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In Leesburg, Obama contrasts economic visions

photoTimes-Mirror Photo/Jonathan Taylor President Barack Obama walks out onto the stage in front of Loudoun County High School to a crowd of more than 3,000 people. The president during his speech focused on the contrast between his plan for an economic recovery—and taxes—and that of his challenger, Republican Mitt Romney.

If President Barack Obama wins Loudoun County in November’s election, he’ll take the Commonwealth of Virginia. And if Obama takes Virginia, he’ll win a second term in the White House.

President Obama spoke these words Thursday night to a crowd of 3,200 in Leesburg. With the classic architecture of Loudoun County High School and an American flag as the backdrop, Obama focused on the contrast between his plan for an economic recovery—and taxes—and that of his challenger, Republican Mitt Romney.

“The choice that we face in November could not be bigger,” Obama said. “It’s not just a choice between two candidates. It’s not a choice between two parties. More than any election in recent memory, this is a choice between two fundamentally different paths for our country … two fundamentally different visions of where we need to go.

Obama referenced a recently released nonpartisan study from the Tax Policy Center that concluded Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut proposal would force a tax hike on the middle class, those families making less than $200,000, an estimated 3.6 million in Virginia.

The president recalled with distaste President George W. Bush’s terms, which saw a federal surplus turn into a then record deficit. A Romney administration would be much of the same, Obama said.

“We saw how well that worked the last time we tried it. We know better than this. [Republicans] have been trying to sell us this trickle-down, tax cut fairy dust before.”

Harping on the Bush years, Obama said the country can’t afford to revert to Republican economic policies.

“Families were working harder and harder, but their incomes were actually stagnated, while the costs of everything from health care to college were going up. We went from a surplus to a record deficit because of tax cuts we didn’t pay for, and because of two wars we put on a credit card.

“And it all culminated in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” he said.

photoTimes-Mirror Photo/Jonathan Taylor President Barack Obama ends his speech Thursday night by shaking hands with the crowd.

Obama pressed for a small tax increase on those families in the top 2 percent of the income bracket, his included.

“I fall in that category, some of you do, too,” he said. “All we’re asking is that we contribute a little bit more so we can pay down this deficit and invest in things like education that will help us grow.”

Currently, the federal debt sits at more than $15.5 trillion. It was approximately $10 trillion when Obama entered office.

Viewed as a pivotal swing state in the contest between Obama and Romney, Virginia went blue in 2008 for the first time since 1964. Northern Virginia specifically is seen as a hotly-contested region that could go Republican or Democrat.

Of his first term, the president highlighted the creation 4.5 million jobs, the resurrection of the American auto industry and a growing private sector. While there’s more work to do, the country is moving forward, he said.

According to information from the Obama campaign, the Virginia auto industry gained more than 4,000 jobs between June 2009 and December 2011.

If America’s economy – one which features just more than 8 percent unemployment – is going to recover, it must start with the middle class, Obama said.

“If you look at the history, if you look at the facts, every time we’ve grown it hasn’t been by the top down, it’s been from the middle up … it’s from the bottom up.”



This event was surrounded by Md and DC tags, as well as buses bringing in DC folks and I even counted a number of Mass. tags. Evidently he has groupies that follow him around in their own rides.

“Obama carried Loudoun (and Virginia) in 2008…first Democratic candidate to do that in 44 years.”

Given. Now let’s examine the 3 years since that occurred.
2009 - McDonnel recieves 61% of the vote in Loudoun—the highest Margin over Deeds in Virginia.
2010 - Virginia/Loudoun goes solidly Republican again with the selection of House and GA members…
2011 - Loudoun elects 9 Republicans and gives the control of their School Board to fiscally aware Republicans as well.

The race in Loudoun is right in front of you….2008 was a blip in an otherwise conservative lineup.

POTUS will not win VA, nor will he be re-elected.  Mark it down.

“You can run, kid, but you can’t hide…”.  Cause Obama, Obama, you’re going home….to Chicago….maybe you could be mayor one day….bahahahaha….

@workhardgetahead - i don’t think it’s as simple as that. just because something is legally permissible, doesn’t make it a good judgment call.  i’m not sure that i want someone in the oval office that has perfected ‘gaming the system’.

why do people care if Romney put money in off shore accounts. If you made a lot of money wouldn’t you want to pay as lsittel in taxes as possible? i know I would. All of a sudden its a crime to be rich in this country. Obama has made it that way. Hard work and reward is what this country was built and all of a sudden Obama s elected and we are all suppose to feel guilty about getting ahead. Forget about it, not me. I’m continuing to strive ahead and work hard and reap my reward and will try to pay as little as tax as possible legally as Romney has. Romney, even if he did put money in off shore accounts, did nothing wrong. He did what he is legally allowed to do within the law.

