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K2 now illegal in Virginia

Virginia has joined at least 15 other states in banning synthetic marijuana.

Gov. Bob McDonnell signed Senate Bill 745 today, making it illegal to sale or possess the drug, commonly referred to as “Spice” and “K2.” 

The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Herring (D-eastern Loudoun) unanimously passed the General Assembly last month.

“I am pleased that Virginia has now joined at least 15 other states that have taken action to protect our citizens, particularly our young people, from these dangerous designer drugs,” Herring said in a statement.  “I am particularly grateful to all of the members of the General Assembly, members of both parties in both houses, who worked diligently with me on this important public safety issue.”

“This new law has significantly harsher penalties for the sale and distribution of these harmful compounds,” Herring continued. “Those who manufacture and sell these products know full well the purpose for which they will be used and should bear significant responsibility for the harm they are causing.”

The legislation will take effect immediately because of an emergency clause attached to the bill.


Ughhh. I live in Virginia and I am or was an incense user. I’m 25. Have a great job. Wife and kid. Well the last 4 months I’ve not bought marijuana once. It was a ritual instead of picking up a 12 pack of beer and driving home drunk I would stop by the tobacco shop by my work. Pick up a 1.5 G container of incense. Roll half in a blunt and save the rest for home. It seriously chilled me out. Loved the taste effects and price. I could easily destroy a $50 8th of quality marijuana in an evening with a friend. Instead I’d spend between 8-$15 on incense which is a highly inaccurate word. Well due to state law I’m now forced to either smoke nothing or resort back to drug deals and wasting time and putting myself at risk. Ive smoked 3+ grams in an evening an felt great. Not stoned out of my rocker. Well I diligently searched local gas stations today and found nothing. I was treated like an undercover even by store clerks I’ve purchased from numerous times. People are jacking the prices of incense to as high as $20 a G so I’ve been offered. I can drive 30 mins and pick up incense legally and drive back home and get charged equally to a cocaine possession. HAH!! Well some of you may be antidrug etc. Which is fine. But I’ve delt with alcoholism to opiate dependency. For me to settle down and toke some incense is a great step in the right direction. I haven’t touched nothing other than incense for the last 3 months. Smoked some salvia and marijuana mixed at party. Great times but preferred to settle down with the legal and in my opinion safe way. Nothing is good for you. I smoke cigarettes. I know the dangers. I still do it. Put a 21 year limit and put the intoxicated drama for driving under normal DWI penalty if one is too intoxicated on the stuff. Me being a parent and trying the stuff would much rather have my child go into a convenience store and purchasing this product legally then going in the hood to get some pcp laced weed. Good job govt. Your at it again. The stuff wouldn’t even be dangerous if the companies wouldnt have to tweak the substances to produce similar effects as the banned ones. They banned 5. Didn’t work. So they banned it completely. I guess that works. Now I get to be a lazy pot head again. I think the govt should legalize drugs like these that are safe. And proven safe. To attract people away from the bad drug dealers and safely up the street and back home. Teenagers are gonna do.drugs if they want. Trust me. There everywhere. Why make it dangerous for them to obtain them. Regulate a safer alternative. Incense was perfect for this exact reason. Now its gone.

The spice must flow.

Jessie Ventura, the governor of Minnesota, had the right idea…..legalize pot and whore houses!

The war on drugs represents perhaps the biggest failure of long term domestic policy to date.

We’ve spent billions upon billions over the last 50 years- drugs are still readily available, the criminal organizations are stronger than ever, our prisons are overflowing with non-violent offenders, our courts are stretched to the limit and the price for hard drugs doesn’t even budge.

Now we’re going to make a product illegal that people wouldn’t buy anyway were marijuana not illegal.

The Emperor has no clothes on yet politicians seem perfectly willing to keep spending freeing on his fine threads.

A waste of time for everybody involved. I cant afford, gasoline, food, car payment, rent. They’re worried about some smokeable incense. Nice.

