate seat in 2015. Jill McCabe lost her campaign to incumbent state Sen. Dick Black (R-13th).

Strzok's text said, “Disappointing, but look at the district map. Loudon is being gentrified, but it's still largely ignorant hillbillys [sic]. Good for her for running, but curious if she's energized or never again.”

On Fox and Friends, Higgins responded by saying Loudoun has a “highly educated population,” noting the county's claim as the “wealthiest county in the country” because of its leading household income of more than $130,000.

“The real ignorance lies with the ignorant statist elitists that live inside the beltway and never get outside the beltway,” Higgins said

“I have nothing but admiration for people with a blue collar background. We have a vibrant rural economy ... This is the fastest-growing county in the country, the wealthiest county in the country ... Most of the people work in the Dulles corridor in technology or defense industry jobs. We have a population that is highly educated and they are hardly ignorant hillbillies,” Higgins added.

When asked what people in Loudoun are saying about being called hillbillies, Higgins said, “I think people laugh it off, they figure this is what is going on inside the beltway, it's a shame. Loudoun County is a great place to live, and I don't understand why people want to assume things they don't know anything about.”

Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) was also quick to condemn Strzok's remarks Wednesday night, saying the FBI agent owes local residents an apology.

“Here are some facts about Loudoun,” Meyer wrote on Facebook. “No. 1 in US for household income ($134,464); led US in investment for counties of its size, with $3.3 billion of investment 2017; 500+ women-owned farms.”

Loudoun County is also home to more than 70 data centers, with approximately 70 percent of the world's Internet running through the county on a daily basis.

Strzok's texts were revealed as part of an investigation into alleged FBI bias stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into possible connections between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian agents or people acting on behalf of Russia.

Andrew McCabe stepped down from his job as acting FBI director Jan. 28 ahead of his planned retirement this spring. A 22-year veteran of the FBI, McCabe has been publicly and repeatedly lambasted over the past year by President Donald Trump, who has accused him of bias because of his wife’s political connections and his role into an FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

Times-Mirror Managing Editor Trevor Baratko contributed to this report. Contact him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


** oh & we remember the outrage about obama, bush, clinton, & bush

hiring family & domestic abusers who cannot earn security clearances after a year but read classified info, hiring campaign managers & national security advisors chummy w/ russia, 

refusing to read daily briefings, demanding more “executive time” to watch t.v., play golf, & eat cheeseburgers in bed,  sending propaganda to house intel committee chair,

not complying w/ sanctions on russia after congress approved them, allowing russian spies into wh w/out american press there, fabricating stories about russian adoption for trump tower meeting coverup,

denying reports of russia’s malicious intention of interference in elections, ignoring 17 intel agencies, retweeting falsehoods from twitter bots in russia, not initiating measures to protect votes in 2018 or 2020,

** oh right, that never happened in previous admin

Equity -  How quickly you forget 8 years of ignoring Russia and that famous reset.  This is why your outrage is so laughable.

“Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors — not out of strength but out of weakness,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question about whether his 2012 election opponent, Mitt Romney, was right to characterize Russia as America’s biggest geopolitical foe.

Resident of Ashburn Farm, you are correct and when that happens Loudoun County will become what Trumped described as a $#&!hole. It’s well on it’s way now.

breaking every law relating to classified info & national security, not above the law!

kushner, porter, & close to 40 wh staffers lack proper security clearances yet handle highly classified material.  trump trusted flynn & hired manafort.  trump isn’t interested in reading daily briefs on security needs.  trump wouldn’t qualify for a security clearance - shady business deals, bankruptcies, mob ties, sexual assault reports, etc.

trump gave classified info to russian pm, we only know because russian state tv reported it.  trump released classified info via nunes’ distraction & omission 3 1/2 p. “dud” promoted by russian bots agst best advice.  trump won’t release 10 p. counter-memo detailing omissions. 

trump reversed congressional vote on russian sanctions, russian spies visit again incl one who violated us sanctions.  wh counsel was made aware a yr ago about porter’s checkered past of domestic violence & trump defends yet another abuser.  intel chiefs warn of russian election interference but trump won’t do anything, 5.6 lies per day from trump, as the wh spins. . . 

intel chief today says “access has to be limited” to those who might be compromised but trump ignores advice.  “code word” should not be accessed by those w/out proper vetting.  russia expected to escalate election tampering.  wh yokels cannot be trusted to protect our national security!

Not sure I would say Loudoun has lots of ignorant hillbillies, but we do have too many right wing nuts here. Frequent posters to LTM attest to that.
The good news is that these are mostly older white male FOX news junkies, who are rapidly being replaced by millenials and minorities who don’t tune in to Limbaugh and the other kooks.
The older white males are dying out and moving away.  It is just a matter of time till Loudoun is safely democratic.  Tick Tock.

