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Investigators search home of missing woman’s boyfriend

Bethany Anne Decker

Investigators with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office last week searched the Centreville home of the boyfriend of a missing 21-year-old pregnant Ashburn woman.

The man, who has not been identified, is believed to be the last person to see Bethany Anne Decker on Jan. 29 before she disappeared, authorities said.
Bethany Decker’s family reported her missing on Feb. 19.

Authorities declined to give details of the search warrant, which was filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court and executed on March 1.

Investigator Vince DiBenedetto, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, said there have been no suspects named in Bethany Decker’s disappearance.

“He’s a cooperating witness. We’re just looking at everything we can possibly find that would give some indication as to what happened,” DiBenedetto said.

Also cooperating with authorities, DiBenedetto said, is Bethany Decker’s husband, Emile Decker, 21, who is serving with the Army National Guard in Afghanistan.

Investigators last week spoke to Emile Decker, the father of the couple’s 17-month-old son, and made contact with U.S. military officials to possibly bring the solider home, said Loudoun Sheriff’s Capt. Ken Pratt.

“He wants to cooperate fully. He was very concerned of Bethany’s whereabouts, condition. Obviously, being the father of their child he wants to hear a good resolution to this,” Pratt said.

Investigators said during a March 2 press conference that the couple, who has been married about 18 months, was together from at least Jan. 18 to Jan. 23 during a trip to Hawaii when Emile Decker was home on leave.

He left Feb. 2 to return to Afghanistan. His wife did not see him off, investigators said.

The couple’s son has been living with Bethany Decker’s parents in Fredericksburg while her husband was deployed and she attended college full-time at George Mason University.

During a March 2 press conference, her family pleaded for the public’s help in finding their daughter.

The last time her family saw her was at a Jan. 28 family gathering in Columbia, Md.

“We want Bethany safe. We love her and we want to know that she is OK,” said Bethany Decker’s mother, Kim Nelson.

In addition to attending college classes, Bethany Decker, who is five months pregnant, was working as a waitress when her family lost contact with her.

Bethany Decker usually was in contact with some member of her family every day, either through phone calls, text message or Facebook messages, her mother said.

As the days passed with no contact, her family said they didn’t begin to worry right away since the 21-year-old had such a hectic lifestyle.

It was only when her grandparents stopped by her Ashburn apartment on Feb. 19 on their way to Fredericksburg and found her vehicle still parked at the complex that they began to worry, her grandmother Evelyn Bayles said.

“We just had a feeling. We were concerned,” Bayles said.

The lease on Bethany Decker’s apartment was due to expire on Jan. 31.

Investigators have said there is no evidence or indication that Bethany Decker is not alive.

Loudoun County deputies searched the nearby woods for clues as part of a routine investigation near her Orchard Grass Terrace apartment on March 1, but came up empty handed, Pratt said.

Investigators are combing through Bethany Decker’s cell phone records, bank and Facebook accounts for evidence of her whereabouts, Pratt said.
All activity on those accounts stopped on Jan. 29, investigators said.

Bethany Decker’s family describe her as “strong, outgoing and determined” woman who was studying global and economic change.

“She is my lip gloss and flip flop girl,” Nelson said.

Bethany Decker is about 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inv. Mack Halley at 703-777-0475.


The family really needs to put out a statement regarding the situation here, if it’s not as bad as everyone is making it sound. At a minimum, to protect the mother’s and the child’s legacy. But I must say ... based on what I’ve seen, Bethany does appear to be a strong willed person who ran the ship, to her own detriment. She had a child and ditched it with the parents. She had a husband but decided that wasn’t good enough and that she had to have a boyfriend too. And then to top it off, she was pregnant with a child with the boyfriend. What kind of parent lets their child get away with this without doing the following?
1. Filing for custody of the child
2. Stop subsidizing her existence (car, apartment, college)
I’m sorry. If I was the parent here, Bethany would have learned, that I had the stronger will. At the end of the day, this should be an example to all parents out there of what happens when you let children run the show. Children don’t get to run the show if you are taking care of their kids, cleaning up their messes and paying their bills!! If they don

Wow y’all stupid people leaving rude comments didn’t even know her. Y’all just need to keep talks useless opinions to y’alls self!

The First Amendment grants you the right to free speech. Libel and slander laws grant citizens the right to sue bastards who knowingly and maliciously spread lies. Unfortunately, the Internet allows any Joe Schmo with a connection to make unhelpful and idiotic comments, like you did.

@ Everyone else:
Yes, she is pregnant with the boyfriend’s baby. No, the husband was not the last person reported to see her—the boyfriend was. Please, for the sake of the family, refrain from making such degrading comments about their missing daughter. If not for their sake, then maybe for the sake of her 17-month-old son. Regardless of your own opinions about her pregnancy, schooling, love life, or morals in general, this is not the place or situation where such comments should exist.

It’s called first amendment bit*h. Now go back to the kitchen where you belong

The comments here are nothing more than idle chatter and some evidently advocate murder.  What good is it to have this type of forum on a news webpage?