Hmmm. They don’t care about the American public in the least. They started banning K2 and other herbal incense products long before they actually started research on any possible side effects they may have. Please don’t be fooled into thinking they care about our well-being. If that were so, they would just tear down the corrupt FDA and take out Big Pharma as they are the biggest toxin pushers! Provided there are age restrictions, if someone wants some k2 herb, who are you to tell them that they can’t have it? If someone wants to, they will buy k2 smoke whether it’s legal or not as that is what happens with anything else that is unjustly and ridiculously prohibited. K2 incense will be no different. Plus, the formulas are constantly changing. http://www.buyherbalincense.com offers several products that are legal all over the world.

As someone that works with the young Loudouners, I can attest to their feeling that there is nothing for them to do. When I was a child in Loudoun, there were attempts to have cool teen centers, but what were we to do, walk 5 miles of rural highway? (these rural highways now being highways full of commuter homes and countless cul-de-sacs where the child two cul-de-sacs away is unknown) Right, so the kids can walk the highways I used to walk, with 10 times the cars to get to a movie, a community center, or they can walk two cul-de-sacs over and have anonymity and a party. They walk home to their parents, middle class and busy, and the parents don’t notice or care.

The “complaining” on this subject is simply an argument that will become more prevalent, “government cannot fix social issues”. Our teen drug use is higher than Holland’s (per capita) and why, because there is a premium on social consciousness and personal responsibility. The state is there to protect the citizen from predators and not their own stupidity. Somehow, in the USA, we have become a country that wants to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies, as opposed to allowing us to make informed decisions. The prohibition of substances make them more available to young people. These young people’s lives are then “built” around the use of illegal substances. This creates an entire culture of drug use.

Overdoses… If you do the crime, you do the time. I’ve buried a good few people due to overdose. It’s their fault and I miss them, but they made an informed choice to drink too much or buy substances from a strange individual. (no one has EVER overdosed on cannabis, that is medically and physically impossible)

Scouts, sports (soccer, basketball, touch football, lacrosse, etc. etc. etc), school clubs, countless video games, faith community activities, volunteer opportunities, camping, fishing, hiking, reading, writing contests, art competitions, art for the sake of art, movies, bowling, shopping, babysitting, other work opportunities, music (playing it, listening to it) and this list could go on and on and on about what there is for young people to do.

I can buy the the suburbia bereft of meaning argument.  But I can’t buy that there is nothing for young people to do.  That argument might work for a third world country or maybe even rural Virginia, but not Northern Virginia.

I’am pissed off I can not take a bath in bath salts anymore….they are making them illegal! Kids are smoking them too.  I use to smoke a joint while taking a bath in bath salts…oh well, I will have to purchase my bath salts now on the black market…

First off, I’ve smoked k2 - and i’ve also researched it (see:google search bar). The only reason it was being sold, and smoked, for any reason beside plant nutrient and fertilizer booster, is because marijuana is illegal. Great, you’ve outlawed a drug that no one really wanted to do anyway.

Look, I’m going to say it. This town (leesburg) is boring. There is no activities for young adults in this area to keep them off of things like k2, pot, and alcohol. The town itself has literally become a suburbia for middle/upper class people to commute to the metro area. This has caused undesired expansion of the town, making it inaccessible to younger generations to move about, and have an open social life. What does that have to do with k2, or substance abuse you ask? Everything. Parents throw money at their kids, to support a social life that revolves around substances simply because their isn’t anything else to do.

You can argue that there are plenty of things to do in the local area, but think about it. Movie theaters, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, all of these things are within easy grasp of the society that has taken hold of this area, a commuter society. Younger kids cant commute, instead being stuck in a suburban sprawl with little more to do than the smoke pot / drink alcohol, and invite their friends to do the same.

Do I claim to know what the answer is? No. However thought should be put into this OBVIOUS point, and hopefully future generations can benefit.

