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Kaine stumps for Democrats in Ashburn

photoStaff Photo/Crystal Owens Former Gov. Tim Kaine addresses the crowd on Sunday in Ashburn. Kaine told the crowd of about 75 that Virginia can’t afford to lose control of the state Senate this year.

With less than two days left before the polls open, Democrats on Sunday rallied behind former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine in Ashburn for one final push to sway voters.

Kaine’s visit to Loudoun was part of a multi-stop tour throughout the state over the weekend.

With Republicans threatening to take over the state Senate this year, Democrats are hitting the campaign trail hard to try and keep the scales from tipping.

“What these elections on Tuesday are about is balance in a state that needs more balance,” Kaine told the crowd of about 75 people. “… I say to my most vigorous Republican friends that you are better off if you’ve got balance in your state government then if you put all the reins of power in the hands of folks who are going to do very extreme things.”

Kaine told the crowd that the Democratic majority currently in the state Senate has been a voice for education and appropriate policies to keep the state’s economy strong.

With Republicans in the majority in the state House of Delegates, Kaine said the Senate has been busy during the last four years killing extreme pieces of legislation on immigration, the Second Amendment and abortion.

“Again and again the Senate are the adults in the room that are doing the right thing to keep Virginia going in the right direction,” the former governor said. 

With voter turnout expected to be low, both parties are doing one final hard push to get residents to the polls on Tuesday.

However, Democrats at Sunday’s rally focused on the social issues of which they say Republicans have taken an extreme ideological stance.

“Anyone out there that cares about education? Anyone out there that cares about a woman’s choice? Anyone out here that cares about the environment? That’s why we need to elect all of these candidates on Tuesday because all of those issues are at stake on Tuesday folks,” Brain Moran, chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia screamed to the crowd.

Both Kaine and U.S. Sen. Jim Webb pointed to the Oct. 31 email from the Loudoun County Republican Committee that showed a picture of President Barack Obama as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head as an example of the direction the GOP is headed.

“In Loudoun we saw an example of one of the most repellent kinds of politics, but unfortunately one that we’re seeing a lot getting perpetrated all around the commonwealth and the country and it’s one that you see from the other side that gives me more energy. It should give you more energy too,” Kaine said.

Kaine said despite apologies from local and state Republican leaders, the email should have never gone out to voters.

Even though he denounced the email, Kaine said Republican Party of Virginia President Pat Mullins has said in the past he refused to call Obama president but would rather call him the “resident” or the “occupant” of the White House.

Webb told the crowd the zombie Obama email was just one of several political pieces of propaganda Republicans have spread this election season, pointing to a flier produced by state Senate candidate Patricia Phillips that accuses Democratic Sen. Mark Herring of being anti-veteran. The flier, he said, featured a photo of a man in uniform, however the veteran was a Soviet naval officer.

“Now look, if the Republicans have decided that they have to attack us for not being sufficiently pro Soviet veteran, they obviously don’t have a lot to run on,” Webb said.

The crowd was especially pumped up behind candidate for the newly formed 13th state Senate District seat Shawn Mitchell, who is vying against former Republican House of Delegates member Dick Black.

As soon as Mitchell arrived at the event, the crowd began applauding and continued chanting the candidate’s name through the hour-long rally.

The state Senate race is one to watch on Tuesday as Republicans try and take back the majority in Richmond. The Virginia Senate currently seats 22 Democrats and 18 Republicans.

“… There are no more two important Senate races that those right here,” Moran told the crowd. “We must defeat Dick Black on Election Day.”

Two other state Senate races in Loudoun include the 27th District and the 33rd District. In the 27th District Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel is pitted against Democrat Shawn Broy. Independent candidate Donald Marro dropped out of the race, but his name will still appear on Tuesday’s ballot.

In the 33rd District incumbent Mark Herring is vying against Republican Patricia Phillips.

“If this Senate goes in the wrong direction and we have all the arms of government in one party, we’ve seen in other states the attacks on education in Wisconsin and Ohio. We’ve seen attacks on the environment. But we’ve also seen the kind of divisive nasty politics that’s come to define Washington and used to not define Richmond and our state politics,” said former U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello. “We don’t want to let people who put ideology and extremism over pragmatism and problem solving come down and bring that division into our politics in Richmond.”


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I love how Kaine is extolling the virtues of divided government when the Democraps on the verge of losing it all.  Funny thing, I didn’t recall him saying that in 2008 when the Dems swept all the national power structure and I sure didn’t hear him breathe a sigh of relief when the Repulicrats won the House in 2010.  This guy is a phony as a three dollar bill - much as I hate to, I’ll vote George Allen next year.

“Just the Facts” must be one of Shawn Mitchell’s Arlington supporters because he clearly doesn’t know anything about this race.  He asks where Dick Black is hiding?  He was just on Channel 4 yesterday, he was at Bramble Bash meeting voters (no sign of Mitchell), he has been to rallies, going door to door, etc.  When Dick Black went to the Halloween Parade, he had a great float.  What did Shawn Mitchell do?  He had a man dress up in a chicken suit to harass Dick Black at the parade.  Classy Democrats as usual.  The Democrat chicken held a sign saying, “Because he won’t debate Shawn Mitchell.”  Dick Black beat Shawn Mitchell in three debates already - did Shawn Mitchell run home and memorizes some additional sound bites that he wanted to show off?  Shawn Mitchell debated himself in the Channel 8 interview, so at least he won one. 

