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Jacob Little: Fidget spinner king of Purcellville

Father and son Rob and Jacob Little of Purcellville have launched KustomSpinners.com. Times-Mirror/Karen Graham
When Jacob Little, a 7th grader at Blue Ridge Middle School in Purcellville, saw his friends playing with fidget spinners at school, he went to his dad to see if he could make one himself.

Fidget spinners, the hot new toy craze among kids and even some adults, are a simple gadget made with plastic or metal with a ball bearing in the middle. They can spin in your hand or on a flat surface - and for spinner fans, they can be addictive.

Since Rob Little, Jacob's dad, is a mechanical engineer and has a small machine shop in his garage, he possesses the know-how to help his son manufacture fidget spinners.

“Jacob showed me the ones he liked online and said he had an idea for creating an infinite triangle,” Rob said.

Rob Little showed his son how to use computer aided design and drafting (CADD) to design and build a spinner. They programmed the design and cut it out using a commercial numerical control (CNC) milling machine.

Their new business, KustomSpinners.com, was born.

Jacob has started designing more spinners, and he is selling them to friends at school. While on spring break, he went into a toy shop near Bridgewater and negotiated a deal with the shop to sell his spinners.

The shiny, custom-made spinners are made of out metal and brass and sell for between $15 to $50. Each spinner comes in several different shapes and can be engraved with a name or initials.

Jacob's friends are also excited about learning the trade, and he has shown them his manufacturing process.

“This has been great for reducing his time on the X-Box,” Rob Little said.

In only a few weeks, they have sold more than 40 spinners, with 20 orders in the last few days.

If business continues to grow, they are considering a major upgrade in equipment, which will allow them to produce spinners at a much faster rate. Currently, the machine takes about seven minutes for each spinner.

Fidget spinners are trending on Amazon.com, with a recent search showing 28,119 results and prices ranging from $2 to $1,700. They are marketed to relieve stress, anxiety, improve focus, and to help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some teachers – not surprisingly – are finding them to be a distraction.

Jacob said most of the teachers at his school don't mind the gadgets -- “but I definitely don't use it in math class,” he said.


Spinners were created for ADHD kids. They, and only they, should be able to use them in the school environment. LCPS needs to address this issue immediately-the distractions in class are unfair to the teachers and the kids themselves.

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