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In Virginia gov’s race, Trump tweets support for Gillespie

President Donald Trump is weighing in on Virginia’s governor’s race.

Trump attacked Democrat Ralph Northam on immigration issues in a tweet late Thursday, accusing Northam of “fighting” on behalf of violent MS-13 gang members. Trump urged Virginians to vote for Republican Ed Gillespie.

Gillespie — a consummate Washington insider — has sought to keep Trump at arm’s length throughout the campaign while also trying to rally Trump supporters with hard-edged attacks on Northam over immigration.

Northam responded on Twitter he’s been expecting Trump’s attack and asked supporters for donations.

Virginia is just one of two states electing governors this year, a swing state contest viewed as a possible referendum on Trump’s first year in office.

MS-13 has become a target of Trump in seeking support for a broader immigration crackdown.


easy choices. northam, vogel, adams…i think these are the races this year…

The ad that says Northam would let MS-13 run rampant is such a load of fake news hype that only Trump koolaid drinkers would believe. hilarious.

Trump’s support is wind beneath Northam’s wings in Northern Virginia…thanks Donald.

Perhaps with federal cooperation Loudoun could see the return of much of the Dulles Airport land back to Virginia from fed control so Loudoun could APPROPRIATELY collect property tax from MWAA’s highly profitable 29000 parking spaces to support schools!
Bob O__ Esq.

Northam is ahead by 12 points and he has no obvious flaws or skeletons in his closet. This race is over. Trump’s endorsement of Gillespie seals it.

Anyone who votes for Northam is complicit to lawlessness, is anti police and pro MS-13.

Ralph Northam just said that Virginia needs a lot more gun control Wonder how well that’s going to play.

Can’t find fault with that endorsement!

Wow, what a dilemma for Loudoun4Trump. What to do?

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