Clearly Dick Black is a man of his convictions because he stands for his beliefs no matter how much the leftists attack and smear him.  No matter how many Democrats pile on, Dick Black is unwavering in his stand for life, limited government, school choice, lowering taxes, protecting the 2nd Amendment, etc.  Liberals WISH he didn’t have any convictions…because then they could bully him like they bully everyone else.  No such luck.

Christian Warrior- Take your Meds. You cannot save anyone(you should know that) only Jesus can. What makes me wonder is that the bible speaks of these things coming to pass and yet you think you can stop it. Your mind shold be on your heavenly treasures, not on the world and politics.

I’m supporting Black Dick for Senate!!!!!

Malcolm???  Malcolm???  Who the hell names their kid Malcolm?????


Malcolm???  Malcolm???  Who the hell names their kid Malcolm?????

JC- It must be nice to see things in such simple terms.

Hey, Democrats, did you hear that McDonnell just lured Bechtel Corporation to move from Maryland to Fairfax, bring 600+ jobs?  Another company abandons a Democrat destroyed state.  Keep Virginia a RED state!!!

Dick Black may be a colonel, but he lacks the courage of his convictions. He just calls Shawn Mitchell names and tries to stick labels on his opponent when he has ZERO in the way of ideas for creating jobs other than the already failed lowering taxes for the job creators who are just creating jobs overseas. And where has Dick Black been? Hiding out, refusing debates, declining interviews, hanging up on relatives of kids killed at VA Tech and evading communicating on even the most rudimentary of issues. If we can’t count on Dick Black to show up and stand up for his views and take responsibility for his record, how can WE entrust him with a State Senate seat.

Mitchell is a bipartisan, successful small businessman and well regarded Iraq war veteran with a no -nonsense approach focused on job creation, investing in our educational infrastructure, smart solutions to gridlock such as light sychnronization and bus rapid transit, and using Dulles development and tax credits as the catalysts for creating jobs right here in the 13th.

The choice is clear, it is time to turn representation here in Loudoun to a proven leader who is willing to engage and work with everyone. That man is Shawn Mitchell!

Fellow Democrats I ask that you come out and support our Independent Sheriff Simspon, he is an honorable man who has placed himself above the mud slinging of the Republicans!!!!

congrats to all the ignorant republicans who think anyone cares what they think

Nice Jazz hands Tim.

He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave,
  He is Wisdom to the mighty, He is Succour to the brave,
  So the world shall be His footstool, and the soul of Time His slave,
  Our God is marching on.

  Glory, glory, hallelujah!
  Glory, glory, hallelujah!
  Glory, glory, hallelujah!
  Our God is marching on.

Eight middle aged white men and not a woman or minority in site.  I thought the Democrats were the inclusive party!

I’m assuming that all good democrats will never forget the traitor Stevens Miller.  He’ll be back, I’m sure, trying to take over the Democratic Committee, claiming that he’s the only one that can save the party.  SURE!  After he worked himself to the bone trying to elect Ken Reid, the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE.  I think Stevens Miller must have a very interesting view of things.  Like, trying to claims he’s a democrate, while he clearly is a republican.  No wonder the democratic party threw him and his wife Liz out of the party.

Obama + Nader = Malcolm Baldwin

Vote for Geary Higgins Tuesday!

Vote Democrat!  You, too, can be just like Maryland with their budget deficit and higher taxes.  Or, better yet, we can make Virginia just like Greece!  Unions, high taxes, everything will be free!  Forget that budget surplus that Virginia has now—we can spend it on the Dream Act for illegals to go to UVA!

I donated that jean jacket to the Good Will back in 97, who is he trying to appeal to in this? All he needs is a mullet!

They look like used car salesmen.  About as honest as one!

Timmy get on back to DC you have three pending task
1. Obama needs you to pick up some cigarettes
2. Harry needs his car washed
3. Nancy need her dog walked

Just look at these fools, only one of them has a tie on on a Sunday.  All men should wear ties on Sunday.  I bet none of them went to church on Sunday, heathens that Demoncrats are.  Don’t compound your sins by voting for any Demonrats tomorrow.  A new dawn is almost upon us.  Glory is near.

Yeah, Malcom Baldwin is a high faluting wine sipper who uses big words.  My kinds of people don’t like people like that, their just too dang educated.  I want someone more my speed mentally like Gary Higgens who will do what other peoples tell him to do, like my leaders tell me what to do.  Go on to these darn news sights and call Malcom a dangerass liberal is what they told me, and here’s I am.

