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Kaine insists Obama needs approval for Iraq

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A top Senate Democrat says President Barack Obama needs congressional approval before initiating any military action in Iraq.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said Wednesday that the crisis in Iraq is not the type of situation where the president can act unilaterally, and he must seek congressional authorization.

Sunni insurgents have seized parts of Iraq nearly three years after the U.S. withdrew its forces. Obama has dispatched dozens of U.S. military advisers and special operations forces.

Kaine is a member of both the Armed Services and the Foreign Relations committees. The former chairman of the Democratic Party made his comments on the Senate floor.

Several Democratic and Republican senators have said Obama has sufficient authority to act in Iraq.


If Bush had left the Middle East alone none of this would be happening. Obama changed nothing from the already formed exit plan when he took office.

Then lets talk about the 6 trillion in debt this has created under Bush Jr.

I thought Herr Obama said the war is over and Al Qaeda in the run and Osama is dead?  This guy just release give leaders from Gitmo.  It’s only going to get worse the last two years of his regime.

Fred, to save Bush’s failed policy you mean. What “Kids” are going to Iraq; the 300 advisers are not fresh faced infantry they are seasoned special forces operators not even engaging in combat.

To save face for a failed foreign policy, Obama is sending our kids into harm’s way so he looks tough.

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