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Jake’s Wayback Burgers opens in Ashburn

The first Virginia location of Jake’s Wayback Burgers opened in Ashburn Feb. 6. Owners Piyush and Alpana Desai moved to Connecticut from the United Kingdom where they learned about the franchise.

From there, they decided to open the Ashburn location. Jake’s Wayback Burgers sells fresh handmade burgers and hand-dipped milkshakes.

It is at 43670 Greenway Corporate Drive, Suite 104. Log on to waybackburgers.com for more.

I think we have a love connection happening here.

How much ya bench?

You guys can do reps while counting how mow many millions you want to cut from the school budget.

It use to be LABoxing, now UFC. An hour class in boxing/kickboxing, 5-7 days a week, burns 1500 calories. 300 abs, 100+ pushups, plus kicking, kneeing, punching a 200lb bag for 45 minutes. Been going there for 5 years.

I must say 25 lbs in a month is impressive.Which gym do you work out at ?

As for sodas… drink about 1 every week (if that). Mostly water.

I like to OreIda potatoes as I season them in my secret recipe and dip them in ketchup. I might try cutting up potatoes as mentioned by a poster, but seems like a lot of work.

@Everett, so you’d buy Ore Ida frozen fries over buying a bag of potatoes and cutting them up???? And you drink soda….How is that better for you?

@Everett, your post stated nothing about you trying any of those places. pretty sad you have to point out you have a lady friend that happens to be an attorney….Oh, and I shed about 25 pounds in a month, working out 7 days a week, burning 1500 calories. And I enjoy splurging a bit on a good Hamburger and Fries about once a month.

some quick math here…

$4 = 1LB. of 80/20 ground beef at Wegmans
$2 = packet of seasoning
$1 = cost of a couple slices of cheese from deli
$1 = cost of 2 sandwich buns (assume 8 buns cost
$4 = misc toppings such as ketchup,    mustard,mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and bacon.
$3 packet of Ore Ida Fries
$2 for 2 liter soda

total is $17. plus I know what is going into my body. All this ( I know from experience) at Kraze burger is $26.

Priceless?? When my lady friend takes the first bite of the burger I made right of my Weber Grill from Home Depot.

I sang prasies of Purcellville’s Market Burger in a previous post, and totally forgot about O’Faolain’s in Countryside, right next to Regal Cinemas. They have the consistently best burgers I’ve had to date, East of Leesburg.

But like Market Burgers, O’Faolain’s can be pricey. However, they feature half-price burger night on Mondays. I’m just sorry that my favorite O’Faolain’s burger, the “Rosemary Lamburger,” doesn’t qualify for the discount.

I will definitely check out Jake’s Wayback to see where they stack up in terms of quality, cost, and value.


I am a proud private sectorer.  But I do have kids heading into LCPS.

But keep digging holes and jumping into them.

How about your 10,000 student schools that will cause massive traffic jams?  You are full of great ideas, but also full of something else (just not hamburgers apparently)

Or you can go back to calling our kids fat!!

I hope your lady friend doesnt read these posts.  Maybe she is just keeping away from you instead of working.  You’re a peach!!

Cowbell- If you can read…my previous post states I have tried these places. Overall, just not a fan of any of them.

Mr. or Mrs. Grimes- 
We all know you are disgruntled LCPS administrator that works over at the Taj Mahal in Ashburn, VA. Your attitude “let’s fund the school system entirely” makes sense as your job is on the line. I assume your pay raises are also tied to full funding or not.  Hope you been putting aside some of that inflated salary in savings, as a young person such as my age will come along and take your position at 20% less salary. Out with the old in with the new.

I may or may not try this new Burger place depends on if my lady friend has the time to go. She has been working 7 days a week lately as she is an Attorney.

@Everett, what’s scary is you vote and could sit on a jury. It’s obvious you haven’t tried the Melt, Five Guys and a few others when you compare them to MCD, BK and Wendy’s burgers….

Just so everyone knows, the previous poster, Everett is better than all of us.

He thinks all of our kids are fat and in a previous post, wanted to cut the school budget by 20%.  So he wants our kids to be stupid while he think they are fat.

He also has never been to Five Guys, Burger Fi, Melt, or Kraze Burger if he is honestly comparing them to McDonalds and Burger King.  Apples and Oranges, especially when some of these small places are organic burger places that base their business on being healthier alternatives to MCD and Burger King.

But he lost 50 pounds by himself, so we should just hand over the whole county government to him or her.

I’ll have to check it out. The best Loudoun burger I ever had was by far Market Burgers in Purcellville. It was locally sourced beef cooked to perfection. But at a steep price. I took my son there and I think it cost $35 for two burgers, two milkshakes and a shared fries. I’ll be curious to see what kind of prices Wayback charges.

What’s with all the burger joints period ? Five Guys, Burger Joint, Cheesburger Cheesburger, Kraze Burger, Burger Fi, MCD, Burger King, and Wendy’s all within a few miles of IAD.

No wonder everytime I go to the Dulles Town Center there are so many obese adults and kids. A couple years ago there was some article (not on this website) that Washington, D.C and its suburbs were the “fittest” in the nation. That is scary, I would hate to see what the rest of the country looks like.

I am not perfect, but I was able to shed 50 pounds in a matter of a couple years. I am down to ideal weight now for my height. That was through exersise and cutting out junk food such as places like this. Personally, I like to make my meals at home as I know what is going into my body, and costs about 1/2 as much.

Happy to see another small business open, but what’s with all the mini-chains in LoCo? It seems like I always have to search far and wide for something that’s uniquely ours. For example, absolutely love Melt in Leesburg. We need more entrepreneurs like that!

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