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Judge rules county must pay $35K for Delgaudio legal fees

Loudoun County must pay $35,000 in attorney fees relating to the now-dismissed recall effort against county Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), the Hon. Paul Sheridan, a retired Arlington County judge, ruled in Leesburg July 25.

Sheridan in June dismissed the recall petition against Delgaudio, granting the request of Arlington Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos, a Democrat who took on the case after Loudoun's commonwealth's attorney, a Republican, was recused to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Sheridan also determined July 25 the proceedings and testimony from the 2013 special grand jury investigation into Delgaudio's office will remain sealed. The grand jury was looking into allegations that Delgaudio misused public assets -- claims that played a large role in the recall effort by nearly 700 of the supervisor's Sterling constituents.

Speaking from the bench, Sheridan noted the fee requested from Delgaudio's attorney, Charles King, seemed low. The judge implied King likely could have billed the county a greater amount.

The roughly $35,000, Sheridan said, was a "modest" and "reasonable" request from King.

In a prepared statement before the July hearing, King said: "I've been asked: Why can't the petitioners, not the taxpayers, be ordered to pay Supervisor Delgaudio's legal fees? The answer is the Virginia Code grants immunity to the signers of a removal petition from being ordered to pay fees. By statute, the body in which the official serves must pay any fees ordered."

Sheridan's decision to dismiss the case and have the county pay Delgaudio's lawyer appears to conclude the legal battle against Delgaudio involving allegations he misused county resources. The allegations against the conservative Delgaudio, which were first made in early 2012, led to to the months-long special grand jury investigation and a public censuring of Delgaudio by his colleagues on the board.

First elected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in 1999, Delgaudio has indicated he will seek a fifth term in 2015.

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What do you gain for the hate other than heartburn as the courts tell you gay marriage is a right under the 14A?

That just shows us that he didn’t know everything, huh!

Its sad some think that line of thinking is a good even Christian line of thinking. Hate was clearly not the message of Jesus.

Well don’t that beat all, Hamas got one thing right then.

Hamas hates gays, that makes Delgaudio the one more like Islamist in this case lol

I met Eugene for less then 30 seconds one time. Never talked with him before or since, never e-mailed or sent texts. Just because the bully’s are getting smacked in the mouth don’t give all the credit to Eugene as I do enjoy it so. I liken the anti-Delaguadio crowd to Hamas without the lethal weapons.

Delgaudio lost one part of the CO case and won the other. He paid a settlement for copyright violation.

orange, your spin is exactly that of Delgaudio.  Delgaudio is a master manipulator and either you are he or very close to him.  To claim the grand jury was a win is a total lie and reflects Delgaudio’s twisted view of the world.

Actions do speak louder then words and Delgaudios actions results in win after win at the polls, with the grand jury, with the Colorado courts and here in Loudoun a big beat down of the lunatic fringe from the left.

Anyone else wondering why Delgaudio wanted the Grand Jury testimony sealed? 

For a guy who crowed every chance he could that he was innocent, wanted to tell “his” story and wanted his day in court, he sure did everything he could to stay off the stand, keep details out of the public’s eye, and to bury the facts.

Actions speak louder than words.

The 35k was the legal defense for the recall petition as in separate from the grand jury. You are a good example of why some people should not be able to vote.

I’m with mephisto, if I’m going to pay this poor excuse for a politician’s legal fees I not only want to see the grand jury finds I also want to sign the petition to get him out of office! He is such a joke of a man. At this point it isn’t even about him and what political party he “represents” it him as a human. Can we even call him that?

I would say, as a Loudoun taxpayer, if I’m going to have to pay Mr. Delguadio’s legal bills, I should be entitled to have all the grand jury documents made available for me to read.

I believe fed up dude’s words were LOL, never going to happen I’m sure equity agreed with the soothsayer who’s wanting. Congratulation to Eugene Delgaudio there has not been a beat down since the super bowl to compare. Who is laughing now, the righteous victors!

Maybe the blame belongs with a politician who gave enough voters in his district reason to attempt to recall him?  I guess some would prefer Sterling Park be an autocracy or something, blaming the people for wanting better.

How many of his supporters that you see on the internet actually live in Sterling Park?  I’m going to guess very few.  They probably don’t step foot in Sterling Park, but think Eugene is doing a great job.

Add this to the $60,000 that Leesburg attorney and former federal prosecutor John Flannery charged the Board of Supervisors to defend two Circuit Court appointees in a 2011 FOIA case that resulted in a new law that gives the Supervisors, not the judges, the power to appoint Board of Equalization members. Total amount of taxpayer money cost by Flannery’s litigation in 3 years = $100,000+.

We have a Hall of Fame football game to be played at the beginning of next month. I suggest we have a Hall of Shame class of 2014 with John Flannery, Stevens miller, Al Neveraz, Tony Barny heading the lineup and a group award to the 600 losers who signed the recall petition.

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