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Kaine courts the women vote in Dulles

photoSenate candidate Tim Kaine, a Democrat, made a swing through Loudoun County Oct. 16 to address women business leaders. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Trevor Baratko

Former Virginia governor and Senate candidate Tim Kaine addressed a room full of women business leaders Tuesday at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, where he called “demeaning” the notion from his opponent that women’s issues are minor and secondary compared to the economy.

For the Democrat Kaine, who’s squaring off against George Allen, also a former governor and U.S. Senator, women’s issues can’t be viewed as entirely separate from economic issues.

“If you force women to have an ultrasound procedure against their will, and pay for it, that’s an economic issue. If you deny women the opportunity, because of ‘personhood’ legislation, to make constitutional choices, even including whether to purchase contraception, that’s an economic issue,” Kaine said at a September debate with Allen in McLean. He focused his remarks Tuesday around that line of thinking.

As the Democrat highlights in a radio ad using quotes from the debate, Kaine noted Tuesday that women make up more than 50 percent of the work force, and therefore it’s imperative to empower them with economic opportunities.

Kristin Cabral, the Democratic candidate challenging three-decade incumbent Frank Wolf, spoke before Kaine. As a wife and mother, Cabral too has made a concerted effort to court the women vote. She called out Wolf for his firm pro-life stance and his vote against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women.

The Republican Allen is in Northern Virginia Tuesday, as well, to participate in a “defense roundtable” in Rosslyn. Allen has criticized Kaine for his support of the bipartisan budget deal Congress struck in 2011 to avoid a federal default. That debt-reduction measure has led to the looming sequestration cuts that threaten as many as 200,000 jobs in Virginia.

Update: Oct. 16, 6:53 p.m.

The Republican Party of Virginia issued a statement after Kaine’s event claiming the Democrat is playing “Washington political games, trying to divert attention from his failed economic record and his support for policies like the sequestration deal that puts over 200,000 Virginia jobs at risk.”

“The number one issue on the minds of women in Virginia is jobs, despite Democrats’ attempts to play the gender card this election,” said state Sen. Jill H. Vogel (R-27th). “Women are often the first to know when food, fuel and electricity prices rise, and many are worried about their families’ jobs in this tough economy of many uncertainties.”


“Don’t treat us like we’re stupid.  If he wanted to do that, he would have introduced legislation to do that.” 

Allen didn’t have to introduce the ALEC inspired legislation to support it.  Romney & Ryan support the Blunt amendment which allows employers to refuse to cover contraception for ALL reasons.  They will overturn Roe. They will deny low income women access to cancer screenings, wellness visits, mammograms, and family planning services through defunding Planned Parenthood. They have not supported equal pay doctrine, nor family and medical leave act.  Ryan and Akin wrote legislation that shows they believe that victims have to have “legitimate” or “forcible” reasons to be credible?  Walsh said that there is never a danger to mothers during pregnancy which should warrant termination.

These males do treat women like they’re stupid, as if they’re not equal under constitutional guarantees.  As if they, legislators, know better than a woman or her doctor what is best for women’s reproductive freedoms, as if there’s no science involved. Property and gun rights for zygotes?  Come on.

I can not vote for any guy that dismisses not only the 47% of seniors, working families, veterans, students but does not value the female 52% of the American population.  This doesn’t even reflect his wishy washy shape-shifting, his bullying nature, his lack of positive job growth in Massachusetts, his lack of credibility on foreign policy, his wish for Wall Street to run amuck again, his efforts to “frack” American lands, his desire for four more wars, his outsourcing good American jobs to China and India, his decimating long-term employees’ pension plans through Bain takeovers, his evading fair tax levels by offshoring his earnings in blind trusts (which Romney appropriately called a ruse) in countries other than our wonderful America.

Romney is a resume builder, nothing else. He’s gotten away with takeovers of businesses, but Americans don’t need nor want serfdom under this plutocrat.

right on Sally

“If he wanted to do that, he would have introduced legislation to do that.”  ???  He doesn’t have to be the initiator of legislation to support it.  Read up on “personhood” legislation which Allen supports; it outlaws common forms of birth control and in-vitro fertilization in favor of a zygote having rights as a citizen?

Sally must not need contraception, so she would deny it to others who do, insinuating those of us who desire freedom of decision-making in very personal healthcare matters are stupid? Women’s healthcare, fair pay, and family leave issues are family issues are economic issues are privacy issues, etc. They’re personal! They are not issues supported by Allen.

As far as Jill Vogel’s egregious legislative efforts to control other women’s access to legal procedures during the last year, there is no credibility in her voice whatsoever. I can’t vote for Allen who gave himself numerous raises while our economy began to crumble. He also rammed through SOLs before he left office; nothing wrong with standards, but his standards were unrealistic and resulted in teaching to the test, a waste of good teaching resources.

Kaine recently sent me a mailing saying Allen wants to take away my birth control.  Who believes this crap?  Don’t treat us like we’re stupid.  If he wanted to do that, he would have introduced legislation to do that.  Kaine is bad for Virginia.  He gave away the toll road and that hurts my family when I have to pay higher tolls to drive on it.

Whats wrong with jack and cokes?

I can not vote for a guy that gave away the Dulles toll road to MWAA(Kaine)? And I’m for a ladies right to an abortion and believe in death penalty.

I love the hyperbole on abortion. Before week 12; the cut off point for abortion in VA, it is a zygote, not yet a fetus, and not close to being a baby. Lets debate based on science not nonsense.

The buzz phrase “Women’s Health” is code for unfettered baby killing abortions. Everybody believes in quality health for women, but not abortions which kill innocent children.

If you support killing babies and dumping their bodies into the medical waste trash can, Kaine is your man.

Hypocrite like: The government has too much regulation.  End government control…
But make sure you control a woman’s decision and health.

No government should be so big that it can regulate a woman’s womb.

@ Loudoun County
Are you for the death penalty?
If so, are you not a hypocrite as well?

Was the photo taken during fit of narcolepsy or just after a few jack and cokes?

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