Praying for Mueller - I am willing to bet you are a big fan of Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover.

Seems the Trumpsters think the existence of texts is more important than the crimes that are being investigated.  I don’t really care whether the FBI is completely sick of Donald Trump and eager to get rid of him or not (many Americans feel that way and some are surely in the FBI).  But it doesn’t mattter nearly as much as whatever crimes the investigation uncovers.  What has Trump got to hide.  He’s told us he has done nothing wrong? Why all these attempts at distraction?

I can think one reason…

Curious how Trump supporters who were in full-throat about how Hillary Clinton’s inability to handle sensitive information (e.g.., the email scandal) completely disqualified her as President explain this one:  We have a President who doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefing but a son-in-law who can’t get a security clearance who does?

How crazy does this stuff have to get before the Trump apologists admit we have a problem here.

“assume you’re talking about the Nunes fever dream of a memo?”

Wrong.  The texts of these FBI sleazes are posted online for all the read.  I suggest you spend 10 minutes and read them but, based on your comment, I’ll guess that facts have little to do with your opinion.

Trump is Derp State - It makes sense you have not read the text messages since MSNBC and CNN act like they don’t exist and based on your posts that is all you watch.

wow..all the people casting dispersions on political parties. Get united and mad that anyone would call Loudounites hillbillies. Stop the partisan crap.

It is coming to the light of day that a presidential candidate ran the most sleazy and treasonous campaign in American history and what is the response?! Look the other way!

I don’t carry water for either side, but it shakes me to the core just thinking how bad things would have been if 2016 went the way of the pollsters.

Just read these comments confirms the FBI man’s assessment.

“...We have black and white text proving the FBI tried to meddle in the outcome of the Presidential election…”

assume you’re talking about the Nunes fever dream of a memo?  Please turn off Fox News and go walk around outside till you head clears.  Then throw away your remote.

So our citizens are insulted and as our voice to the contrary, we send a supervisor who’s biggest contribution is his newletter?? Great…

Mueller is in on this. He put James Turgal in charge of the FBI’s HR division. Turgal worked with Page and Stroke to hide FBI texts. And HR is the division where Mueller tried to hide Peter Stroke when the texts started coming out.

Absolutely!!!  Problem is the laws of justice just do not seem to apply to Clinton’s and others like them.  I call quite often to voice my requests and demands and I urge all to do the same.  Everyone needs to remember Congress is oversight and investigative, they can put no one in jail or indict them, just work to expose the people you mentioned.  Time for a REAL special council who can prosecute and indict and do exactly what you said haul these traitors into court and put them where they belong!!

@disingenuousYou.  We have black and white text proving the FBI tried to meddle in the outcome of the Presidential election.  It is unequivocal.  You should be calling for their arrest and conviction.

We also know Clinton broke every law regarding classified information and, yet, nothing happened to her.

These are egregious violations of the law and every American should be calling for these traitors to be hauled into court.

disingenuousYou I absolutely agree with you 100% about Russian collusion and Russian interference especially with Hillary and Bill Clinton, giving our uranium away pay for play Russian collusion funded by Hillary and the DNC to use Russia to spy on the Trump campaign now that Senator Mark Warner has been exposed as being a part of it even though he tried to hide and shield the information let’s not forget about the FISA warrants and the fact that the information wasn’t revealed to the courts that it was 100% funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC you’re right we have every reason to be concerned. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg it’s always tough when a well-played plan backfires in your face like it has with the Democratic Party. So many memorable quotes: not one smidgen of evidence of IRS targeting conservatives, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, Benghazi was caused by a video and of course the list goes on and on.

amerigirl - I grew up in central and Northern NJ and moved down here and I have never heard one thing about people in VA being farmer or mountain man. I have been going back there for over the past 20 years.

No Sky Prince I’m referring to the Democratic party who never met somebody else’s dollar that they wouldn’t give away or bribe in order to buy votes like it’s been said the Democrats got caught I would be more than happy to forward your comment to Senator Dick Black.  As far as the roads in Loudoun it’s because Terry McAuliffe made sure that all the funds that were available for VDOT in Loudoun were shipped up north I’m sure everyone can figure out what county I’m talking about even though we might be ignorant Hillbillies

Oh dear…these comments are just filled with “deep state” conspiracy theorists! And yet, they aren’t even concerned about confirmed Russian interference in our election and all of the links to Russian operatives. You know, innocent people don’t plead guilty to these type of crimes. How pathetic.

Typical Democrat Elitism.

At least the hillbillies of Loudoun struck Black Gold/Texas tea. Maybe Peter Strzok would rather live in SouthEast, DC.

