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Jindal: Obama has ‘Occupy Wall Street’ perspective

photoVirginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal campaigned for fellow Republican Mitt Romney in Sterling Oct. 10. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Trevor Baratko

President Barack Obama believes in a “big government, entitlement” society and falls in line with the mindset of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, Govs. Bob McDonnell and Bobby Jindal claimed Wednesday at a Romney campaign event in Sterling.

Less than 24 hours after first lady Michelle Obama was in Loudoun campaigning for her husband, McDonnell of Virginia and Jindal of Louisiana visited the county to hammer the president’s policies.

The two focused their remarks, made at Tart Lumber Company, on the economy and national debt, currently tabbed at approximately $16 trillion. President Obama, the Republican leaders said, has failed to deliver on promise after promise.

“I truly believe that President Obama’s got – almost what I believe – it’s almost like an Occupy Wall Street perspective, where he demonizes those that’ve been successful, tries to divide us by class, by region, by whatever will help him win his reelection,” Jindal said.

President Obama has added to the federal deficit and floundered in cutting taxes, Jindal noted. The statement on taxes contests a common talking point of the Obama campaign that taxes have been cut for 95 percent of Americans under the Democrat’s administration. Politifact.com has claimed the comment from Obama that he’s cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans is true on account of the 2009 stimulus.

Jindal said Obama has been the most incompetent and most liberal president since Jimmy Carter.

“Look at the promises he’s made and broken,” Jindal said. “Here we stand today, 23 million under-employed unemployed Americans, recent college graduates—half of them under-employed unemployed; median families incomes fallen $4,000 since he’s taken office; median household worth at a two-decade low, 30 percent of those with mortgages under water.”

McDonnell touched on what he sees as Obama’s lack of leadership.

“This president won’t lead on getting a budget passed, and he’s been an absolute bystander while the U.S. military faces $1 trillion in defense cuts,” McDonnell said, referring to the looming across-the-board budget cuts that have been estimated to cost Virginia as many as 200,000 jobs.

The cuts, known as sequestration, were part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, implemented so the federal government wouldn’t default on its obligations. A number of Republicans have criticized Obama for not ushering in a compromise to avoid the deep cuts, which disproportionately affects defense. Without a new deal, the sequestration cuts will go into effect the first week of 2013.

Earlier in his comments, McDonnell said the country has overspent, over-promised, over-borrowed and now the “bills are due.” The nation can no longer afford spend more than it brings in, he said.

“The reason you’re here,” McDonnell told the crowd, “ ... is because you know in your heart of hearts that this great country, America, is not on the right track.”

While noting “no president would’ve had it easy the last four years,” McDonnel said Obama has made it worse “because his big government, entitlement society, guarantee society ideas have just not worked for the people of our country.”

Mitt Romney, however, is a guy that understands the free enterprise system, claimed McDonnell. Romney realizes “everybody ‘ought to have the opportunity, not the guarantee to be able to taste and feel and live that great American dream,” the Virginia governor said.

Both the Republican and Democrat’s campaigns have been highly visible in Loudoun and Northern Virginia in recent months. In addition to the first lady’s visit, President Obama visited Fairfax County Oct. 5 and Woodbridge in September. Romney was in Sterling in June, while his wife Ann spoke in Leesburg Sept. 7 and his son Craig stumped in Ashburn Sept. 14. The Republican candidate has visited other regions of Virginia several times in recent weeks.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Joanne Peters issued a statement today saying Jindal and McDonnell had their “work cut out for them” in “defending Mitt Romney’s recent attempts to hide his extreme, right-wing agenda.”

“Mitt Romney has spent six years campaigning on ending a woman’s right to choose, and for months has pushed a budget-busting plan to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans while leaving it up to the middle class to pay the bill,” Peters said. “Now he’s lying about his policies and hoping that voters don’t notice.”


Hey “Shaking My Head”,
I am shaking my head that you used the word Obama instead of George W. Bush
lies=War in Iraq (kind of biggie)
the deceit=outing CIA agent
the dealings behind closed doors= trying to fire federal attorneys who dont do their bidding. divisiveness=everything
the racial setbacks=Katrina
unAmerican policies=torture
criminal debt he has saddled our great-great grandchildren= two unpaid wars and unpaid tax cuts equally trillions in debt

But I guess a few hundred million lost to Solyndra is worse than all of those. 

Obama deserves his fair share, but to blame every problem on him is part of the problem.

@shaking my head - you say you’re no romney fan. please tell what you don’t like about him.  or do you only declare your disdain for obama?

Thank you for cutting narcissistic photo hog David Ramadan out of the photo!

What’s with all this GOP grandstanding at Tart Lumber.  Is it some sort of safe house for Republicans?  Can’t be because it’s easy to get to…

Looks like standing room only crowd.  I guess because the few people there were standing.

Obama hasn’t cut the debt enough, but his cutting of the debt, in the form of defense cuts thru sequestration isn’t cutting the debt enough. 

This was agreed upon by 6 republican congressman (Paul Ryan was 1 of them) and 6 democrats

Do you people see how you are totally contradicting yourselves????

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