Makes one wonder how, with so much effort in this election, that Stevens Miller actually claims to be a democrate.  Clearly he is not.  He is a member of the Ego Party.  That’s the party were you can act like a big baby, pout and scream until you turn red, and then attack everyone in your camp, and yell to the skies that you support Ken Reid.  Oh for the day when Stevens Miller is out of here.  For example, Ken Reid has made it clear tat he is anti-choice.  Sooooooo, I guess that means Stevens Miller is anti-choice.  Ken Reid has made it clear that he wants guns in churches and schools.  Sooooooo, I guess so does Stevens Miller.  Interesting, isn’t it, to finally find out who Stevens Miller really is.

Good story on Malcolm Baldwin and the Republican robo calls. All you Republican activists are sure busy on these comment threads…


I’ll be happy when the political season is over and people don’t make a public display of their bad behavior.

Speak for yourself - Malcom Baldwin doesn’t know what’s best for MY family - I do.

That’s the problem with liberals, they always think they know better than the people so they come in to force their wisdom down our throats.

Malcom Baldwin = more taxes, more regulation, bigger government - - no thanks!

Malcolm Balwin is an environmental wacko who supports the Chesapeake Bay Ordinance costing families time and money to put up a deck or swing set.  Balwin donated tons of money to Obama and he supports Nader too.  What a flaming liberal!

I for one can’t wait to vote for Malcolm Baldwin.  As a former government environmental lawyer, he knows what is best for me and my neighbors.  We won’t have to waste energy thinking for ourselves anymore.  I am glad the Democratic ticket is so much smarter than Loudoun’s citizenry.

I hope Burton, Herring, Burk, Baldwin and the other progressives win tomorrow so they can continue to tell all you smug Republicans what to do with your property.  Where do you all get off thinking you have the right to do what you want with your stuff. As if the constitution is still valid!  After the Democrats take back over tomorrow, you’ll begin supporting government jobs, because we’ll make sure the others are gone.

We Surrender: http://www.loudountimes.com/images/uploads/DemrallyALL_08_thumb.JPG

Muahahahahaahaha….  Classic foreshadowing of tomorrow’s events.  lol

Seems the GOP rally was reported to have 70 in attendance.  Guess Dems win a squeaker.

“With Republicans threatening to take over the state Senate this year, Democrats are hitting the campaign trail hard to try and keep the scales from tipping. “

I’d say the scales have already tipped. Democrats are a day late and a dollar short.

Senator Dick Black is on his way to Richmond..

Headline should read

Senator Herring is awful!  What has he done for transportation in all his years?  Nothing.  He created a “study” of our problems.  Gee, thanks for making it look like you care, but not actually doing anything about it.  He’s useless.  I hope Patricia Phillips wins that seat.  She actually seems to have a real passion for making our traffic solutions a priority.

Newsflash - GOP Sweep Tuesday! 
Power to the voters!!

Thanks for stopping by Kaine, I’ll be voting GOP tomorrow!

thanks to Marsh, Deeds, and Saslaw for forcing me to vote (R) down the line tomorrow, with their constant scuttling of Castle Doctrine legislation. Your little NRA “Star Chamber” is history. Soon Virginians will be afforded the rights that even liberal s**tholes like NJ, Maryland, and even Rhode Island enjoy.

So, to all the trial lawyers who masquerade as politicians in Virginia, take your “duty to retreat” and shove it.

Do you really think I’m a liberal?  I am a real Christian who lives by the Good Book and isn’t all mealy mouthed about my faith.  Too many of you “Republicans” are weak and full of greed, so you go along to get along.  True Christian leaders like Ken Cuccinelli and Colonel Dick Black will lead where you money grubbers spout of PC nonsense.  Abortion and homosexuality are mortal sins and we real Christian warriors will fight to save those who are too blinded by sin to save themselves.

Going to be so sad for all you when Obama and all the Dems are back ....and the house will have to have four more years….So sad for you..

I liked that repeated reference to the “crowd” of 75.

That’s an awful lot on a beautiful Sunday!  How many were from Loudoun?  Doesn’t matter, I guess.  If that’s how many they could raise in this part of Northern Virginia (with maybe some of the usual obligatory MD union “volunteers”), then it will be an interesting day tomorrow.

Looks like a line-up of Obama liberals huddling together for protection from the voters.

Don’t you love liberals who pose as Christians?  If they even knew a Christian, they’d know they only talk like that in movies.  For all the Dem’s attacks, distortions and lies it won’t mean much after tomorrow….

The only one missing from this group is Obama.  All the tax-raising, bloated government guys cheering each other on - can’t wait for Tuesday when all these guys disappear.

What a bunch of needling liberal sinners.  We are on the verge of a new dawn of Christian leadership in Loudoun County.  Praise be to Jesus, we will soon have his rightful servants led by Colonel Dick Black shaping our county’s future.  Abortions will be banned and the homosexual scourge will be driven out, back to the ratholes of Washington DC and Maryland.  Virginia is for Christians only, starting tomorrow.

The only democrat I’m voting for is Kondratick…and that’s because Ramadan is a shady mofo.

Webb rightly called out the sophomoric cowards now running the LoCo GOP…but all in all, it was not a partisan zinger fest…just some Democrats trying get out the vote so they might bring a calming influence to Virginia’s governance.

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