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KKK material distributed in Upperville

An Upperville homeowner reported finding a small plastic bag with birdseeds and KKK materials near their home yesterday.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office found half a dozen similar bags in the area of Trappe Road.

The items appear to be similar to materials distributed in and around Leesburg in October, LCSO spokesman Kraig Troxell said. Deputies have no reason to believe a specific home was targeted.

LCSO encourages other homeowners who may have received these materials to fill out an online report so deputies know how extensively the materials were distributed.


Well, I blame the former potus.

I don’t blame either Party for this mess..I do blame the current POTUS for not denouncing their support. Politics before civility and morality. Sad.

And not a single picture of the culprits.

@Kaz661, Are you talking about The Democrats who embraced former Klan member Democrat Senator Robert Bird for his entire career? Those democrats? or the ones who started the KKK after the Civil war? Not Sure which Democrats you mean. guess it does not matter as the Klan seems to be a Democrat embraced organization either way.

Oh gee, most credit Nathan Bedford Forrest with creating the KKK.  Are you telling me that secessionist traitor was a Democrat?  Dunno…but in any case, he’s dead and couldn’t apologize if he wanted to.

And birdseed? That was put in the baggies to weigh them down…

They criticize the Black Lives Matter movement and insist the Klan is not a hate group, but rather a Christian-based organization standing up for the rights of white people.

Christian-based?  Amazing…

Democrats never have apologized for starting the KKK.

Birdseed? I can only imagine that it means something within the delusional KKK world. Their reality is little more than a foreign language in the modern world.

Birdseed?  I don’t get it.

What will those sheetheads do next? 

Sad day for American that our current presidential leadership emboldens those who think this way.

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