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‘It’s very serious:’ Purcellville Town Council to investigate threat to council member

Members of Purcellville Town Council at Monday’s emergency meeting. Times-Mirror/Elizabeth Stinnette
Purcellville Town Council will discuss and potentially discipline a member of the town government this Friday for allegedly threatening a council member.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser called a closed-session emergency meeting Monday night after the alleged threat occurred on Sunday.

“When a council member is alleged with bodily harm, then we think that is an emergency,” Fraser said Monday.

However, Monday’s closed session never started. The motion to go into executive session failed after several council members agreed that they were rushing in too hastily.

“I think that any action tonight will taint whatever the results are,” Councilman Doug McCollum said in a prepared statement. “To me, this is an ordinary personnel matter.”

For all non-emergency meetings, town statute declares that council must provide a lead of three working days. Emergency meetings are exempt from this rule, but the exact definition of emergency has been up to interpretation in the past. Purcellville’s council has called emergency meetings for a snowstorm and the purchase of property, among other issues.

Councilmembers Chris Bledsoe, Ryan Cool and Nedim Ogelman joined McCollum in voting against the closed session. The council instead voted unanimously to push the meeting to Friday at 7 p.m., giving the public more notice.

McCollum also requested that Councilwoman Kelli Grim, who he said was either a “complainant or witness” to the alleged event, to recuse herself. Grim refused to answer McCollum.

When asked by the Times-Mirror, Grim would not provide any details of the event or her exact involvement: “It’s very serious,” she said.

Council members said they were not sure if any action will come out of Friday night’s closed session.


IF it is going to be a CLOSED SESSION, why does the Public Need any notice. We, The Public, cannot be in the emergency meeting anyway.
If it was a real threat, it is more than a personel issue it is a legal issue, where are the town law enforement?

Why does this happen in Purcellville—it seems all the time?  There was near fisticuffs with two prior council members some years ago.

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