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In Reston, Trump threatens aid cut if countries won’t take deportees

President Donald Trump threatened Friday to cut off aid and slap sanctions on countries that refuse to accept nationals the U.S. tries to deport.

Trump said during a briefing with Department of Homeland Security officials at the Customs and Border Protection National Targeting Center in Virginia that he knows how to change the trend.

“If they don’t take ’em back, we’ll put sanctions on the countries, we’ll put tariffs on the countries,” Trump said. He added: “They’ll take ’em back so fast your head would spin.”

He’s also threatened to cut off aid to the countries, which include China and Sierra Leone.

Separately, Trump also threatened to cut off aid to counties that produce illegal drugs, saying they’re “not our friends.”

He said the U.S. sends countries “massive aid” and “billions and billions of dollars” while “they’re pouring drugs into our country and they’re laughing at us.”

Trump promised “we’ve going to take a very harsh action.”

Trump said his immigration plan is needed to protect the borders. At a roundtable with top homeland security officials, the Republican president said their jobs would be “100 percent easier” with the right laws.

The White House has proposed creating a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million young people living in the county illegally. In exchange, they want billions of dollars for a border wall and dramatic cuts to legal immigration.

Democrats have blasted the plan and called it dead on arrival.

Trump says Democrats “can’t even approve citizenship.”


I invite all liberals to open their homes and their pocketbooks to immigrants.

The rest of us choose not to, and would like to enact and enforce common sense laws which will prevent greater burdens upon the citizens and legal immigrants of this nation.  I know that I cannot move to Singapore (or even Canada) without a purpose / a skill / or a waiting job.  That is simply common sense.

Legal immigrants are awesome.
Illegal immigrants are criminals.

The key words are sponsored, you forgot not a burden on society, such as welfare, housing, medical.

Did you know that Mike Pence’s family came to America via chain migration?

1915 - James Cawley arrived in Illinois to live with his aunt
1923 - James sponsored his brother, Richard
1923 - Richard sponsored his brother Thomas
1929 Thomas sponsored his sisters Mary Ellen and Annie

Surely he can’t be against family unification? Or is he another hypocrite?

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