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In Sterling speech, Romney hammers President Obama’s policies

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney talks to a supporter after a campaign stop at EIT in Sterling June 27.

As the Virginia summer heats up, so too does the political sparring between presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters in Sterling Thursday, Romney focused his speech largely on President Obama’s health care overhaul. The event fell less than 24 hours before the U.S. Supreme Court is due to take up the constitutionality of the president’s legislation, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

To open his speech, Romney praised Loudoun County Republicans’ campaign organizers.

“You guys in Loudoun are doing a great job. You may well be the county that decides who the next president is and, if you are, it’ll be me,” he said.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney waves goodbye to supporters after giving a speech at EIT in Sterling June 27.

Romney then quickly took to lashing Obama’s health care reform, considered by many to be his prime achievement. Romney claimed 20 million people will be dropped from their employer’s health insurance under Obama’s law.

“My guess is they’re not sleeping real well in the White House tonight,” said Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, referencing to Thursday’s Supreme Court decision. “That’s the way it ought to be.”

While governor, Romney implemented a statewide health care plan considered by many observers a model for Obamacare.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny The line to get into EIT in Sterling for Mitt Romney’s campaign event wrapped around the building June 27.

Speaking in front of a banner reading “Putting Jobs First,” Romney called for a repeal of Obamacare (even if the U.S. Supreme Court says it’s within its constitutional bounds), urged a reduction of the federal debt and bemoaned the president’s “liberal agenda.”

“There’s nothing wrong with people having an agenda, but when the country’s in crisis, you have a moral responsibility to focus on helping people come out of that crisis,” said Romney.

President Obama is in a tight spot “because he hasn’t done what he said he’d do,” which is turn the economy around, the Republican said.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Richard and Lydia Plant of Sterling wait for another chance to see Mitt Romney outside EIT in Sterling where the presumptive Republican presidential nominee had a campaign stop June 27. The couple campaigned for McCain in the last election and plan to do the same for Romney.

Romney made reference to a recent comment from Obama that the private sector is doing fine. Twenty-three million people out of work aren’t doing fine, Romney said.

In recent weeks, however, the Obama campaign has been touting the fact the U.S. private sector has added jobs for 27 consecutive months.

The U.S. unemployment rate in May was 8.2 percent. Virginia’s was nearly 5.5 percent in April.

To create jobs, Romney said as president he’d take advantage of the country’s energy resources – coal, oil, wind and solar – and open the nation up for more trade opportunities.

“We don’t need more debt, we do not need any more deficits, we cannot pass on these burdens to the next generation,” Romney said.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Mitt Romney supporters take pictures as he greets his supporters after a speech at EIT in Sterling June 27.

The federal debt currently sits at more than $15 trillion. It was approximately $10.5 trillion when Obama entered office in 2009.

One thing both Obama and Romney agree on, Romney said, was that every American deserves a “fair shot.”

“I want to make sure that we keep America a place of opportunity …,” Romney said.

Romney said the younger generation won’t have a fair shot if trillions of dollars in debt is passed on and unemployment rates remain high.

Next to Romney on stage was Virginia’s Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, still considered by some pundits to be a potential vice president pick. McDonnell, however, has said he isn’t being vetted.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Security personnel watch from the rooftop of EIT in Sterling after Mitt Romney’s campaign event to prepare for a meet and greet on his way out June 27.

Earlier in the day, Obama advocates held an event in Sterling featuring Leesburg Town Council member Kelly Burk and Aneesh Chopra, who served as chief technology officer for President Obama.

State Sen. Mark Herring (D-33rd) issued a statement Wednesday morning criticizing Romney’s record.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Mitt Romney supporters wait for the arrival of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at a campaign stop in Sterling June 27.

“While Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts dropped to 47th out of 50 states in job creation,” Herring said. “Manufacturing jobs declined by 14 percent – twice the national average – and Governor Romney’s policies put more than 40,000 people out of work. In fact, more jobs have been created in Massachusetts under President Obama than under Mitt Romney when he was Governor – four and a half times as many.”

In 2008, Obama won the commonwealth’s 13 electoral votes, the first time Virginia went blue in 44 years.


Funny that on TV today they showed a 2008 debate where Charles Gibson asked Romney about his “Romneycare” and Mitt agreed it was a TAX and didn’t see anything wrong with it.  Now when Obama uses his same framework, its a bad thing. Go figure.

MC, I think you are ignoring the fact that Judge Roberts argued against the scheme as put forth by the President and a Democrat Congress.  He agreed with the dissenting opinion that the law, as written and argued, was invalid.  However, in what some have described as judicial activism, he reasoned the law was legal under US taxing authority.  I do not agree with this but accept and respect the court’s ruling. 

I believe most people (particularly middle class independents) will soon come to realize that they have been duped by Obama into a historically massive tax increase.  The prospect of this new tax will not sit well during this period of anemic economic recovery, low job growth and high unemployment.  In order to win in 2012 Romney, now more than ever, needs to articulate how he will address healthcare once repealed.  There are other, more efficient and less expensive ways to address healthcare in this country than to have government run it. 

But to your point, I respectfully disagree that now that the court has ruled, the people will simply accept it and move on.  Obamacare would never have passed if the President and Democrats honestly described its funding as a massive tax increase.  The “people” would not have accepted it then and will not accept it in November now that the truth is known.

Why do people confuse the notion of a democratic process with business.  Democracy is inherently messy.  It requires debate and compromise. 

Conservative business leaders feel that a democracy can be run like a corporation.  This is a dangerous misconception; constantly played out in national debate.  You sell your soul through taxes to a federal government with institutions in place to protect your rights. Or you can sell your soul to the corporations that rely on the free market to determine who has a say and which is of the greatest value.

In all society some lead the many.  I place greater trust in the mechanisms and institutions of a democratic government.  I have a profound mistrust in the pure capitalist notions of equality and decency.  Simply put in their world their are no notions of such.

A democracy exists so that capitalism may be practiced.  Capitalism does not exist so that democracy may be practiced.

I suddenly realized why Romney came here..how else could he have any news outlet short of Deseret News call it a “Sterling Speech”

If you ad D.C. Romeny’s 4 years rank as 47th. If you look at his last year in office Massachusettes was Number 30 in job creation, hmmm looks a little different when it’s taken year by year huh Mr herring? Upon entering office, Governor Romney faced a $3 billion deficit. A windfall in capital gains tax revenue, caused by a previously enacted capital gains tax increase, reduced the deficit by $1.3 billion. During Romney’s term he presided over a series of spending cuts ($1.6 billion) and increases in fees that eliminated a projected $1.5 billion deficit. Massachusetts finished fiscal 2004 with a $700 million surplus. Official state figures said that fiscal 2005 finished with a $594.4 million surplus. For fiscal 2006, the surplus was $720.9 million according to official figures. The state’s “rainy day fund”, more formally known as the Stabilization Fund, was replenished through government consolidation and reform. At the close of fiscal year 2006, the fund enjoyed a $2.155 billion balance. He made money with the Olympics if you can believe that!

One candidate eliminated a deficit, and had s trait years of surplus. The other has been recording record national debt.

I’m not so sure, MC.  Although I agree most do not want to re-debate the issue, I do believe the swing voter and “rational middle” understand they’ve just been had with an historic tax increase.  A heretofore slumbering TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) will awake and sweep in more Republicans in 2014, including a President who will begin the repeal of Obamacare.

The liberal bias exhibited in this article stands in stark contrast to the previous article covering the dozen Obama supporters, where the wild charges against Romney were allowed to stand unchallenged.

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