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Investigators search field near missing Ashburn woman’s home

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office conduct a field search March 24 for clues regarding the disappearance of Bethany Anne Decker, a 21-year-old Ashburn woman who was reported missing Feb. 19. The patch of land near the intersection of the Dulles Greenway and the Loudoun County Parkway is across the street from Decker’s apartment.

Loudoun County deputies on Thursday expanded a field search near the apartment of a pregnant Ashburn woman who has been missing for nearly two months.

Law enforcement were searching for clues that could help investigators locate 21-year-old Bethany Anne Decker’s whereabouts.

As of 2:30 p.m., deputies continued the search on foot and ATVs in a wooded area across the street from Bethany Anne Decker’s apartment, but so far, no clues have been found as to where she could be, said Investigator Vince DiBenedetto, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say they have no leads that indicate foul play in Bethany Anne Decker’s disappearance.

However, as the days pass with no word from Bethany Decker, investigators believe foul play is a real possibility.

“Technically, this is a missing person’s complaint at this time. There’s no evidence of foul play, but the longer time goes by the more likely that there is a possibility of foul play,” said Sheriff Steve Simpson.

A March 1 search near her Orchard Grass Terrace apartment, came up empty-handed as well, Capt. Ken Pratt said.

Investigators have also combed through Decker’s cell phone records, bank and Facebook accounts for evidence of her whereabouts, Pratt said.

All activity on her cell phone and bank accounts stopped on Jan. 29, investigators said.

Police say someone posing as Bethany Decker continued activity on her Facebook account after she was reported missing.

Bethany Decker, who is six-months pregnant, was last seen on Jan. 29 by her boyfriend, Ronald Roldan, the father of her unborn child. The two were living in Bethany Decker’s Ashburn apartment together until the lease expired on Jan. 31, according to search warrant filed in Fairfax County General District Court.

Investigators have questioned Roldan along with Bethany Decker’s husband Emile Decker about her disappearance.

Emile Decker was serving with the Army National Guard in Afghanistan until recently when he was allowed to return home.

The couple’s 18-month-old son had been living in Fredericksburg with Bethany Decker’s parents while she attended college full-time at George Mason University and Emile Decker was in Afghanistan.

Investigators said during a March 2 news conference that the couple, who have been married about 18 months, were together from at least Jan. 18 to Jan. 23, during a trip to Hawaii, when Emile Decker was home on leave.

He left Feb. 2 to return to Afghanistan. His wife did not see him off, investigators said.

Investigators say Emile Decker is cooperating fully with the investigation.

However, Roldan is not.

“Some are cooperative, some are not. We feel we have probably interviewed folks in this investigation already that probably have information that we would like to have and have been reluctant to hand that information over yet. So, we’re hopeful that as the days go by that they’ll realize that if they have information, no matter how insignificant they think it is, they will give it to us,” Simpson said.

Investigators searched the Centreville home where Roldan was living with his mother earlier this month.

According to the search warrant filed in Fairfax County,  Roldan has “made conflicting statements regarding when he noticed her car being parked in the parking lot in front of their shared apartment.”

The warrant states that investigators on March 1 seized immigration papers, a black bag with assorted papers, keys and other things from the Roldan’s home.
Bethany Decker’s family reported her missing on Feb. 19.

The family has said Bethany Decker was usually in contact with some member of her family every day, either through phone calls, text or Facebook messages.

But as the days passed with no contact, her family said they didn’t begin to worry right away since she had such a hectic lifestyle.

It was only when her grandparents stopped by her Ashburn apartment on Feb. 19 and found her vehicle still parked at the complex that they began to worry, her grandmother Evelyn Bayles said.

Bethany Decker is about 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Inv. Mack Halley at 703-777-0475.



The mother never does inform the police of her missing. She has the grandson 21 days and her daughter lives 25 miles away. It is the middle of winter and mom does not check up on the baby who could possibly catch a cold or something? Then mom is suprise when she is not at the airport to see her husband off, but the family is one of those who tell police about the abusive and controlling boyfriend. I say Bethany’s mom has some explaining to do.

Hey Waya, too many of you out there are getting caught up in the fact that the husband did not report her missing. The police have said they were estranged. Do you know what that means? When he was in Virginia he was living with his mother, and she was living with her boyfriend. Was she going to send a picture of herself and her husband kissing to her boyfriend?

@sg:  You’re right, that was tasteless of me.. and I am ashamed of it.. But, why do I not feel for this girl?  That’s what troubles me… No one was tending her.. watching over her—no one was immersed in her college life like they shoulda been.. she was just given an apartment, and let loose…yes.. it’s very sad.. and I let my sense of morality get the better of me..

Never, ever, ever talk to the police without a lawyer present.


pat:  Wow. Her lifestyle certainly would not be one that I would endorse or approve of, but to sit here and judge her when there is a pretty good chance she and her unborn are dead is quite tasteless.  I think it’s apparent that some of her choices may have pretty her in an unsafe situation.

Gee.. I wish I could of gone off to college, Hawaii, have an apartment, a baby, another baby, and everything taken care of for me money-wise…Who the heck was guiding this girl??? Obviously mom,dad, grandma and grandpa provided for her.. but, hey… who cares… I’ll leave the baby with my mother while I do whatever I’m doing.  I feel sad that I have absolutely NO feelings for this girl.. her mom and grandparents aren’t even upset.. She better be alive.. she deserves a lecture when she gets home!

I will believe CNN when they actually get a story right.

She had more than one boyfriend

20 bucks says it was either the husband or the boyfriend

Johnny - the husband left for Afghanistan AFTER his wife was missing.  He never reported her missing even though her family had not heard from her for several days before he was deployed. She did not show up to see him off either. That’s why the police say he has no alibi and want him returned to this country.  The BF can’t speak for his whereabouts either.  As I said BOTH are “persons of interest” at this time, as reported by CNN last night.

Emile Decker came back from Afganistan and has alibi? I am pretty sure that being halfway across the world is a good alibi. I am saddened that while he is fighting for our country, she is unfaithful to him.

Last night (3/24) CNN reported the police announced both the husband and boyfriend are now “persons of interest” and both have “fuzzy” stories and no alibi’s.  It was the police who requested the husband’s return from Afghanistan.

Amused, I was wondering if you have brain cell #1. Every month almost you can pick up the news paper and see that a convicted person has been let out of prison for a crime they did not do after serving 5, 10, 15, saw one a few months ago released after 26 years after DNA proved his innocence. Who needs a lawyer? With too many pathetic pieces of garbage as police, and “Nifong” district attorneys all over the place, the innocent need a lawyer.

The boyfriend lives with his mother? What a “man”...LOL

LawyersAreYourFriendsNotCops, if you’ve done nothing wrong when why require an attorney?  It isn’t the attorney that searches for people, it isn’t the attorney breaking up a fight, it isn’t the attorney dealing with the heat of the moment in an unknown circumstance.  Lawyers are scum that dig for gold, cops do what they do because lawyers certainly wouldn’t do it.

This is an investigation, period.  You’ll have your day in court later.

Gotta love how exercising your right to an attorney is suddenly “not cooperating.”

She has a husband…...along with a boyfriend? Hmmm,could that possibly be any indication of why something may have happened? Agreed, Ronald has some explaining to do.

Ronald has some ‘xplaining to do…

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