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In southern Loudoun, Ann Romney shares personal side of her husband

photoRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann gave a speech in Loudoun County Oct. 27, her second in two months. Times-Mirror Photo/Jonathan Taylor

Ann Romney told a pack of 250 supporters in South Riding Saturday that her husband, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will win the White House and take Virginia’s 13 electoral votes in the process.

“We’re counting down. We’ve got 10 days left,” Ann Romney said. “And the way I count, I don’t count weekends. So, we’ve got eight days left.”

Speaking for 10 minutes, Romney encouraged attendees to cast early ballots before Election Day on Nov. 6, especially considering the hybrid storm brought on by Hurricane Sandy may alter plans and priorities for people throughout Northern Virginia.

Romney’s visit to Freedom High School came 10 days after her husband addressed a crowd of 8,000 people at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg. Ann Romney herself spoke in Leesburg the first week of September to a crowd estimated at 500. Between the two of them, the Romneys have given four speeches in Loudoun County in recent months, while President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have each appeared once.

The Republican candidate is scheduled to attend a rally south of Loudoun County in Haymarket Sunday.

As she did in her September speech, Ann Romney declared her husband “would not fail” if elected to the presidency.

Romney shared a personal story told during the Republican National Convention in which Mitt befriended a teenaged boy suffering from leukemia in the late 1970s. The teenager, David, who was terminally ill, asked Mitt Romney what was going to happen if he lost his battle with cancer.

“Do not fear, David – you are going to be fine. You are going to live after this,” Ann Romney remembered her husband telling the young man. “You are going to another place where you are going to be greeted by people that love you, that will love and take care of you ...”

This compassionate act and bond, as well as Mitt buying the young man fireworks—which he was a big fan of—comforted David’s family, Ann Romney said. And when David lost his life, Mitt Romney, as requested, gave the eulogy at the funeral. Ann Romney said she feels privileged to have lived with and experienced this personal side of the Republican candidate.

photoAnn Romney was joined by a handful of prominent Virginia Republicans during her visit to Loudoun County Oct. 27. Times-Mirror Photo/Jonathan Taylor

Ann Romney also recalled a recent fundraiser with former first lady Barbara Bush. Romney said Bush was “exactly what you would think: outspoken, blunt and just adorable.” Bush told the crowd at the Texas event that “this is the most important election in her lifetime,” rehashing a near-inescapable phrase in general election years.

Ann Romney said she agrees with Bush’s sentiment, and Romney found the remarks striking considering Bush is not only a former first lady but also a mother of a U.S. president.

And that’s why Mitt Romney is running, Ann Romney said—because he’s the man who will “change the course and the direction of this country.”

Allen, the former governor who’s now in a close Senate race against Democratic former Gov. Tim Kaine, spoke to the crowd about his beliefs that lower taxes, less government regulation and more energy exploration will strengthen Virginia’s economy.

“It’s perfect that we’re at Freedom High School, because what we care about is the future and freedom and opportunities for all Americans to succeed,” Allen said. “ … And when we have Mitt Romney in the White House, we’ll have a gentleman saying yes to Virginia, Virginia jobs and Virginia energy from our coal fields to our coast.”


Francis, I think I’ll take a stab at your question about Romney and the fact that he isn’t a Christian but is supported by many who do consider themselves Christian:

They haven’t taken the time to dig very deeply into the issue.

Start here:  www.exmormon.org

Organs on legs ?  WTH ?  Who comes up with this stuff ?  Oh, and Allen, coal is dirty - it needs to stopped being used, and drilling off of the VA coastline is an accident waiting to happen.  But that’s okay with you, I know.  It’s not okay with a lot of people, and God willing, you won’t be elected.

yawn…..and Jehovah, you better care about your rights as a woman because once there’s a start to declaring a fetus a human at conception there will be cases brought against women for smoking or drinking while pregnant for endangering their baby.  It’s only a matter of time before women are put way back at the end of the line like we were before.  And those who say they don’t care now, will most definitely care.

So you don’t want the government to care about your body? Sounds like you are a little mixed up, because Republicans would care a lot. So much so that they will even regulate your body and tell you want you can and can’t do with it.
Welcome to the dem side!

The Government is us, We The People. So if We The People care about the unborn, then you can expect that to be reflected in Government policies. After all, the Government is comprised of the people we elect to represent us. So you won’t find many atheists representing the vast swaths of America which have a strong religious belief.

To Jehoveh’s” I don’t want the government to care about my body:”

Freedom for >50% of the population is not on your radar - R & R don’t support a democratic government that cares about MY body, mind, or spirit (not to mention MANY other women) in the form of family and medical leave, affordable healthcare, equal pay, and clearly shows disrespect for every woman’s ability to make her own decisions with regard to reproduction.

