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Investigator who conducted Purcellville police chief inquiry has previous criminal convictions

Georgia Nuckolls, a private human resources investigator, has been convicted of crimes in the past. Courtesy Photo/LinkedIn
Georgia Nuckolls, the human resources investigator hired by the Town of Purcellville to investigate claims against now former Chief of Police Cynthia McAlister, has been convicted of multiple felonies in the past -- something that calls into question the integrity of the investigation.

McAlister, who was fired following Nuckolls' investigation on Nov. 3, formally notified the town she is appealing her firing on Thursday, according to Interim Town Manager Alex Vanegas. McAliser is alleged to have acted outside the scope of her duties and violated town policies and procedures, among other violations.

Additionally, it was revealed Sunday Nuckolls had a relationship with a town employee involved in the investigation, according to a town statement released Sunday. The identity of the employee was not revealed.

“With this knowledge, the town recognizes that the integrity of this investigation may be called into question, and will promptly hire an outside independent firm to audit and review the investigation,” a town statement reads. “The employee involved in the relationship will be disciplined in accordance with the town's personnel manual and procedures. Further, the town will implement measures that will govern all future contract awards, designed to prevent the recurrence of these issues.”

Town officials would not say what Nuckolls has been convicted of, but numerous people familiar with the situation say she has been convicted of felonies outside the state of Virginia.

The hiring of Nuckolls was an administrative action and not signed off on by Town Council, according to Councilwoman Karen Jimmerson.

Purcellville Town Council held an emergency meeting Saturday. The session, which included Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman (R), was called with less than 14 hours public notice.

Beverly Chaisson, a former Town Council member on hand for Saturday's meeting, was surprised by the way the session was called and the ensuing confusion.

“It never would've happened unless the water tower was falling down,” said Chaisson, referring to the 12 years she served on council and the "emergency" meeting. “It just never … we always put the public's ability to know something above the town's convenience.”

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Let me get this straight, we have a thief investigating a liar, that was appointed by an interim political hack that looks like he shopped the LCRC meeting for an investigator…the GOP is running amok in this county…

This entire situation has been mishandled from the very beginning starting with the exit of the former Town Manager and the Chief of Police. There is the right way to handle personnel issues and the then there is the Purcellville way which is the wrong way. The Mayor and Council will now start pointing fingers at everyone. However, they only need to point at themselves. They put this fireball in motion and now they have no way to stop it. Councilwoman Karen Jimmerson stated the contract with Nuckolls was an administrative action by Vanegas and not signed off on by Town Council. But here’s the problem, the Mayor and Council had no problem with the report when they originally received it. Only, when the problem surfaced with Nuckolls/Vanegas connection did they have concerns because it points to a severe leadership problem with the Mayor and Council. They are a form of government, not some renegade HOA. They need to take responsibility for their actions. But as in small town politics they will go into damage/survival mode and quickly look for that scapegoat. If I’m Vanegas I wouldn’t buy a new office chair because his time is short. Unfortunately, the Mayor and Council should go as well.

I think they need to investigate to see if she talked to chapman about this issue. Chapman swore to ruin the career of anyone that crossed him. PPD chief hired a former deputy and that made chapman angry.  Then he threatened to pull resources if she hired the former detective he fired.  Interesting

It’s heartening to see the Town re-visit exactly how Ms. Nuckolls was chosen to investigate Chief McAlister.  I was one of several commentators to previously request such a step so it comes as no great surprise that both ethical and potentially legal issues have come to light. 

Interestingly in a prior comment, I noted some of the incidents by officers that Chief McAlister had to deal with.  For whatever reason LTM edited those specific incidents out but suffice to say from the behaviors described, the Chief faced huge challenges moving the agency forward when saddled with a less than professional staff.

That lack of professionalism extends to Town staff and elected officials.  Who in his/her right mind would line up the complaining officers behind them during the public announcement that there was a no confidence vote in the Chief?  I’ll submit that as more evidence that the Town of Purcellville will never attract a qualified candidate for Chief.

In a sad almost sick way, it’s funny too that the county Sheriff surrounds his campaign with convicted felons.  As has become obvious in Town, politics and politicians have no business being involved in law enforcement.  The time has come for a County Police Department.

Could we share a row boat?  Does anybody know?

PBf1 - I would be glad to send a link to a black male’s FB page who has been in a lot of trouble with the law and lives here in my Town. he has a fascinating web site as he has obviously been at odds with the law, but commented that when Chapman came on board, he fired many racist Deputies that were under the previous Sheriff. the young man has spoken very, very poorly of many Officers/Sheriff Personnel, naming names, but not of Chapman as you stated.

I feel for the Purcellville residents, appears they need to contact a local plumber for some swamp draining issues.  What is it with politicians?  The vast majority of them are all deplorable ((D’s) & (R’s)).

Everybody needs to just calm down. The town is bringing in another HR firm to audit the investigation completed by Ms. Nuckolls. Now I’m not a betting man but knowing what I know I would be willing to bet the investigation and charges against Mrs. McAlister will stand.

Before you rapid haters start flaming me I will tell you now I know nothing about Ms. Nuckolls’ past other than what has been made public. However I doubt the town didn’t know about her prior conviction(s). What is happening now is a “cover their tails” as all this becomes public.

It looks like the town is in the middle of a civil war between the pro-McAlister and anti-McAlister folks as things are getting leaked and released to council under threat of “going public”.

The town is in full on panic mode atm. Not only are they dealing with this but they could be open to liability issues (law suits) stemming from Mrs. McAlister’s management or lack there of, of the PD.

I have a feeling things are going to get real hot in Ol’ Purcellville. Grab some popcorn folks this could be fun.

Town of Purcellville rehire the Chief before you get sued and lose.  Then you should all resign for you are an embarrassment.

Well, well, well, look who it is - one of Sheriff Chapman’s cheerleaders!  Ms. Nuckolls has been helping the Chapman campaign for several years now, mostly on social media.  She has been posting comments in the local newspapers, Chapmans Facebook page and anywhere else he needs her to spread disinformation.  During the last two years, she has been demeaning the deputies who were not reappointed by attacking their credibility while praising Chapmans abilities.  It is disgusting that Sheriff Chapman again uses the services of a convicted felon to aid himself and his campaign. Let’s not forget his campaign manager Brian Reynolds is also a federally convicted felon.  Maybe this is another one of Sherriff Chapman’s great crime reduction strategies to help the community:  Put a Felon Back to Work. Normally the only association a Sheriff has with felons is to lock them up but Chapman seems to be comfortable with them working with him.

The town needs to fire the interim town manager as his responses to justify his actions are pathetic. The only thing that is happening now is how many zeroes will need to be added to the lawsuit the Town will need to pay if a lawsuit is filed by Chief McAlister…

The town needs to reinstate Chief McAlister and let her bring professionalism to the Purcellville Police Department. 

This is the same female that’s tight with mike Chapman and she bad mouthed all the great deputies that he terminated because he didn’t like them. Look all over Chapman’s Facebook pages and hers.  Trouble associates with trouble.

I am ashamed to say I lived in Purcellville.  The town council and mayor are a bunch of idiots and are going to end up costing us dearly for this one.  I only hope all the residents remember this come election time.  SMH

Better rehire the Chief with back pay today, or you are gonna pay a lot more later…

Gee, but I thought if you just turned everything over to local government, everything would be better…

Congratulations Purcellville, you have done the impossible…you’ve made the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors look good by comparison.  WTG!

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