I think the boyfriend did it.  The boyfriend was known to be controlling and abusive.  Also if the husband did it…wouldn’t the boyfriend become alarmed (since they lived together) and notify the authorities???  Als0 while i don’t think the mother is responsible…its very odd that she is not more upset and WHY did it take 18 days for a missing person report to be filed?!?!  Very interesting!!!

The husband killed her.  She has been missing since the 29th, (last update, last cell phone call).  He left the 2nd, wife didn’t see him off because he found out about the boyfriend and killed her.  I bet she was also pregnant with boyfriends baby.  Now they just have to prove it. He did it, and it makes since

People are in title to their own opinion, but should not pass judgement on this young lady.We should be praying for her safety back to her family. My heart goes out to the family, and my prayers are with you.

at 4 tours
If he did “it”, not one man on that jury should convict him. I’m with you dude. 4th Supply Battalion

Semper Fi

When this guy returns from overseas the botfriend may want to use the Leesburg parking garage as a launching platform. This dude is gonna whoop your A55. Maybe Company 5 has some beer left over and I can toast one to the soldier. You know what… I think he should have 24 hours to do what ever he wants to do to this MFer that used drugs to steal his wife from him. Pardon his A55 for whatever sentence he gives this dude. This guy was fighting overseas so these two ungrateful A55 MFers can run around and do their drugs and all sorts of freaky $hit. Everyone always feels sorry for the ones missing. You know what, she was an adult… Missing persons her and forget about it.  This story needs a follow up and about it, leave that Whining A55 Grace out of it. I bet she is in Ca or Texas. Warm place where she can blend in outside.  These guys are gonna be coming home soon and you dirtbags that have been filling in, better pack now and get of of dodge. B S !

If you want to know what is wrong with this country these days, just read the stories on this web site.  Missing pregnant woman—21, with a husband, boyfriend, grandparents raising older child.  Drunk firefighters joyriding with policeman and underage volunteers at 2 a.m.
Wells Fargo employee embezzles millions.

Good Lord, where have our morals and value gone?

I’m not trying to be judgmental, her family certainly knows her and her habits, but, if this were my daughter and she was five months pregnant and she typically called in every day or so and I hadn’t heard from her, I would be in my car and over to her house to see what’s going on and if she was okay. At the very least if distance was a concern for driving, calling the local police and requesting a welfare check. I think they still do those. I just don’t understand why her friends or the people at school didn’t do anything or call anyone when she was not in class for several days if that was not her habit to skip or if she worked, why co-workers didn’t raise some type of concern. Be interesting to see how this all turns out and hope for a positive result and she is found safe and unharmed.

If Nancy Grace is all over this story, now I feel better. (sarcasm).

Ronald Roldan is the boyfriend. He was the last to see her on the evening of January 29, 2011.

On Nancy Grace and other news outlets they said she is in fact pregnant by the “boyfriend” and that the boyfriend was living with her in the Ashburn apartment up until a few months ago. Which makes it seem as if he was living there until the husband returned on leave and then moved back into his mothers home in Centreville. This story does not make sense and there is definitely more that the family and police are not telling.

Have to agree with some that the time frame doesn’t make sense. To have a child and not call daily to your parents. How does she afford a place of her own, especially if she really is taking classes at GM? If she’s not been heard from since Jan 29, hubby still could be the one since he left Feb 2. And how come bf didn’t report her missing?

Something isn’t right here.  She doesn’t contact her own child daily because her life is hectic?  Her husband doesn’t think its odd she doesn’t show up to see him off? No one knew she was gone at first?  A boyfriend, a husband, and she is pregnant?  By which guy? Since she couldn’t care for child #1, who was going to care for child #2?  Dang, this is messed up.

@lynette….based on the wording “the boyfriend” you can’t blame folks for thinking she was stepping out on her husband.  Just find it odd the family would wait so long without hearing word from her to decide she was missing.  Seems odd especially when her parents are taking care of her first born—-wouldn’t you expect daily contact and after missing just a few days would grow concerned.  Something is not right here and there is more going on that the family does not wish to share.

Wow, you are all so judgemental.  Maybe the boyfriend is just a boy that is a friend.  Obviously she is trying to better herself by attending college.  We should be praying for her safe return so that her child will not have to go through life without knowing its mother.  Perhaps you should all go out and volunteer for people that have not been given the breaks in life you have had.

Husband serving our country abroad and she has a boyfriend here in the states. What ever happened to supporting your spouse while he/she served in the military?

Strike number one: getting knocked up at 18. that’s just bad news.

Strike number two: going to George Mason. You may as well start working at mcdonalds now.

Strike number three: getting addicted to methamphetamines with the new boyfriend, who gives her the methamphetamines in exchange for sexual favors.

Altogether a sad story, and nothing to do with the article in question.

In regards to a married woman with a child and a boyfriend…..
“I’m not saying he should have killed her, but I understand.”
-Chris Rock

A Married woman with a Boyfriend?  Not Good.

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