Ask your son/daughter what he/she would like to see in this town.

legalize real pot and these issues would go away.

All of you.. well, most of you are idiots. STOP COMPLAINING and be happy that VA did something about this and didn’t sit on their asses! Just because other things are put into place this quick doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on it.. BY the way.. this isn’t POT! It’s synthetic, probably made in a lab. who knows what chemicals or plants are in it. It’s new and there hasn’t been enough time to even study the drug. All we know is that it has negative effects and 90% of you are complaining. I bet you wouldn’t if your child smoked it and overdosed or ended up in the hospital…then you would be complaining because nothing was done! I support VA on this quick move.

Cigs and booze cause more deaths and negativety in this country than any other drug. Why are they both legal. If you are going to continue to use other drugs as a way to gain votes and appear that we are safe now, go all out and fix the problem drugs like tobacco and alcohol.  I bet anyone can name more people killed by alcohol and tobacco than any other addicting drug.  Be fair and remove all drugs, not just the ones that only a select group of people use.

Truly, what we need are more and more substances that get people high.  The more companies making them, the better the competition will be.  In the end the consumer gets a fair price for the opportunity to distort/escape reality for a bit.  The tax coffers will be replenished; individual freedoms we be preserved; and society will be all the better for it.

This is crazy schools are cutting budgets everywhere yet we are still loading up our jails with people who have pot.  It is so true that legalizing pot would solve so many problems in the US today.  In CA if they taxed $50 on top of every ounce sold they would revenue 1.3 billion dollars in a year!!

So let me clarify. I work with these kids. I know the reality of their situations. I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment that parents should be parenting instead of asking us to raise their kids for them. I also agree that on the grand scheme of things, K2 isn’t enemy #1. However, I do think that kids are abusing it and we don’t know how it’s effecting their bodies. There are tons of kids out there who are using K2 and are NOT court involved as well. When something says directly on the package “Not for human consumption” and you have an 11 or 12 year old smoking it, doesn’t that concern you?
I also agree that banning everything isn’t really the answer, but it’s what’s happening. If you are for legalization of drugs, work to make it so. Don’t blame the court system and law enforcement for doing their jobs. The real blame would fall on the politicians and the voters who are in support of prohibition of drugs. And by the way, there are a lot of kids involved in the system for drugs and alcohol, yes. BUT, a lot of those kids just start off there and “graduate” on to more serious crime. These kids have sad histories and many have poor parenting, which is why I suggest to anyone that cares about their tax dollars being “wasted” on them, step up and volunteer to work with these kids and help keep them out of the system. Sometimes all these kids really need is someone who gives a s*** about them. So why not stop complaining and do something about it?

I used to use A LOT of drugs in the 90’s and fortunately my sticking point in cleaning up my life has been cigarettes and alcohol. Now, as a parent of a teenager I’ve done a lot of reflecting on why I tried cannabis, cocaine, LSD, and swallowed countless pills in those years. The answer I found was in how I was educated about these substances.

Cigarettes can give you cancer
Alcohol destroys your liver
Marijuana is horrible and will destroy your life, as will everything else on the same schedule.

So, I had my first drink at 9 (thanks to my older partying sister and friends) and got violently ill, spending the night in a bathtub full of cold water. I had my first cigarette at age 11, again feeling ill from the side effects. As an outcast, I kept on with this habit forming substances, as the kids that did them were the only one that were accepting of me.

When I was 12, I had my first joint… I didn’t feel sick. I had my second use of cannabis shortly thereafter and I ate a lot of donuts, which resulted in a slight tummy ache.

At 14, I had my first introduction to hallucinogens and I did as many as I could until I started to see my friends loose their minds when I was 16.

Sometime in that period is when Ritalin was made available to students in mass to treat (in many cases, misdiagnosed ADHD). We procured our first amphetamines this way, which lead us to cocaine.

Our sports and farm injuries introduced us to opiates, synthetic and organic.

