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In Loudoun’s hot market, Redskins must run or pass on property near Metro

A rendering of a new Washington Redskins stadium.
If the Washington Redskins want build a new stadium in Loudoun County, they need to act fast.

Land up for sale near the future Loudoun Gateway Metro Station -- a site rumored to be a prospective spot for the football team’s new stadium -- is expected to sell quickly, county officials say.

The property up for sale is a 280-acre parcel fronting the Dulles Greenway at the site of the once planned mixed-use district known as International City. The property includes 280 gross acres and about 165 usable acres. In April the real estate and investment management company overseeing the sale, Chicago-based JLL, told the Times-Mirror they were guiding buyers anywhere from $800,000 an acre or more, meaning the property could sell for more than $130 million.

“There’s really only one site that makes sense for [the Redskins] with all the things that they mentioned: Metro accessibility, enough land and land that’s not currently being used or planned to be used in some other way … 606 Loudoun Gateway,” said Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run), who represents the area around the future Metro sites.

Meyer said the property has gained a significant amount of interest and that he has personally spoken to representatives from the development and data center industries about the site.

The Broad Run supervisor also noted that unless the Redskins show some “serious interest” in the property, it's unlikely the football team will open a new stadium in Loudoun.

“I know that there’s a lot of interest in that land for things besides stadiums, and so if [the Redskins] want to reserve that land, they would need to be one of the purchasers or look at buying it right now if they’re going to do it at all,” Meyer said.

Meyer's remarks come after Redskins President Bruce Allen told reporters late last month that the process of building the team’s new stadium will begin very soon.

Allen also said Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland were still being considered for potential sites for its new stadium. He did not say which location the team favored.

The Redskins’ lease at the FedEx Field in Maryland expires in 2027.

Redskins Senior Vice President Tony Wyllie told the Times-Mirror the Resdskins have not disclosed any of the sites they are considering.

With the team’s corporate headquarters in Ashburn and the county’s future Silver Line Metro stations just three years from opening, Loudoun has been widely considered one of top picks for the new stadium.

Last year, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) said the state was in “very serious negotiations” to land the new Redskins stadium. McAuliffe also said there was plenty of room for such a development in the commonwealth and listed locations along the Silver Line as prime sites for the new stadium.

The county’s Economic Development Director Buddy Rizer said he talks to the Redskins on a regular basis about a number of things, but he is not currently in any active conversations with the team about building a new stadium in Loudoun.

“I just think that the best case scenario, [the Redskins are] probably 10 years away from being able to open a new stadium, and if I’m doing my job well we won’t have any sites around Metro that are left by then,” Rizer said.

The local economic development director also said there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the Dulles Greenway property, but he declined to elaborate which companies or industries had approached his department because of non-disclosure agreements. Rizer avoided weighing in on what he believes would be the best use of the property.

“We have been thrilled with the interest in that site from a whole bunch of people that are interested in kind of enacting their vision there, and there’s a lot of great things that I think Loudoun County is going to be proud of that are possible there,” Rizer said.

When northern Virginia leaders from Loudoun County, Prince William County, Arlington and Alexandria were asked last year at a forum if they were interested in moving a Redskins stadium to their jurisdictions, the leaders all said no -- and some lightheartedly said send the team Loudoun's way.

“Yes, for Loudoun,” Arlington Board Vice Chairman Jay Fisette (D) said.

“Umm…” Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said nervously. “I think we’re not there in that conversation yet, and I think the question is a little premature for me to be able to give an answer.”

“No way [for Prince William County],” Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart (R-At-Large) said.

On June 22 the Loudoun Board of Supervisors are slated to vote on the Silver Line Small Area Plan that will outline a number of policies, including setting standards for schools and parks in the planning area, deciding how homes should be designed around the areas closest to Metro stations and whether residential should be allowed east of Loudoun County Parkway near the future Loudoun Gateway Metro station and Dulles Airport.

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Do the developers want it?  If they do , we’ll get it.  Don’t ask Randall and Meyer what they think…if you really want to know what’s going to happen, ask Hobie.

Never happen in Loudoun. Not enough major roads and Redskins can’t count on Metro working day of games, especially a Monday night game going into OT and Metro shuts down….

I think the stadium would be perfect at Croson and Belmont Ridge road.  Right at that light.

Doesn’t matter to me where to stadium is.  The view will always be better on my couch.  Beer better and cheaper too.

Clever title.

Great.  Now we are fighting off a Metro Sales Tax.  Will a Stadium Tax be far behind?

For all the supposed deals Mr. Rizer is making, can he close something that doesn’t requires taxpayer welfare to go to corporations?

60-65K seats means ticket prices will be $$$$$$$$$
How much for (1) Beer, $20.00?

Ugh, no thanks. Probably the only thing Corey Stewart and I will ever agree on. Pass!!!

Look at the responses by other counties…“no way” one said. So why is LoCo so hellbent on this mess? Keep it in PG County…we don’t need more traffic out here. Get rid of these leaders who only look for sizzle and nothing substantive. Geez..they fawned over getting Metro here, and now this. Let’s put in some leaders next election who really want to work for the people who live here, not scummy developers who will only rape us once again, build and then leave us with the tax bill for schools, fire/PD etc.

The new Redskins stadium is supposed to be around 60-65K seats (vs 95k for Fedex Field) so less space will be required.

Last I heard there were actually 3 possible stadium locations near the airport.  I wonder why that number suddenly shrank to 1?

I’m in favor of the stadium but $130m just for the land????  That is one large chunk of change that I feel the tax payers would be picking up the tab for.  For that reason I say, Good luck Maryland and DC.

Given height limitations surrounding Dulles Airport especially the landing path which this would be directly in line of I wonder why the Waterside quarry wasn’t a much better option as the stadium could be built below grade right near the airport where extensive parking already exists. Before citizens get too excited let’s see the traffic, investment and tax profiles.
Bob O__ Esq.

I’ll echo my comments from a previous article on this topic….

Those who are thinking Redskins stadium, don’t hold your breath.  Look closely.  “165 usable acres” which happen to be non-contiguous.  Put into perspective, FedEx field sits on 200 contiguous acres and the proposd RFK Stadium-Armory complex is slated at over 190 acres.

You would have to design a pretty pathetic stadium by today’s standards, for one of the top brands in the league, if you want to place it on this site.  Won’t happen.

The drive into Ashburn from civilization is brutal, either Greedway or crawl down 7.  Metro ridership is (rightfully) in a death spiral so this sites proximity to the (non existant!) rails is almost irrelevant.  Not that Metro stays open for late games anyhow.

My guess is datacenter ville, the promixity to the extremely well connected Verizon (now Equinix) data center accross the street will make it very attractive, inclusive of governments.

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