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Kaine to highlight Loudouners’ health care struggles during Obamacare defense

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D) today plans to share the stories of Virginians as he speaks against the new Republican Senate health care bill on the Senate Floor.

Two of the stories he plans to share feature families from Loudoun County -- Kim and Isaac from Ashburn, and Jen and Caylin of Sterling.

Kim is the mother of Isaac, a child who is dependent on a feeding tube and requires other medical services every day. Isaac is able to get the care he needs because of Medicaid, according to Kaine's office. Kim sent Kaine a letter asking him to protect her son’s care.

According to Kaine, Medicaid covers 600,000 Virginian children, and without it they could not get the medical care they need.

Jen is the mother of 9-year-old Caylin. Jen said her daughter was born with STXBP1, a genetic-anomaly that affects proteins binding in her brain.

“She functions approximately on the level of a 6 month old,” said Jen. “She can't walk, talk or feed herself. She is total care and even has a feeding tube as well as multiple medications that keep the seizures to a minimum.”

Jen’s husband’s insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs for Caylin’s medical needs. They rely on the help of Medicaid to pay for Caylin’s wheel chair, medical bed and feeding tube supplies. The family's primary health care plan does not cover all the expenses.

"We were never looking for a handout. My husband and I have both worked since we were teenagers,” said Jen. “Our lives would be vastly different if we didn't have Medicaid. I wouldn't have been able to continue working--she has nurses and caregivers that Medicaid helps pay for, we wouldn't still own our own home--the financial consequences would be too much.”

Kaine, a former Virginia governor, is scheduled to speak on the floor around 4:05 p.m.

Kaine and other Democrats say the Senate Republican health care bill would weaken benefits and raise health care costs for families.

According to The Hill, GOP leaders are considering adding a $62 billion fund to help low-income Americans with high health care costs within the new proposal. They are also promising to add $45 billion dollars of funding for opioid treatment.

Leading Republicans believe the current health care law, the Affordable Care Act, is on the verge of collapse due largely to rising premiums and a lack of health care options in some parts of the country.

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Richest County in the country and there is a healthcare problem?

Pacerguy left off a very important difference, bad drivers pay more, are dropped or just don’t get auto Insurance but still drive. Part of Healthcare that is a joke, allowing unhealthy lifestyles. Smokers are suppose to pay more, so should those with existing condition and overweight people. And people with too many kids should pay additional for each kid. The incentive should be to have less kids….But that’s not the case with our career corrupt politicians.

Kaine just took a big gulp as Stewart officially challenged this loser of a Senator.

Tim Kaine is a looser.  Health Insurance was fine until the “Dimms” and Obama needed a reason for existing. If you were working the employer helped you get insurance.  If you were not working Medicaid helped you.  If government wants to bring down the cost of health care for everyone, then standardize the cost of health care.  If I go to Giant in the Outer Banks the cost is almost the same as it is here in Virginia.  Who is really making money off of health care??? Hospitals and Drug companies.

pacer forgets one detail…ACA was the largest tax increase on the middle class in the history of the country….Judge Roberts confirmed that.


The ACA expanded the funding eligibility for certain Medicaid qualifying groups across each state. It was up to the individual states to accept the additional funds and the strings attached to them. So while they are not essentially one in the same, they are related as the ACA expands Medicaid through its participant eligibility.

Loudooun Independent-
So what solution are you suggesting? Break them up how? Healthcare is a private industry. No matter how many times you break them up, maximizing profits will always be their number one goal. If you make the system a single payer system, then health risks are more evenly groups and prices/costs are more evenly spread. This is how insurance works folks: Good drivers pay for the bad, healthy ppl pay for the sick.

ACA already increased healthcare costs.  Where’s the critical reasoning and questions from the the LTM.  Fake news continues from the LTM.

Im still waiting for my 2,500 in savings in Obamacare, and would have loved to keep my Dr.—Democrats destroyed healthcare, made it more expensive and reduced the quality of my plan…as Gruber said, it was the stupidity of the Democrat voter that let it pass and have public support….

is he going to speak over and interrupt any opposing opinions like he did to Mike Pence? That was a pathetic display.

Republicans like to use car insurance as an example of how health insurance should work but they always miss the best part if that happened.  What car insurers do when the repair gets too expensive!  It would keep health insurance cheaper just like it does for car insurance.

Tim “the sky is falling” Kaine…. I bet Hillary is regretting every asking him to run as her VP…Reminds me of Mchale’s navy picking Sarah P to be VP… Like who, what, why? ACA is anything but affordable. Not even any raises to the hard working middle class can make up for the high deductibles. For every 1 family the media brings forth, there are 5-10 hard working families struggling to pay bills because of ACA(mandatory).

Honest question (not political), the two cases stated involved Medicaid. It is my understanding that Medicaid and ACA are two separate independent statutes.  Have the two been combined into one, whereby if ACA is withdrawn so to will Medicaid?

All the medical stories we hear are horrible!  In the case noted above, the family insurance plan does not cover everything.  Guess what, that would apply to just about everyone with health insurance.

The bigger question is not who pays, but why is the cost so much?  Which hospital negotiates the cost ove care?  None.  These are big industry monopolies that have coverage at the highest levels of both the Dem and Rep parties.

Break them up!

Does he have his group the Worlds Smallest Violin as backup music?

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