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It’s official: state Sen. Wexton launches campaign to challenge Rep. Comstock

State Sen. Jennifer Wexton of Leesburg today became for the fourth and highest-profile Democrat to announce a campaign challenging incumbent Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

“I believe that public service is about working every day to make people’s lives better. I’ve spent the past two decades serving the people of Virginia -- as a prosecutor, a substitute judge, an attorney for at-risk children, and now as a legislator," Wexton said in her campaign announcement. "The most important part of my job has been working to help and protect kids, families and our most vulnerable neighbors."

Earlier this week, McLean resident Lindsey Davis Stover, a former Obama administration official and communications professional, joined Army veteran and Rhodes Scholar Dan Helmer and Kimberly Adams, past president of the Fairfax teacher’s union, as Democrats hoping to challenge Comstock.

Tenth District Democrats won't select their nominee for another year.

Comstock, a former state delegate, won her first congressional race in 2014 by 16 percent of the vote over Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust. In last November's race, she defeated real estate developer LuAnn Bennett by six points.


Trump will be very pleased when the swamp is drained…Chameleon Trump doesn’t telegraph what his military is going to do, which is smart and puts us in a better position. Obama let NK nuke up, paid for Iran’s nuke program when he gave them pallets of cash like a drug dealer…we are in much better standing in the world with Trump over Obama policy….DI, looks like there are a few others voting D too…watch out…

Back during the cold war, there were all sorts of novels that used the premise that there was a “decapitation” at the top of the US government and all sorts of mischief ensued. 

Today, with the out-to-lunch Trump at the head of the US government we’re living it.  About to start a war in Korea and couldn’t a) tell where his fleet was..but thought Fox News must have it right and b) couldn’t name the leader of North Korea.

Let’s not send an enabler like Comstock back to Congress.  Wake up America.

I happen to know Jennifer Wexton and oh my god, she’d be so much better at representing all the interests (right to left) of Loudoun residents.  Unlike Comstock, she isn’t a rigid “must vote with my bosses” woman.

I just heard on the radio that Dorothy McAullife is considering a run so get out of the way all you little peons, the establishment is in charge.

Man you people are all over the map here, no wonder this district is gonna get flipped. Enjoy Comstock while she lasts. Wexton is gonna get that “W”

“I’m sure there are many in the same boat…”

Okay, you keep thinking that. Trump won’t be pleased, though.

Comstock is vulnerable, weak, and a pathetic excuse for a US representative….a measly 6 point win is not that substantial….I remember wolf was winning in the double digits…will be voting D this go around and I’m sure there are many in the same boat…

It’s nice to see the Democratic apparatus spinning out of control.

Does Wexton actually live in the 10th or is she still at her fake address?

Load them up and spend the cash….

Duncan….be careful for what you wish for…

Yay! Bring on the Dems, let them beat each other up for a seat they only have a marginal chance of winning. The more the merrier.

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