@Mehphisto - I agree.  What’s more, it’s not that I think Pres. Obama has done a great job.  It’s more that I don’t trust Romney at all.  He looks and acts like a schister.  He’s using offshore tax havens (Caymen Islands) to avoid paying taxes for some of his millions of dollars in investments.  We don’t need a leader who’s versed in beating the system.  We need a leader who will FIX the system - for all of us.  It’s a sobering reality, when we only have these two persons to choose as our leader, out of a country of more than 300 million people.  Is the job THAT unappealing, that no one else wants to take ?

Obama carried Loudoun (and Virginia) in 2008…first Democratic candidate to do that in 44 years.  [Data Point 1]

Loudoun did that because even though we skew WASP and tend to put the GOP in power slots, we were reeling from the failure that was George W. Bush. [Data Point 2]

Now, our very loud (though outnumbered everywhere but down here under the bridge with the comment trolls) Romney supporters/commenters act like it’s a done deal, we’ll never re-elect Obama. 

OK, that might be a reasonable thing to say if:

1) You had a candidate that we just sort even kinda maybe liked…even a little.
2) You had a candidate who could do more than remind us older voters of Nixon (secrecy, dishonesty, “secret plan to end the war”...“secret plan to fix the economy”)
3) You didn’t have a candidate who took words out of context and created a series of ads badgering Obama over the “you didn’t build that alone” speech…even as he asked me and all the other taxpayers of america to cover the $70,000 he deducted so he could have a horse in the Olympics.
4) We all had amnesia and absolutely forgot just what got us into this economic mess (“let’s give tax cuts to the job creators…”)

I will concede a couple of points.  The election of George W Bush showed that America will elect the less intelligent of 2 candidates…and the reelection of GWB showed that even when presented with compelling evidence, it’s still possible for an idiot to prevail…but I hope we’ve all learned something from all that.

Me? I’m not as wild about it as I was in 2008 but I’ll re-up with Barack this time around.  Anything other than that would be, well, kinda stupid unless it was somehow in my interests as a middle class voter to vote against my interests.

@ Sally,
32,000 people have never watched a HS football game in Virginia.
Tickets were limited, not because of a lack of support, but for security reasons.

Screw the politics, I want to know what restaurant SW owns, so I can make sure I never eat there.

Sally is a bit mathematically challenged.  Are you actually saying that 32,000 people attend your high school football games?  I seriously doubt that.  That is somewhere around 2.5 times less than an NFL game, or roughly equal to a large but not sold out baseball game.

But I’ll be like the Tax Policy Center and give you the benefit of the serious mathematical doubt.  How many football games have the serious security concerns that a Presidential visit do? None, unless of course the President is there.

Lastly, I’ll conclude with this little factoid - at election rallies, there always are far less people at Presidential events than candidate events.  Why? Because of an agency called the Secret Service and this little thing called security.  Welcome to a post 9-11 world.

Democrats really know little about economics.  The stock market being higher than the 2008 crash has little to do with an expanding economy and more to do with companies cutting back on jobs in large part because they fear making risky new business decisions since they are unsure what their health care costs are going to be (thanks to Obamacare) and see higher regulation and taxes in the future.  How do you explain 23 million people out of work or underworked?

What a tiny group of people!  There are ten times that at our local football games.

SW admits he didn’t create his business on his own. . his “family” built the business together.  Obama was right, everyone gets help from someone, whether its a teacher, a family member, a friend, mentor, local gov’t.  Enough said.

Never Again will America elect another inexperienced legislator to an Executive branch. America needs Leadership and Action. Not professorial lectures on the need for more government.

Economic News for Simpletons:

Bush “W” takes Office DJIA 10587.59

Eight Long YEARS Latter

Bush “W” leaves Office DJIA 7949.09

Obama takes Office DJIA 7949.09

Now: DJIA 13110.28


No, I didn’t miss BHO’s point. 
It’s Socialism, plain and simple. 
I pay local, state and Federal taxes, so I did build the roads, schools, etc.  Half the country doesn’t pay a dime in Federal taxes, so what did they build?  Nothing?  To use your logic, then I won all of Phelps’ gold medals, I’m responsible for iPhone, etc etc etc.  That’s nonsense.  Also, regarding my business, wonder why you need to jump in and start calling names. I’m just waiting for you to call me a Nazi because that’s next in your playbook.  :-)


You completely missed Obama’s point. So I will make it as elementary as I can for you….