When I entered my 20’s, I had a beautiful baby girl and I did not want her chances in this world to be harmed by growing up in an environment surrounded by these things. So, I bid adieu to everything that was illegal about my life and now that I have had the drug talk with my daughter and she is now in that “danger zone”, I feel confident that my approach with the drug talk was correct.

“Cigarettes are awful, you hear my coughing and gagging every morning while I bring up gobs of mucus from my lungs. Alcohol has killed a lot of my friends, I have seen peaceful men stand up and fight, and have seen good girls do the most embarrassing things. Marijuana, it’s not going to make you feel sick, it’s not going to cause to men to fight, it will sedate you and make you more susceptible, but medically it is no worse and possibly better for you, BUT it is illegal and will complicate your life. I have put my friends in asylums and in the ground because of drugs harder than marijuana and I have put friends there for alcohol… The best course is to be responsible and not jeopardize your chances.”

It is the nature of prohibition that you create a black market, an underground society, and when this is done with a substance as popular as cannabis, there will be money and labs behind it to circumvent the law.

So, as opposed to legalize, regulate, and tax the substance (taking away the market for K2, marinol *synthetic cannabinoid for cancer related nausea*, salvia, and a host of other substances) our gov’t now creates another black market to fight with our tax dollars.

$42 billion dollars were spent nationally on Cannabis law enforcement in 2007. At the same time it was estimated that the underground cannabis market was $113 billion dollars… $113 billion untaxed dollars. Quick math time:

$42   billion not spent
$28.25 billion from a 25% sin tax
$70.25 billion back into the federal coffers

This money could be used for teachers, child health care, tax cuts, and still have enough left to start to hack at the national and state debts.

Why is this relative to this article?

Because K2 would never have been conceived if not for prohibition and now that it is prohibited, another substance will take it’s place and then we will keep paying more and more money to eradicate a market that has not been able to be eradicated in over 80 years.

Put the distribution of cannabis in the hands of businesses, licensed and taxed (this will kill the k2 market). Those selling unauthorized should be charged with tax evasion. Release the non-violent simple possession offenders and take the market away from the cartels who use cannabis to fund the funneling of heavier drugs into our country.

It is time to think with our rational brains and not to be a manipulated and scared mass. We must objectively look at the challenges in front of us and how to stymie our opponents while giving the Commonwealth and the Nation the greatest chance of survival.

@ Anonymous
Why don’t you look at overdose rates for crystal meth and cocaine as opposed to potpourri.  Kids do crimes because they’re kids or they’re addicts and from my research weed and fake weed is not addictive.  Let’s focus on some real issues.  Go to the courthouse and see what you find…..A BUNCH OF KIDS.  Probably arrested for pot or now potpourri.  Wake up and see what the county and state are doing and ask yourself why are my taxes going up again this year?

Anonymous- The kids would not be in court and have all these expenses if we stopped making everything illegal. Be a parent and stop asking the Gov’t to be one in your absence.

This is ridiculous.

@Not So Happy Loudoun Native:
So let me get this straight. Because law enforcement and politicians felt that it was important to ban a substance that kids are smoking and overdosing on, you feel that they’re wasting your tax dollars? That’s a really ignorant statement. Kids are using drugs, committing crime and costing you MORE money by being court involved. If you want to make sure that your money is being used wisely, why not volunteer with teens to try to help keep them out of the court system? Then you can see what it’s really like to work “in the system” and have a better understanding of where your tax dollars actually go.

EVERYONE knows that the real thing is SO much better!!

Great job Virginia.  Way to really focus on important issues.  I am so glad innocent people are still getting killed on walks and there is still gang issues and people getting away with it.  I’m so glad you feel my tax dollars are better spent making some potpourri illegal.  Please keep spending my hard earned money on more police to arrest a bunch of high school kids and minors and lets lay off some more of our county and town employees who actually work for a living.  Way to go Virginia and especially Loudoun County.

Back to huffing paint thinner I guess!

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