National US Median household income:

(1) Loudoun County, Virginia $134,464

Given that western Loudoun can’t seem to get its dirt roads free of snow and ice in a timely manner, thus forcing the entire county school system to close, I’ll give Strzok some leeway.

Peter Stroke, Lisa Page, and Andy McCabe are traitors. They tried to overturn a democratic election, failed, and got caught. Trump should send the military to the Hoover building to arrest them, send them to Gitmo, and put them on trial for treason in a UCMJ court.

well if you are referring to Dick Black and the morons who voted for him, and the sick people who voted for Gene DelGaudio..then this is a county full of yahoos….

amerigirl not sure if you are serious but when you’ve been around as long as I have and have lived through so many of the scandals you have to understand that the money always comes from the taxpayers one way or another regardless of who says they provided it

I don’t know about anyone else, but…Hillbillies? People wearing hijabs outnumber people wearing overalls by 10-1 in my part of Loudoun.

I recall Chair Randall commenting how folks in the east often say “stupid” things to her.  Where was Sup Higgins’ outrage as they mingled together with his wealthy westerners?

No Amerigirl, that money came from Moscow. It was paid to lobbyist to influence the Clintons on Uranium One and then funneled to the worst Governor in Virginias history, Terry McAullife and his PAC.

hardworkingamerican Why would you think that money came from us? No way, didn’t happen, just another conspiracy theory. That money came from McAuliffe’s political-action committee.

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

Sometimes the truth hurts. In about another 5-10 years most of the hillbilly’s will be in Winchester or in WV lol!!

Well interesting comments but the real issue is how does a Governor of Virginia McAuliffe in 2015 donate a half a million dollars to the McCabe campaign.  I think hard working Virginia tax payers deserve better than a governor federally investigated for these and other contributions.  Using Virginia money like this hurts all of us!

I got the same treatment in New Jersey not long ago. Can you imagine, New Jersey? They think everyone in VA is a farmer or mountain man. Maybe NOVA should be it’s own state.

The deeper story of treason is the McCabe FBI using its police powers for political purposes.  It is worse than Watergate and these Democratic operatives like Strzok and Page (and others) need to go to prison.

Clearly the Democrats are completely corrupt and, even more audacious, continue to attempt to defend using the legal system to stay in power.  Their actions are completely inexcusable.  The more facts that come out, the more corrupt these Democrat HillaryBillys are exposed.

What we should be hearing is the Democratic Party’s call to route out the pervasive corruption in their party.  The silence of Democrats is deafening.  The fact that the deep state makes up lies for baseless FISA warrants, but then ignores Clinton’s illegal distribution of classified information is egregious.

“The real ignorance lies with the ignorant statist elitists that live inside the beltway and never get outside the beltway,”  Great quote.

Isn’t ignorant hillbilly and oxymoron?

Great response to the article waya. That was a talking point for another article.  You needed to post talking point 2 instead of 3.

Democrats have proven to be liars, thieves, and against Americans—and can always seem to smell trump supporters in a wal-mart…what a party to be associated with, no thank you…

This ignorant hillbilly saw through the 700k given to McCabe’s wife by Clinton, (as he was supposedly investigating her)...we realize Andy and Co. exonerated a crooked criminal who broke the law hoping for a promotion thinking she would be Prez…we saw a phony dossier paid by clinton used to spy on an American illegally, now have informant on the pay to play for the uranium deal…this guy is crooked as they come and I hope will be held account for his collusion in obstruction of an election and paying paid to provide a get out of jail free card for a criminal…

Implicit in the right-wing criticism of Andrew McCabe is the assumption that a woman surely can’t have a complete and meaningful career that has nothing to do with her husband. 

Jill McCabe is a pediatrician. She ran against Dick Black and got contributions from many, many people in Loudoun and around the state who saw an opportunity to rid state government of Dick Black.  Terry Mc Auliffe included. 

At the time of that election, Andrew McCabe was not working on any case having to do with the Clintons or emails or any other insinuations of that sort that the truth-challenged forces of Fox News and the Trump echo chamber might make.  He was appointed Deputy Director of the FBI and became involved with the Clinton email investigation *after* the McCabe campaign against Dick Black had ended.

What we absolutely do know is that next time around many Democrats will enjoy taking the opportunity to vote GOP enablers of the current nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania avenue out of office.

A lot of these FBI texts in the last 24 hours have been found taken out of order, cherrypicked, or outright faked.  As of today (8th), even Fox is backing off this “bombshell” text story.

I guess he forgot about the Trump campaign rallies at the Loudoun Co Fairgrounds.  They were the largest turnouts of ignorant hillbillies the county has seen in a long time.  Usually they are just passing out KKK fliers in Leesburg.

Much ado about nothing.  But it would be nice to hear from Jill McCabe and other Democrats on this

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