You did not build the roads to your “restaurant business.” You did not lay the water and sewer lines. You did not build the cars that drive to your “restaurant business.” You did not build the 12+ years of elementary, middle, high school education for your staff. You did not build the internet which you use for your “restaurant business.” I know these are complex issues for you to comprehend so continue to post your miss informed Faux News talking points from your mothers restaurant business basement….

Uh, My family and I do own a restaurant business and let me give you a little feedback.  Our family built it, not you nor the Local, State or Federal government.  We take the risk, hire people, pay taxes which pay for the roads, contribute to employee health insurance, match Soc. Sec., etc., etc., etc.  WE have to deal with countless regulations that kill free enterprise.  I can’t tell you how many government people (that I have paid for) that I have to deal with.  They produce nothing and do not create wealth.  THAT is why I and other people who are paying the freight are outraged with BHO and the liberal left.  WE THE PEOPLE have seen the full speach and the transcript.  We will be heard at the ballot box.

Respectflly, Have a nice day and, Yes, I did buld that….

P.S.  I’m happy to debate the fact of any of BHO’s policies if you want to go there too.

I was part of the “official” side of the event.  It was incredibly poorly organized. People were dropping like flies from the heat and from what I heard from people returning from the event, there was not nearly enough water, nor was it readily available for the people there.

@ Kenny
It’s no use, you can’t argue with SW. Very typical conservative, they pick and choose snippets that fit their need, whether it be the constitution, transcripts and even their bibles.
It’s just better to pity them I think. It must be hard to live in a world that’s veiled by one’s own obtuseness. With such narrow minds, they miss out on a beautiful, diverse America.

I know you have seen or at least read the transcript from that full speech.  No need to keep repeating the patched together statement from Obama’s speech in Va. Beach weeks ago. 
You didn’t build schools, roads, bridges, etc… we all did.  Good for you if you built a business, Romney-nomics won’t work for you.

4 years later and Obama is still running against Bush.  With a record of trillion dollar deficits, >8% unemployment for 41 months and no budget passed, I guess it’s hard to run on your own record.

Great waxtraxs, took exactly one post for libs to start spouting racist comments.

When he was elected, Obama promised to reduce the federal deficit.  It has since grown over $5.5 trillion under his administration to $15 trillion.  And he has no plan to address it.  Raising taxes “on the rich” amounts to a few billion dollars and does not even being to address the deficit problem.  But it does promote his class warfare strategy which he believes is his only hope of winning re-election.  That, plus attacking Mitt Romney to make people think he’s unelectable - which is rich considering Obama’s only credible work experience before public office was as a community organizer.

Obama 2nd Term = D I S A S T E R
there were a herd of sheep gathered in Loudoun County High School last night and their sheperd is going to lead them right off a cliff.

“Currently, the federal debt sits at more than $15.5 trillion. It was approximately $10 trillion when Obama entered office.”

That says it all. This guy cannot win again.

The number of people at Obama’s rally this year was a fraction of the 2008 rally at Ida Lee. If this decline in support is any indication of the election, Obama will not carry Loudoun. Couple that with Gov. McDonald winning Loudoun and (all) Board of Supervisors elected since 2008 being Republican. It would be a serious stretch for any Democrat to proclaim that Obama will be walking away with a win in Loudoun.

Just about everything the President promised in 2008 to reduce has actually risen thanks to his policies.

The nation’s debt, the annual deficit, the number of people searching for work, the number of people who have to rely on food stamps to eat, the amount of taxes people will have to pay for his “affordable” healthcare act, the amount of taxpayer dollars wasted on failed projects like Solyndra, etc.,  have all risen.
The only thing that was actually reduced since his last campaign in 2008 is the number of Leesburgers who came out to listen to him speak.  Four years ago, 15,000 came out; this time just 3000 came.  That reduction in his support may be a sign that a majority of voters may have come to the realization that the country will be better off by replacing him with a new leader.


Simply Weak X3…..

“You didn’t build that…”

Great event and well worth the long waits!

In Sterling Romney spoke to slightly over 500 supporters, the great majority of them white, and a good many of them white-haired…

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