Thanks but no thanks - government should care about equality and fairness.  Please stop trying to insert YOUR control into our freedoms. Economic and gender equity!

BMunsey - “Funny how the same women who demand all women consider themselves a uterus or vagina first” - No, it’s mostly men that consider women as less than equal and incapable of making their own intelligent and personal decisions, including R & R.

Just delve deeper into what R & R surrogates Akin, Walsh, Thompson, Mourdock, McDonnell, Cuccinelli and others REALLY think about women and personal freedoms.  NOT! R & R will “change the course and the direction of this country,” in a backwards and sickening display of uber-control of women versus a loosening of controls on banking, stock market, environmental, and consumer protections.

That Guy:  I don’t want the government to care about my body.  I want it to balance the budget, defend our nation’s borders, pay our soldiers a decent salary and pension (which they’re not getting now), drill for oil in the barren reserves of Alaska so we don’t have to kowtow to foreign dictators, and leave it at that.  No Department of Education, no Planned Parenthood funding, and no using my tax dollars to pay for Big Bird (who makes millions on his own).  The party most likely to do that is the Republican party.  As a wife and mother, I don’t see any War on Women…. but there sure is a War on America and it’s coming from Obama.

I don’t understand why any woman would vote Republican. They don’t care about you or your body.

Thank God the Official Loudoun County Government Reform Commission Newspaper Comment Section/Blog Spokesperson is here to provide editorial support!  Expect to see “Increase LCRC control over local newspapers” added to the Government Reform Commission agenda soon.  Lord knows they aren’t focusing much on real reform.

m, I didn’t drag anyone out.  I attended, because my daughter wanted to go and asked me to come with her.

She’s voting in her first presidential, and finds a lot of the democratic campaigning directed at her demographic profoundly stupid—we got a good howl over that ridiculous “first time” ad, and better ones from the inevitable parodies.

Funny how the same women who demand all women consider themselves a uterus or vagina first are also the same women who deride men for supposedly thinking with their organs.

It was a good event, with some accomplished and interesting women.

Who are a lot more than a couple of their body parts.

Wow, that might be the first time Frank Wolf has talked about the budget in 32 years.  I thought he just voted how he was told and dealt with pressing federal issues like a private toll road in Loudoun County. 

I’m always surprised as to why a voter would care what a candidate’s spouse, sibling, parent, cousin, or offspring has to say about them.  Surprise!  The candidate’s wife thinks he would just be swell in office.  Surprise! His sister thinks so too.  Shocker!  His son thinks so too!  Wow, well I better go and vote for this guy!  His whole family thinks he is just wonderful!  I just hope I don’t get another call at midnight from a lobbyist for “National Right to Work”.

Nice story, nice looking next first lady. If you want to whine look at the U6 numbers mephisto there is your pure heatbreak.

OMG…this woman is so out of touch with reality! She actually sounds “proud” of Romney and his plans! Then I saw the name Barbara Munsey and realized why this letter is so off the wall…this woman clearly has had issues of sanity in the county. She made a fool of herself during the Snow years and now she does it again.

And since you are so proud of these GOP hacks…do the world a favor and tell Barbara Comstock to shut up! Her voice can peel paint at 50 yards! I saw, and sadly “heard” her on CNN recently and had to hit MUTE button…she should not be a spokesperson for Mickey Mouse, let alone Romnuts. Haha…the speech was well received? By whom…other GOP fools??

Gee, Barbara Munsey.  I’m so surprised that you found Anne Romney’s speech excellent.  Only “non organ with legs” missing was LInda Chavez.  Why didn’t you guys drag her out too?

George Allen is often obscured, by the way.

In the group photo, from left, Elaine Chao, former Secretary of Labor and a naturalized citizen, who gave a wonderful speech about unemployment and how she marvels that when she served, 5% was reason to be roasted in the press and rightfully called out for it, but today that does not seem to be the case.

To her left is one of Congressman Ryan’s sisters, who spoke of the women in their family who have ALWAYS worked, raised families, AND been active in the community and politics.

To her left is Barbara Comstock, to whose left is candidate George Allen, obscured in the photo.

Next is Mrs. McCain, and to her left is US Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, the youngest woman in Congress, from Washington state.  She gave a wonderful speech about being taken to rallies such as this one as a child, and told by her parents that in this country you are free to be whatever you’re willing to work for.  Amazing points by all of the women that strongly indicate they are much more than a set of organs on legs with a vote.

Rounding out is Congressman Wolf, who also spoke regarding the budget.

Mrs. Romney’s speech was excellent, and well received.

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